Thursday, June 30, 2011

"You can have all the goals you wants but if you don't have a plan you're just wishing" - Herm Edwards
"Sometimes talent can be a curse.....that's the one thing about talent, you didn't earn it, God gave it to you" - Herm Edwards
"Some of you guys at the draft had them big ole watches, you should never be late, you can't, it's impossible" - Herm Edwards
"Nothing good happens after 12 midnight.....when 12 o'clock hits if that girl ain't smile back yet it's time 2 go" - Herm Edwards
The NFL is about to end their lockout but what do you think will happen first: Mayweather/Pacquiao or the end of the NBA lockout
I hope student-athletes don't get paid so that we don't have any financial debacles in college sports like we do in the NFL or NBA, SMFH!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Isn't it ironic how JT was just in a Facebook movie but thinks he can bring MySpace back like he "supposedly" brought sexy back, lol

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What a great democracy we live in (sarcasm):
The city of Pittsburgh will hold a rally at noon Thursday to honor Hines Ward’s win on “Dancing with the Stars” -_-
On "Idol" you always know who the winner is, I really don't know who'll win "The Voice". I'm rooting for Javier but my money is on Vicci.
Cee-Lo/Vicci = by FAR, the best duet of the night.... (#TheVoice)
Did anyone else notice Scarlet Takes a Tumble make an appearance on (#TheVoice) during the Sprint commercial LOL
WOW. Javier & Adam -- "Man in the Middle" , that was beautiful.....(#TheVoice)
YES!!!! THE SONG OF THE SUMMER!!! "Give Me Everything"! (#TheVoice)
JAVIER! (#TeamAdam) Put me back together now, stitch by stitch (#TheVoice)
LMFAO at the Real Husbands of Hollywood HAHAHA!!!
Jill Scott's performance was good and she looks so beautiful (#BETAwards)
Watching a replay of BET Awards, I just noticed they didn't even use instrumentals, are you serious SMH! ghetto
Just listened 2 PGC, they interviewed this guy whose son was stabbed, SMH! Black ppl, we gotta stop this senseless violence. RIP Henri Pratt
Wow, an American soccer team that actually plays well cohesively, congrats ladies!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Kelly Rowland is so beautiful.
Oh wow. Free is fine. I love listening to her and Tigger on @BigTiggerShow on PGC....btw, I'm hearing that Breezy/RiRi mess-up was a stunt.
WOW! So they gave Drake the trophy, but Chris Breezy really won? Huh? Where dey do dat at? (#BETAwards)
Drake is about to go in....leggo older bro (#BETAwards)
BET Awards running on CP time, of course they would haha.....and this skit is funny as hell
MAN, RIP Teena Marie, the whitest black person before Eminem
This is why I love the BET Awards. All aspects of black culture are recognized, not just hip-hop/rap! (#BETAwards)
What was better Kanye at the VMA's or Rihanna/Chris Brown messup? (#BETAwards)
OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO!!!! The whole love triangle...Chris Breezy and Rihanna's new BF Drake (#BETAwards)
No, are not Kelly Rowland, please don't show any skin, with all due respect (#BETAwards)
Why are all the white people complaining, yall got the Oscars, Emmys and every other awards show, leave us alone...SYKE JK (#Unity)
AAAyyyeeee She thanked me too....your welcome Gladys, syke naw (#BETAwards)
They need to do one for Whitney Houston, maybe then she'll get off that crack....LOL (#BETAwards)
Cee-Lo is a great singer and I love "The Voice" but he is a damn mess! WTF was he thinking? (#BETAwards)
I LOVE THAT SONG! "I'm Walking" (#BETAwards)
Steve is about to cry that ugly cry, LMAO (#BETAwards) and Debra Lee is an idol of mine but she reads too slow, lol!
Has Kevin Hart been funny, I've missed most of the show :(
Fun night out but I can't believe I've missed most of the BET Awards!!! :((
If you are a Beyonce fan, check out her performance in the UK live now:

Saturday, June 25, 2011

I'll never forget where I was when 9/11 happened, when America elected it's 1st black prez & when Michael Jackson died. To the King, R.I.P.
I'm gonna say this in plain English so everyone understands: US Soccer SUCKS!! They gave up before 3 mins. of extra time is over, Huh?
Eso es exactamente como el partido con Ghana, SMFH! Uds. Tienen estrellas de futbol pero no estan jugando a juntos? No hay excusas EEUU!
Estoy viendo el partido de futbol con EEUU y Mexico en @Univision para practicar mi espanol. Ay dios mio, Como es posible EEUU? En realidad?

Friday, June 24, 2011

@SHAQ and @KevinHart4Real on @Jayleno and the @TonightShow on @NBC just made my night, that was too funny!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

LMFAO! That's petty, @1stuartscott just packed the Nigerian SMH
NBA TEAMS! Where's the love for Golden Ring and BMore native Josh Selby? C'mon now, SMH!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Javier deserves to advance but I feel bad for Casey, her score was SO low :(((( A music career isn't guaranteed
Mr. President, just get the troops out, I'm loving the speech as usual because of the eloquence but can I please watch "The Voice" now?
If you got 10 apples on your left hand and 10 apples on your right hand, what do you have? Some big ole hands..@RickeySmiley @djrockt LMFAO!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Y si eres Gordo o flaca todo eso no me importa mi y Tampoco soy perfecto solo se que te quiero asi.... Este cancion es verdad para mi
I would seriously consider voting for Jon Huntsman......if he were running in 2016, he's too smart and sensible to win the Republican nomin.
I'm liking this Maroon 5/Xtina combo "Moves Likr Jagger" (#TheVoice)
The Top Three Hairlines in need of an Extreme Makeover:
1. LeBron James
2. Mike Tirico
3. Mine.....omw to barber shop now, lol.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Who Replaces Regis?

As television viewers anxiously await the ending of a television era in November with the impending retirement of acclaimed television star Regis Philbin, the biggest looming question is: Who Replaces the Man with the most hours on TV? In today's Wall Street Journal we got a hint of which candidates Disney is considering:

- Ryan Seacrest
- Andy Cohen
- Mark Consuelos

Now, let's handicap the chances of these three reported finalists. First of all, had Andersoon Cooper decided to not start his own daytime show, the job would've been all his...oh well! Ryan Seacrest is in the prime of his career right now and in the prime of his life with hot girlfriend Julianne Hough. He hosts America's number 1 show, "Idol" and is expected to be a key part of the new Comcast/NBC union by continuing his role as anchor and managing editor of E! News while serving as a contributer to NBC's "Today" and possibly the Olympics. He is also in talks with AEG and CAA to create his own entertainment net that would include Comcast/NBC as it's partner and he'll be producing reality shows for NBC. With so much to lose if he were to leave his new NBC family or "American Idol" plus his syndicated radio show which is based off of his morning show on KIIS-FM, do you really think he would leave his radio partner Ellen K for a new TV partner in Kelly Ripa that reaches an older skewing audience than he's used to? Probably not.

Mark Consuelos is also being considered for the gig, but the likelihood of that happening is unlikely because of the reason that everyone seems to be using to justify a possible move such as this. He's married to his co-star. Who really wants to work with their husband, especially on national TV? This isn't Jon and Kate + 8 lol. Kelly has already admitted on Letterman that it could be a nightmare, and even though they love each other to death, such a move could become uneasy for their marraige. I expect to see him subbing periodically but a permanent gig is unlikely considering he also runs their production company which has produced some award-winning series.

Andy Cohen seems most likely to win this job because he doesn't have anything to lose like an empire (unless you consider Bravo) or a marraige. He's best buds with Kelly Ripa, knows alot about NYC and is used to the viewer at home of 40-50 year old woman who are the target audience because of the 'Real Housewives' franchise that airs on his network. Kelly has also mentioned him as someone she would enjoy working with.

But in the television industry sometimes rumors like this are leaked on purpose, so take these rumors with a grain of salt. Someone out of left field like Mario Lopez or even Pat Tomaslo could be in the running, but we just never knew about it. Stay tuned because just like the Larry King sweepstakes, this rollcoaster will be cruising along for a long time (probably until October).
Watching Canada's version of the VMA's.....the Much Music Video Awards.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

To all of the black fathers standing up and preventing themselves from being a statistic, I salute you! A special Father's Day to you.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Defending LeBron James and the Miami Heat


LeBron James and the Miami Heat have been the laughing stock of the NBA all season, not because of the way they play but because of one decision that transformed the NBA forever. It was just one summer ago, when Mr. James made "The Decision" live on national television to decide his future team.

Now, I must admit that having a national television special that drew the attention of a whole nation may not have been the wisest decision to make because of the narcissism that surrounds such a spectacle but the intended purpose was to raise money for a charity that helped LeBron get to where he is at today. The criticism of the special itself is fair but the notion that LeBron should have alerted the owner of the Cavs, Dan Gilbert about his decision is insane to me. We're talking about the same guy that said THIS after it all went down:

After serving your city for seven years and making you a sh*tload of money, this is how you treat LeBron? Did you expect LeBron to have an obligation to stay on your team? He took the Cleveland Cavaliers to a place they had never been to before: THE FINALS! If LBJ would've stayed on the Cavs, Dan Gilbert would've been rejoicing and kept his mouth shut about anything he didn't like about LBJ (something that he did for the 7 years before that!) How hypocritical is that?
The other thing that frustrates me about this debacle is that people say LBJ left his hometown. His hometown is AKRON not Cleveland. He owes nothing to the people of Cleveland who would have been praising him had he stayed but decided to show how hypocritical they were by burning his jersey. No athlete wants to play in that city in the first place, so does that supposed "passion" make it any better for your prospects of getting any free agents to play in your city?

So, LBJ and Bosh sign with Miami while DWade re-signs with Miami and everyone is going nuts saying that this move is so egotistical and a shortcut. HUH? Am I missing something here? First of all, these three guys in their respective previous teams dominated the stats sheet. Wouldn't coming together to form one TEAM diminish their stats. I would think so, and as we saw this whole season, it kinda did. Secondly, these guys all took less money to come together and sign two other free agents (Mike Miller/Udonis Haslem). Isn't that a noble, noteworthy move for three guys in their prime to do in this materialistic society where wealth determines your stature in life rather than your character? Thirdly, this move was so transcendental in basketball history because we had two starters with the same skill-set who were both used to being the alpha dog. How were they going to be able to co-exist? I think that's anything but a shortcut Dan Gilbert especially when we consider that until the end of the season, Miami basically had no bench.

Let's address the video now. LeBron says the team is going to win 8 championships. SO WHAT!?!?!?!?! Have you never heard an athlete guarantee that they were going to win a championship and fail to do so. Before Shaq retired, whenever he got traded or signed with another team he would always say that he was going to win a championship, he said it in Phoenix and in Cleveland. Did he win it for them? NO....but it didn't matter, it's just a way to hype up the fans. Courtney Paris guaranteed that her Oklahoma Sooners college basketball team would win the national championship and that if they didn't then she would pay back her scholarship. What happened? They lost. And she never paid back that scholarship either.

Just today, Rick Carlisle said that Dirk Nowitzki is "the greatest basketball player on the planet". Now we know that among active players, only Kobe or LeBron are in that argument and among all basketball players who ever played the game we could look at MJ, Kareem or Wilt before we even thought of Dirk being in that category. Tyson Chandler said that his team was winning more than one title. Should we now hate these guys because of the outlandish statements they made towards their fans? NO!! Because that's unjustifiable. The same goes for LeBron!!! Why is everyone so picky and hateful towards him because of a BUSINESS DECISION!

In conclusion, everyone needs to leave LBJ and the Miami Heat alone because at the end of the day, these guys are humans too!

The Mavericks deserve this championship but I think for the most part the Heat lost this title more than Dallas won it, just my opinion. The careless plays and the early season habits of not closing games out came back to haunt them. The Big 3 will be back next year and for many years to come and eventually I think America will get over their hate and find someone else to hate. If I was LeBron I would consult A-Rod because he went through the same thing your going through right now. I would probably also write a book about the hardships of my life back in Akron and show my appreciation for the people of Akron and the people of Cleveland during my press tour.

BTW, everyone knew what you meant when you said this but the way you said it didn't come out the way it should've and of course all the haters took it upon themselves to seize the moment and make up bullsh*t that pumps up the ratings to all these talk shows. But as you said, we all need move on with life and as Jay Smooth says so well, there are other things in life we need to worry about!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

2011 Stanley Cup Finals Game 7 Prediction

In the NBA Finals, it was destiny for Dirk to finally win a ring, the team was full of 30-somethings who have never won.....this time, in the Stanley Cup Finals Game 7 it seems like it's destiny for Vancouver to win this game because of three factors:
1. It's their 40th anniversary and they've never won a title in their history

2. They have one of the best goalies in the game

3. It's a home game for them

Boston seems like the more talented team based on the game on Monday, just like whether you like it or not Miami was the more talented team can't fight fate.

FINAL SCORE: Vancouver 3 Boston 2

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The way LBJ is being treated reminds me of the way every1 treated A-Rod before he won a title, your so close @KingJames don't worry.
The NBA is in the same situation as the NFL & will prob. have a lockout which will force a hard salary cap which may mean that Bosh is gone?
But, get used to this Miami Heat team being on the grand stage for the next 5 years. After the lockout, we're winning the title. Just watch.
Dirk, Marion, Caron, Jason Kidd, Haywood, Chandler and all those guys have been great for the league, finally they've won. Anyone but LA!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I'm not a Sarah Palin fan, but going through her emails is so crude and immature. So what if she had a tanning bed in the governor's house!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

I have conceded LeBron will never be Michael Jordan. Miami STILL wins this series in 7 games.
Just watched Ron Artest on Jimmy Kimmel, LMFAO!!!!! He's too funny....I hate the Lakers but I'm glad he has a ring (even if he sold it, LOL)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

WOW, what a beautiful dance by these young women aka "The Silhouettes"....great story! (#agt)
I love this song Kirk Franklin's "Imagine Me" (#agt)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Well, that is not a shocker. Both teams played careless, bullcrap basketball but it was Dallas who did it the least. Miami still wins in 6.
The other day it was Dallas, but tonight it's Miami who is playing good, pure, precious and beautiful basketball on both ends of the floor.
OMG Xenia on (#TheVoice) is SO PRETTY! But she'll probably be gone soon because there wasn't any emotion or versatility with her performance
If Dallas doesn't stop these turnovers, then Miami will be your new champ! Miami needs to work on shot selection though, stop careless 3's!
Only in America would an elected official call a press conference to confirm the identity of his penis. God bless the USA

Friday, June 3, 2011

Watching the two most beautiful basketball players known to man: Maya Moore and her Lynx vs. Candace Parker and her Sparks on NBATV.
Watching the two most beautiful basketball players known to man: Maya Moore and her Lynx vs. Candace Parker and her Sparks on NBATV.
Wow Shaq is working on his doctorate/PhD, why can't athletes (Terrelle Pryor) be like this guy!!!
Watching Shaq's retirement announcement on ESPN

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Analysis of Game 2, 2011 NBA Finals

Miami HEAT fans, DO NOT WORRY! As we saw in the 3rd and beginning of 4th quarter, the Miami HEAT are the stronger team. They play tight defense and have two guys at the wings (LBJ/Wade) who are big threats that open up the court for other shooters, but here's what happened. Miami made all those slams that will probably get thousands of hits on YouTube and stopped playing NBA basketball, they thought they were the Harlem Globetrotters.

They became complacent and started getting lax with their defense. Dallas took advantage of this by using their depth at the bench and their accurate 3 point shooters and by the time Miami noticed the slump it was too late. Dallas didn't win this game, Miami lost it.....BIG TIME! My biggest worry coming into the playoffs is that something like this would happen to such a dominant team like the HEAT, but I'm glad it's happening on Game 2 of the Finals and not Game 7. I will stick to my prediction, Miami will win this in 6, that perimeter defense is too tenacious for Dallas, just watch. Don't get too hype HEAT Haters! (But that was beautiful B-Ball by Dallas!)
I'm loving this Finals series, I'm pissed off but fascinated at the same time. That was so beautiful, lol.
Finally Chalmers and Bibby have shown up tonight :)
I'm disappointed in my Heat but we can pull this off, but that was pure BEAUTIFUL basketball by Dallas though. Where amazing happens.
Well, it's not over yet.......(#NBAFinals)
HA! They just gave the game away like the Cowboys, I guess that's the way they roll in Dallas SMH!
An Indian won the National Spelling Bee AGAIN........sheesh, they r ballin' or should I say spellin'.....
Haha, Twitter is too a (#ghettospellingbee) the first word would probably be Chicken Box.
WOW, they gave the Tagalog word to the Filipina girl, so racist lol (#NationalSpellingBee)
@jmkcool2002 <<<<
2 more followers to 360
Sheesh, there's still 5 spellers left & the bee was supposed to be over an hour ago, at this point they better start spelling African names
I wish I could spell like these people in the national spelling bee man.........

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

All the icons of the 90's R gone: Shaq, Oprah, Larry King, Regis Philbin, Brett Favre, John Madden. It's so hard 2 say goodbye 2 yesterday
I'm such a terrible person, but everytime Sarah Palin talks I just laugh, I can't even listen without laughing. HAHA!

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