Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve Television Lineup

1. New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest, Fergie, Jenny McCarthy and Dick Clark - ABC 10-11pm, 11:30pm-2:11am
featuring Jennifer Hudson, Drake, Train, Willow Smith, NKOTB, Backstreet Boys, Greyson from YouTube, Avril Lavigne

2. NBC's New Year's Eve with Carson Daly- NBC/CNBC 10-11pm, 11:30pm-12:30am featuring Lil' Wayne, Nicki Minaj, My Chemical Romance

3. MTV New Year's Eve Special with Whitney Cummings- MTV/MTV2 10pm-1am, featuring Flo Rida, Snooki, Jersey Shore cast

4. 106 & Party with Terrence J and Rocsi- BET 10pm-1am, featuring the Young Money/Cash Money crew except for Drake, Weezy F. Baby, Nicki

5. Watch What Happens New Year's Eve with Andy Cohen- Bravo 10:30pm-1am, featuring pregnant Kim Zolciak and Housewives from all over the country

6. New Year's Eve Live with Nancy O'Dell- Fox 11pm-1am, featuring Travie McCoy, David Archuleta

7. All American New Year's Eve with Megyn Kelly and Bill Hemmer- Fox News 11pm-1am, featuring Katherine McPhee

8. CNN New Year's Eve Live with Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin- CNN 11pm-1am, featuring comedy and news reports from all around the country

9. Sucker-Free Year End Countdown with DJ Envy, Angela Yee- MTV2 8:30-10:30pm, featuring hip hop music videos

10. Year of the Quarterback Special with Joe Tesitorre- ESPN 11pm-12am, featuring Trent Dilfer, Hall of Fame WR Jerry Rice and other interviews with the best college and pro QB's + live QB contests/experiments

-OWN (Oprah's TV Net) launches tomorrow at 12pm

-Fuse TV/ BET are showing the top music vids of the year all night leading into New Year's Day

-Shaun Robinson takes over for Nancy O'Dell for the Rose Parade tomorrow morning at 11M on NBC and on ABC, HGTV, Hallmark, Univision,, Travel Channel

-Snooki's drop in the ball takes place on MTV New Year's Eve LIVE

-Smokey Robinson performs on WGN America for NYE

-NHL Outdoor hockey game is in primetime on Saturday, NBC

-Rose Bowl and Fiesta Bowl, 5pm and 8pm on ESPN featuring Wisconsin/TCU, UConn/OK

-3 UFC MMA fights will be seen on broadcast TV for the first time, UFC 125 prelims will be on Ion TV at 9pm

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

President Obama is glad Mike Vick got a 2nd chance

1. First of all, Megyn Kelly is supposed to be a journalist, why are the way her questions were asked so biased? If you want to take a position on an issue that's fine, but don't portray yourself as a journalist. Bring on 2 people who are against your viewpoint instead of bringing in an "accomplise" who supports your position to go against someone who opposes your position as if it's a debate, which it clearly wasn't.

2. President Obama called the Eagles owner and the owner made this conversation public, not the President; also the President in the past and in the present has STRONGLY condemned Michael Vick's actions, so the notion that the President supports Mike Vick's actions just because he commended the Eagles' actions is one of the stupidest things I've ever heard!

3. Dog lovers used Michael Vick as a scapegoat which is why he served 2 YEARS for dogfighting, why can't the President and/or Vick supporters use him as a scapegoat to why everyone, even prisoners, deserve 2nd chances??

4. After all the work Vick has done to show why dogfighting is wrong, dog lovers and Megyn Kelly are STILL "dogging" on him???!!!!! C'mon son!

Monday, December 27, 2010


Let me first cover this recent scandal of LeBron suspossedly endorsing "contraction" of NBA teams. Here is LBJ's exact quote courtesy of ESPN:

  • "Hopefully the league can figure out one way where it can go back to the '80s where you had three or four All-Stars, three or four superstars, three or four Hall of Famers on the same team," James said. "The league was great. It wasn't as watered down as it is [now]."

    In fact, James seemed to have a couple of ideas of which teams could go and some players who would make other teams better right now.

    "[Contraction] is not my job; I'm a player but that is why it, the league, was so great," James said.

    "Imagine if you could take Kevin Love offMinnesota and add him to another team and you shrink the [league]. Looking at some of the teams that aren't that great, you take Brook Lopez or you take Devin Harris off these teams that aren't that good right now and you add him to a team that could be really good. Not saying let's take New Jersey and let's take Minnesota out of the league. But hey, you guys are not stupid, I'm not stupid, it would be great for the league."

Taking superstars and building superstar teams IS NOT the same thing as contraction, so for people to want to make a story out of LBJ and make inaccurate inferences about his views is WRONG!!! He clearly said in those last lines, he's not saying we should take those teams out of the league, he's just saying that he wishes there were clones of the Miami Heat all around the league. It's just his opinion. And BTW, having a superstar team doesn't necessarily guarantee you a championship, how about the Detroit Pistons? San Antonio Spurs? Both teams are just a bunch of sidekicks (excluding Duncan) who when they played/play together became stars. Stop trying to take his comments out of context!

Now to LBJ's move away from Cleveland.....

1. How many owners make obligations 2 players that they are not going 2 trade them but do anyway.

2. Kobe has always had a sidekick, Duncan had a sidekick, the Pistons were all sidekicks lol, MJ had a sidekick ... Who did LBJ have?? LBJ carried his team on his back. Let's look at it this way, if you took LBJ out of Cleveland and took Kobe out of LA, which team had the better chance of winning a title, the team that had the least chance would probably be the team that didn't give the star player much help, correct??

3. Yes, he made a promise that he was gonna win a title for Cleveland but LBJ can't play and make management decisions + Every1 makes those type of promises: Shaq said the same thing in Cleveland and Phoenix

4. I can't believe this guy can't make a business decision without everyone dogging on him 24/7, hell, I can't believe we're still TALKING ABOUT THIS!!! SMH!

And that's all I've got to say about that......comments? questions? Email me @ or comment below.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

MMMMMIIIIIIAAAAAAAMMMMMIIIIIII HHHHHHEEEEEEEAAAAAAAATTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!! They doubted us but we still did what we had 2 do 2 beat LA!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Is it still possible for the Ravens to clinch the number 2 spot in the playoffs?

RAVENS FANS (Pay attention!)
The Steelers are going against the Panthers and Browns while the Ravens are battling the Browns and the Bengals over the last 2 weeks of the NFL Season.
Here's the scenario:
If BMore wants to clinch the #2 in the AFC and the division crown the following things must happen:
1. The Ravens MUST win their next two games against Cleveland, Cincinnati
2. Assuming the Steelers beat the worst team in the NFL, the Panthers, next week, the Steelers HAVE to lose on the last week of the season vs. the Browns.
3. If the Steelers go 0-2 and the Ravens go 2-0, the Ravens are #2 (BEST CASE SCENARIO)
4. If the Steelers and Ravens both go 1-1, the Steelers are #2
5. If the Steelers and Ravens both go 0-2, the Steelers are #2
6. If the Steelers go 2-0 and the Ravens go 0-2, the Steelers are #2
7. If they both win out the Steelers are #2
Too many scenarios right? The Steelers have an advantage because they have a better division record than us at 4-1 while we are 2-2. So is it possible? YES Is it likely? NO Lemme know if u have any questions and are still confused. Either way, we're most likely in the playoffs but the Ravens still HAVE TO WIN these next 2 games, very crucial.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Donovan McNabb BENCHED!

First of all thankz 2 everyone who is reading my blog on, we're number 3 tonight!
Second, for my opinions on McNabb's benching click here: (Scroll all the way to the bottom)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Larry King, My Thoughts.

When Larry King interviews you, he does it with class. He doesn't try to invoke his opinion. He doesn't try to play "gotcha" with guests. He doesn't try to be the main story on the show. He just acts like Larry. He doesn't pretend to be someone he's not. He doesn't act uncivilized or predict the end of the world. He doesn't lambaste anyone with vulgarity. He's just a cool, slick dude. Yes, maybe America doesn't like normalcy and sanity anymore which is why his ratings went down. Maybe they wanna hear loud screaming and shouting from people like Keith and Bill. But Larry never compromised or tried to conform to the ever-changing partisan landscape of cable news. He stuck to the same script that he stuck with 25 years ago, the guest was the most important part of the show. Larry, thank you for being you. I've grown up with you from my baby years through my adolescence and it's been an honor to watch you on CNN. Thanx 4 the memories. Gone from TV but not forgotten.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

MAN! New York was THISCLOSE to beating Boston.....good job guys

Monday, December 13, 2010

Larry King's last day is Thursday and Oprah is leaving in April 2011....No, the world is comin 2 an end LOL

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Man, @KingJames i'm so proud of u LMAO u finally got ur revenge on Cleveland. Thats whats only if the Heat could play like this vs. Contenders!
LeBron aka @KingJames, after all they hatin' they've been doin' you better whoop Cleveland's @$$!
"President Obama is so urban" -Rep. Steve King
"Rep. Steve King is such a redneck" -Me.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Baltimore is playing in a Football Championship Game Tonight (Bold = Wiki Links)

Yes, I'm sure you know we, the Baltimore Mariners (team name) already won the Arena Football championship (well the AIFA's title, not the league that they show on the NFL Network, lol). Now, we are playing in the CFL Grey Cup Championship tonight.....well, sort of.

A little sports history lesson for you. Before the city of Baltimore had the Ravens, we had the Stallions of the CFL. We were the first and only non-Canadian city to ever win a Grey Cup championship, but then the CFL decided that they didn't want to expand to the US anymore so they moved the Stallions back to Canada and they became the Montreal Alouettes. The city of Montreal didn't want to keep the records that the players made in BMore, just like Cleveland wanted all the records made by the Browns in their city without them transferring to BMore when the Browns became the Ravens.

So, I guess we're technically playing in the Grey Cup tonight but technically we're not... The question is, should you root for them? My answer: Would you root for the Colts if they were in the Super Bowl and the Ravens weren't? (BTW, that's a sarcastic question but if you answered yes, get out of my website, SMFH! LOL!)


No Respect

The guys have no respect for their coach, he needs to find a better team to coach and they need a better team to coach them, the Heat are a better team than they are playing like and Spoelstra is a better coach than is being portrayed.
According to @LakeLewis, Jon Gruden is headed to the University of Miami football squad

Jon Gruden goes to "The U"?

Looks like Jon Gruden is going to "The U"....that is if you believe a random Tweeter who hosts Washington Redskins' players shows online and on HD Radio?? Wouldn't a source want to break news to someone who actually works in the market, like someone who works in Miami?

Gruden recently signed an extension to do Monday Night Football with ESPN, so you would think that if he was leaving or going anywhere ESPN would be the first to know, right?? Also, there are alot of opportunities that could open up in the NFL where he can make more money and play a GM/president type of role at the same time like Pete Carroll in Seattle, so if he were to go back coaching again, wouldn't he rather go to the spotlights of the NFL?

Well, The U has not denied any of the rumors, so we will see what happens, the Hurricanes aren't the only Miami football team or Miami sports team that needs a new coach.......

Friday, November 26, 2010

Lets go Arizona!!!!!!!!!!! Beat Oregon so we can get Boise into the championship!
Lmao @ 61 of Alabama actin like nothing happened when McElroy fumbled smh.....GO BAMA!!!!!!......I'm luvin' this pumpkin pie random

Thursday, November 25, 2010

One of the most inspirational stories you'll ever hear

It was so emotional that even one of my idols in the business, James Brown, got emotional.

Be thankful for the life you got cuz you never know when it'll be gone!

NFL Top 10 on Week 12 (before Sunday games have been played)

1. PATRIOTS- Offense has become stronger since Moss left.

2. FALCONS- Matt Ryan is playin' the best football right now that he has in his whole career

3. RAVENS- Tough game this week against the surprising Bucs, they better make sure their not in the headlines for all the wrong reasons!

4. STEELERS- Big Ben has come off his suspension firing on all cylinders, #1 rushing in the league


6. PACKERS- Aaron Rodgers is playing like Favre did in his time there, tough game vs. ATL this weekend that could move them up in the rankings

7. JETS- Mark Sanchez has been throwing with efficiency and has the best defense in the league but haven't had any real good wins, very lucky team.

8. GIANTS- For the first time, the 2nd most talked about football team in New York

9. COLTS- Tough loss vs. Pats, but they've still played decent despite all their injuries

10. SAINTS- The defending Super Bowl Champs almost lost to the Cowboys???

5 Steps the Heat need to take now (in my opinion)


The notion that there is no reason to worry about the season yet according to Wade, LBJ and Bosh is crazy but the notion that the season is over for the Big 3 is also crazy. Although the Heat have an atrocious record, there is still time for the Heat to rebound.....that is if they start making some changes.

1. Get rid of Erik Spoelstra- He's a great coach but he doesn't have much experience being a head coach, doesn't know how to deal with ego's and has never played in the NBA (something that players value; that's one of the main reasons Cleveland brought in Byron Scott to ensure LBJ stays)

2. Bring in a Point Guard- The Heat have no one that can defend the likes of Rajon Rondo, Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Derek Fisher etc. Carlos Arroyo is playing well offensively, but hasn't been able to rebound, steal, assist or defend like those other guys mentioned. I would trade Arroyo, Chalmers and some draft picks in exchange for a decent point guard that has potential and knows how to facilitate the ball like Jarrett Jack, Aaron Brooks, T.J. Ford etc.

3. Release Joel Anthony- He's a great shot-blocker, but a waste of money, get rid of him and use his roster spot more wisely. Even though, it'll cost alot of money, you have to take risks to get to the ultimate prize.

4. Start using the pick and roll with LBJ and Wade- The Heat are the weakest when both LBJ and Wade are on the court together and that's because the coaching staff hasn't found a way to implement both of them together on the offense. We were all talking before the season started on how hard it would be to defend them but that has been further from the truth, the shot selections of both individuals has been terrible and they don't know what to do when the other has the ball. I would start using some pick and roll schemes to get each player involved on the court.

5. Embrace the bad boy image- Look, I understand that you want to be America's team and thought that you would be beloved because of taking less money than the max to bring in more role players but EVERYONE hates you guys because of the media's overhype of LeBron, LeBron's move from Cleveland, and the fact that the 2 best players in the League besides Kobe broke tradition, but you know what guys, SO WHAT!? Everyone hatin' you should give you guys extra swagger to play with, not slopiness! Be the bad guy, if it's goin' to help you win a title!

Just a Thought....

It's amazing how much a year changes things....last year Tiger Woods was on top of the world (literally!) He had a #1 ranking in Golf, was destined to break Jack Nicklaus' record for most majors won, had a loving family and even had jokes admiring his dominance:

Add Image
What do you call a bunch of white men chasing a black man on a golf course? The PGA Tour.

Now if you read a lot of sports blogs like I did (and still do), then you knew that these rumors had been flying around for a while but they were only speculation, Tiger was also already being covered by the blogs because the weekend before at a Stanford (his alma mater) football game he was boo'ed, and alot of bloggers were shocked (because you never boo Tiger Woods, duh.....well at least that was the mentality before the scandal.

1 year ago today, the mainstream media was not concerned with Tiger until the next day when the car accident news broke. Now today, Tiger Woods is slumping, doesn't look anywhere near breaking the records he was destined to break. His family is gone and now the jokes are on him, not about him. WOW, how a year can change you.

Beyonce Super Bowl Halftime Show?

So Hannah Storm of ESPN interviewed Beyonce to promote her Thanksgiving TV Special airing tonight on ABC, and in the interview (above ^^^) Storm asks Beyonce what a "Super Bowl winning moment of her career" would be; I don't think Beyonce understood the question (unless performing at the halftime show of the Super Bowl is really THAT valuable and memorable to music artists) but she said the it would be performing at halftime. Would the NFL consider her? There is no word yet on who's performing this year in Dallas but the Black Eyed Peas are the biggest rumor flying around right now. Beyonce would be a safe pick and a family-friendly pick that is actually popular in my opinion from the Super Bowl.

No offense to Rolling Stones fans or Bruce Springsteen fans but that's not gonna cut it for the biggest sports event of the year, not everyone who watches the big game is a 55-year old white male looking back on their "glory years" LOL.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Check out my weekly column on called "MY TAKE" as part of my new daily blog on life in high school as a senior (which I update sporadically) HERE! THANK YOU FOR ALL THE SUPPORT!

BTW, Great win by the RAVENS over the Panthers, according to my Ravens predictions I was right again! I only have 2 games wrong so far this season but the record still matches up!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Obama's Challengers

Yes, this is a sports blog but I wanna talk politics for a second. Right now, it looks like there could be big trouble for Obama if the economy doesn't get moving again. The Republicans have 4 potentials candidates that could beat the President.

1. Sarah Palin (believe it or not): Maybe this will change during the campaign season but ever since 2008 and the last campaign season it seems like Obama lacks the willpower to fight and that as James Carville said, he's no longer "balsy" (a Southern term basically saying he has no balls and doesn't stick to his guns). Palin could probably say whatever she wanted about him and he may not "refudiate" it, or if he does, he wouldn't be as aggressive in his fighting tactics.

2. Tim Pawlenty: He doesn't compromise much with Democrats much but appeals to Republicans and independents because of his right of center policies which appeal to this country which is still very conservative, and as Obama showed in 2008 all you need is independents and your base.

3. Scott Brown: Same as Tim Pawlenty but he actually does compromise with Democrats, once in a while but not often and still is riding off the steam of his 2009 special election win to replace Ted Kennedy in the Senate.

4. Marco Rubio: He appeals to the Spanish-speaking community who is still waiting for the Democrats to pass the DREAM Act (gives illegal immigrant teens/kids who were brought to the US illegally when they were younger without consent by parents citizenship) and has the speaking abilities of Obama with an ability of eloquence.

5. Gov. Christie: Despite continued denials, just see Scott Brown's response.

And that's not it.... People like NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg (who has compromised with both sides and stands with both Dems and Repubs on different issues), Joe Scarborough (who has gained political clout from his non-partisan rhetoric with Republican leanings on "Morning Joe" on MSNBC and is also rumored to be running for VP with Mike), Howard Dean (who believes the Prez isn't being Democratic enough) and Donald Trump (who is a pure conservative that is also popular from his NBC show, "The Apprentice") could all be in contention to run for office either as independents or during the Republican primaries.

Now Scarborough and Bloomberg have declined they are running, but Trump hasn't put it out of reach. Dean most likely wouldn't run because he wouldn't want to cause any division in the Democratic Party.

Considering at least 2 of the independents run, it could be a 4-way race in 2012. Those two would most likely be Bloomberg and Trump who have nothing to lose unlike Scarborough who has a television platform he probably doesn't want to lose. It could also be a 3-way race between potentially a Palin-Rubio card vs. Bloomberg (who has the highest prospect for running out of all independents because of his age, experience, popularity and appeals to Obama supporters) and most likely a female running mate (to steal the females from Palin) and an Obama-Biden card on the blue side.

But what if Palin loses the Republican nomination? Could she still run with Tea Party support as an independent? It is still a possibility because remember Republican primaries (how to decide Republican nominee) are only voted on by registered Republicans. Bloomberg could also possibly run which would make it Obama-Palin-Some Repub-Bloomberg for the presidency in 2012. Or it could still be a 3-way race between Obama-Palin-Some Repub.

Or if no independent runs and Palin wins, it could be straight up PALIN VS. OBAMA.

All this speculation and conjecture is crazy, right? Well let me tell you how easy it really is for Obama to win. "It's the economy stupid!" as James Carville said during the Clinton administration. (Why doesn't Obama hire him as his chief of staff?). Americans that aren't involved in politics mostly care about what have you done for me lately. If the economy is back, believe me you can say President Obama all the way until 2014. I guarantee it.

Friday, November 12, 2010

WOW! This Josiah Viera story on ESPN is so inspirational, go Google it

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Monday, November 8, 2010

Not being racist but why r Michael Jackson's kids so white. Not necesarily personality but physical characteristics.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Congrats Republicans!

I respect Republicans and their history, but these people portraying themselves as Republicans despite being right-wing extremists are going to drive our economy down the drain if they start focusing on crap such as impeaching Obama (remember a guy named Bush?), repealing ObamaCare (you lost, now get over it), and giving out subpoenas to Dems for supposedly being "Un-American". Really? Get a grip, focus on the REAL issues not this petty BS!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The MIAMI HEAT start their quest for a 2nd NBA title against another 1 of my fave teams, the Celts. What is it gonna be this season? HEAT, 3PEAT or neither?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Anyone else watching Tyler Perry on Oprah? Sad episode but gr8 comeback story (and yes, I watch Oprah once in a while, lmao)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

"What's My Name" Rihanna ft. Drake

My older brother DRAKE has finally done something with superstar RIHANNA; this new joint is called "What's My Name".....Listen and lemme know what you think by commenting below.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

LAME JOKE ALERT: Dollar Tree bought Dollar Giant today, this sucks now everything in the Dollar Tree is gonna be two dollars!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Heat lost, 90-73, against the Spurs, OK BIG DEAL; it's preseason + the Spurs back-ups are better than Miami's, didn't we aldy know dat?
Its crazy how the Miami Heat drew 500,000 TV viewers for a preseason game on digital cable, thats almost a million

Friday, October 8, 2010

Watching the Capitals game; goalie for ATL Thrashers just collapsed and hasnt moved

Friday, October 1, 2010

Kobe has never won a championship by himself + Kobe vs. LeBron!

I had an "engaging, interesting, lively" argument today during my lunch period at school discussing Kobe Bryant. IDK how the hell we got into the conversation, I believe we were comparing LeBron to Kobe and I said LBJ was better and they asked me who has won more championships, then I retaliated saying that Kobe has never won a championship by himself and they disagreed saying he won all his championships by himself. I'll address the first issue later but check this out:

C Pau Gasol (All-Star)
PF Andrew Bynum
SF Trevor Ariza (2008-2009)/Ron Artest (2009-current; All-Star)
SG Kobe (All-Star)
PG Derek Fisher (All-Star)
Bench 1 Lamar Odom (All-Star)

When you play on a team with 4 other all-stars to pick up the slack for you when your not having a great game, how is that winning a championship by yourself? In the last NBA Finals game last season we saw a clear example of that when Gasol picked up the slack for Kobe who only had a whoppin' 4 points in the game! He didn't win those championships for 2 straight years by himself, it was a cohesive win.

Remember that year he scored 81? 2005-2006 season, here is his starting 5:

C Chris Mihm
PF Brian Cook
SF Lamar Odom (All-Star)
SG Kobe (All-Star)
PG Smush Parker

Did they win the championship that year? NO Why? Because Kobe had no help, you can't expect any human to play 82 consecutive games and lead his team to the playoffs and put them on his back to win the title. It's been tried by many including Dirk Nowitzki and the Mavs during the 2005-2006 season, Allen Iverson and th 76ers in his whole career, Gilbert and the Wizards, Melo and the Nuggets, LEBRON and the CAVS and the list could go on and on and on.

My theory for winning a championship supposedly "by yourself" is being the dominant force on your team without having the ability to take any nights off or else your team losses and STILL being able to win the championship. Kobe has never won a championship by himself and probably never will.

For that matter, it probably will NEVER happen in the NBA. It happens all the time in college basketball but is not possible in the NBA because of the length of the schedule....unless you are superhuman of course.

But let me tell you why LeBron is/will be better than Kobe. LBJ made it to the NBA Finals in the 2006-2007 season and was in a similar situation to Kobe in the 2005-2006 season, he was the main guy on his roster with a bunch of bums and no help. Check out the roster:

C Zydrunas Illgaskus (All-Star)
PF Drew Gooden
SF LBJ (All-Star)
SG Sasha Pavlovic
PG Larry Hughes

Doesn't that look eerily similar to the Lakers roster that Kobe had by himself, Kobe led his team to the playoffs while LeBron led his team to the NBA Finals; yes, LBJ did not win the championship but for him to be as young as he was at the time to put a team on his back to the NBA Finals with no help is an amazing feat, Kobe with his roster was a ballhog who got stuck in the same situation but never was able to defeat the roadblock until he got help (Gasol, Fisher, Bynum etc.)

Imagine what LBJ is going to be able to do as his career moves forward after gaining all that experience with no real supporting cast and no injury problems compared to Kobe who has occasional problems with his knees etc. Right now Kobe is the better of the two because of his veteran leadership, charisma, skills and athletic play. He is still dominant and a force to be reckoned with.

But when all is said and done and LeBron's career is over, LeBron will turn out to look like the better of the two because he has accomplished so much at such a young age without any help or assistance (unlike Kobe who had Shaq during his younger days), he is still improving his game, he will learn how to share the ball more in Miami while maintaining his unstoppable style of play, he's only 25 and STILL hasn't reached his prime yet. I can only imagine what the future holds.

Oh, and one more thing.....can everyone stop worshiping Kobe, I mean really? He's good and all but he's not MJ!!

NFL Week 4 Predictions

Sunday October 3, 2010
San Francisco 0-3 (Road: 0-2)1:00pm ET
Atlanta 2-1 (Home: 1-0)TV: FOX

Preview - Add to Calendar - Buy Tickets
NY Jets 2-1 (Road: 1-0)1:00pm ET
Buffalo 0-3 (Home: 0-1)TV: CBS
Preview - Add to Calendar - Buy Tickets
Baltimore 2-1 (Road: 1-1)1:00pm ET
Pittsburgh 3-0 (Home: 1-0)TV: CBS

Preview - Add to Calendar - Buy Tickets
Carolina 0-3 (Road: 0-1)1:00pm ET
New Orleans 2-1 (Home: 1-1)TV: FOX

CAR (Upset Special)
Preview - Add to Calendar - Buy Tickets
Denver 1-2 (Road: 0-1)1:00pm ET
Tennessee 2-1 (Home: 1-1)TV: CBS

Preview - Add to Calendar - Buy Tickets
Cincinnati 2-1 (Road: 1-1)1:00pm ET
Cleveland 0-3 (Home: 0-1)TV: CBS

Preview - Add to Calendar - Buy Tickets
Detroit 0-3 (Road: 0-2)1:00pm ET
Green Bay 2-1 (Home: 1-0)TV: FOX

Preview - Add to Calendar - Buy Tickets
Seattle 2-1 (Road: 0-1)1:00pm ET
St. Louis 1-2 (Home: 1-1)TV: FOX

Preview - Add to Calendar - Buy Tickets
Indianapolis 2-1 (Road: 1-1)4:05pm ET
Jacksonville 1-2 (Home: 1-1)TV: CBS

Preview - Add to Calendar - Buy Tickets
Houston 2-1 (Road: 1-0)4:05pm ET
Oakland 1-2 (Home: 1-0)TV: CBS

Preview - Add to Calendar - Buy Tickets
Arizona 2-1 (Road: 1-1)4:15pm ET
San Diego 1-2 (Home: 1-0)TV: FOX

Preview - Add to Calendar - Buy Tickets
Washington 1-2 (Road: 0-1)4:15pm ET
Philadelphia 2-1 (Home: 0-1)TV: FOX

Preview - Add to Calendar - Buy Tickets
Chicago 3-0 (Road: 1-0)8:20pm ET
NY Giants 1-2 (Home: 1-1)TV: NBC

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Monday October 4, 2010
New England 2-1 (Road: 0-1)8:30pm ET
Miami 2-1 (Home: 0-1)TV: ESPN

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