Friday, August 27, 2010

UPDATE on Nicki Minaj = Mrs. Drake? it definitely looks like a publicity stunt/inside joke. In the past as MTV points out, Drake has admitted that he's been crushing on Nicki and her swag, but reps from Young Money, Universal Records as well as their personal PR teams have all DENIED the rumor. So what are some reasons they could have been doing this publicity stunt? Now this is all speculation but....

1. There was word on the street that Drizzy and C. Breezy aka BET Awards Kleenex dude were beefing because of Drizzy supposedly dating RiRi, but now they've made up and I guess didn't want the media covering their new "bromance"

2. Drake is trying to get his music video views up for "Miss Me" which as we mentioned before has a reference to Nicki.

3. Drake and Nicki had a bet on how much attention their "supposed marriage" would get?

IDK, that's it on the Drake-Nicki updates unless something major happens, I'm a sports blogger not an entertainment reporter LMAO!

God bless, be breezy... Check out the original report by clicking here

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