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RIP Lorenzen Wright...

Jay Glazer and Daryl Johnston of FOX NFL SUNDAY sign cable deals with the NFL Network

If I were running NFL Network...

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T.O. to the Bengals Should Ravens fans be worried??

How does T.O. signing with the Bengals affect the Ravens (in Facebook terminology)

When the Ravens got Anquan Boldin, I thought that was the stepping stone that would get them over the hump; but after T.O. signed with Cincy today, TTTT: I'm a little scared, the Bengals unlike the Ravens have a strong secondary and an EXPLOSIVE offense. The Ravens have an above average offense and defense but theirs nothin' strong and explosive about them......yet...SMDH!!! We will see what happens....

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New Design/Template

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Congrats 2 Baltimore on becoming the football champs of the world...Arena football, that is. The Mariners won 2nite...Ravens in Dallas next?

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Maroon 5----> "Misery"
We live, we love, we forgive and never give up, cuz the days we are given are gifts from above and today we remember to live and to love

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SPORTS FANS TUNE INTO SPIKE NOW: 3 on 3 bball: Terrell Owens, Donovan McNabb and Antonio Gates VS. Kenny Smith, Hakeem Olajuwan, Rick Fox

Steve Carell's "The Decision"

As you've just seen, Steve Carell made his decision during the ESPY's last Wednesday night on whether he will continue to eat out at Chilli's or go to the Outback Steakhouse. He decided to take his talents to the Outback, here is Chilli's response:

Funny parody of Dan Gilbert, owner of the Cavs.


You know this is a bad interview when the host asks what country he came from, whether he just won the World Cup last year and that he left Europe because of racism LMAO! It's funny how they kept replaying the handball incident with Henry during WC qualifying (from NBC Sports blog "Out of Bounds")

JMK's Go Back 2 Da Islandz Song of Di Week---->
Gyptian- Hold Yuh
JMK's Old School Jam of the Week, just saw this on @106andPark on @BET ---> Lauryn Hill- Doo Wop


I want to expatiate on a point I made during my last blog post, the White House being afraid of Fox News and the right-wing media! The executive branch of the United States stands as the representative of the free world and the man who is in charge of "fathering" the country which is suppose to be the leader of the world. In order to be a good leader, YOU HAVE to have your doubters and your haters not only to boost your confidence or prove them wrong in the end, but also give you another perspective on things and tell you what you may not be doing right. But you should NEVER be scared of your haters and doubters ESPECIALLY when they distort the information that is being put out there. The White House was willing to release an innocent African-American, loyal worker from it's administration just please the FOX News right wing machine. ARE YOU CRAZY?????!!!!! You are basically giving FOX News power to control your own administration! As the leader of this country, you are suppose to make decisions that are best for this country, not decisions that may be viewed as terrible in the minds of your haters! What kind of leadership is that if you are inferior to critics and scared of a freakin' NEWS NETWORK!! You have the resources online through the Organizing for America online grassroots movement and through the TV via the liberal version of FOX aka MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC etc. to control the dialogue of conversation when it comes to certain political issues, but you have failed to use them to maximum potential. When you leave the door open for lies to spread without consequences, you give power to your opposition to control the message you are trying to convey and control what Americans view as fact no matter how untruthful something may be, and this is a clear example of that. The WH asked Shirley to resign because she was going to be on "Glenn Beck" that same night if she didn't, WTF???? WHO CARES!!!

OBAMA! YOU NEED TO REALIZE THAT THESE PEOPLE IN THE RIGHT WING DONT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT YOU!!!!!!!! THEY ARE THERE TO DESTROY YOU!!!!! DO NOT TRY TO COMPROMISE FOR THE SIMPLE FACT THAT YOU MIGHT GET CRITICIZED!!! In your own words, dust yourself off like you see in those music videos and move on! If you let the right wing take advantage of you, you will not only see a decrease in support from independents (which you already have) but your own base will believe the lies and won't be able to decipher lies from reality because you are powerless! If Obama can't control FOX News in his own country, how does he expect Americans to trust that he can control Iran, North Korea, the economy, jobs, Afghanistan, the Middle East, China, Arab-American relations, racial relations in the US....................

BTW excuse my language!

Shirley Sherrod

So if you haven't heard about this story yet, read this, it's a short, precise and accurate account of what happened (Yes, I know it's Wikipedia but believe me it's correct):


First of all, Andrew Brietbart deserves to get his @$$ kicked (excuse my language), he claims he is a journalist or an activist, I don't which role I should believe, but then he posts video of a speech that is edited and distorted! What kind of journalist are you if you don't report with facts and what kind of activist are you if you can't prove your point without distorting the TRUTH!!! How dare you try to ruin the reputation of this innocent woman by mixing up the truth and what you wish was the truth to get your page views up! You say that this was not about Shirley Sherrod but you have put her in the center of the biggest American racial controversy since the "Beer Summit" last summer! Fox News generously entertained the content from Breitbart's website on it's own website without any research. What has our "fourth branch of government" turned into? SLOW DOWN though before everyone starts bashing FOX News; CNN and MSNBC have plenty of resources that they can use but didn't even do any research on her speech, instead they just took Breitbart's word and ran with the story to try and jack up ratings. WTF??? This is wrong and unjustifiable. How can cable news be trusted if all they show are partisan commentators on both sides arguing with each other, and then take on stories whose backbone of credibility is a "snippet" of video?? I do credit CNN in particular for interviewing Sherrod numerous times to get her perspective of the story but they should have at least watched the video before they rushed to judgement on what she was trying to convey in this speech. It is sad that it took the NAACP releasing the full speech on it's YouTube channel to get the real truth to her message. The media needs to realize the amount of power that they have, their job is to inform Americans the facts and research for them so they don't have to, and if you mislead people with biased reporting then you reflect an unfair perspective on the story which equals Uninformed, Uneducated Americans. How do you think the Obama is a muslim rumor gained so much heat? Because the media did not take responsibility of finding out the truth!

The USDA and the Obama administration also have some explaining to do as well. I understand that by firing her, you would help with your damage control, on the same day that a poll comes out saying that 49-50% of independents dislike the job you are doing in office, but at least get your facts straight before you take such a drastic measure. Not only did you make yourself look bad in front of the American people, but now you have shown weakness in your ability to lead the country. It shows that the administration might be scared of Fox News and that FOX and the right wing agenda could make up or distort any story they wanted, as long as they made it possible for gullible Americans to believe them. I understand you have an economy and jobs to deal with, but that's why you hired other deputy's and cabinet members, to deal with your trash! Maybe they were trying to fire her to show the right wingers that they don't tolerate racial nonsense, and the right wingers knew all along that there were no intended racial elements involved in the speech but wanted to find another way to attack Obama by showing the irresponsibility of his officials to do their research and do their jobs.

This leads me to my next point, the Obama administration doesn't realize the FOX News and their right wing coalition that includes the Drudge Report and the Breitbart stable of websites are their ENEMIES!!! Unless Obama becomes a Republican, changes his "government can help" or as the right puts it "Big Gov't" policies, or maybe even bleaches his skin like MJ; he will NEVER see anything positive about him on those sites/network. He is the President of the UNITED STATES! He does not need to try to compromise with the typical FOX News right wing viewer because those type of people will never support him in the first place. The reason why I watch FOX News and that FOX is the #1 network in cable news is because everyone loves to see sparks fly. FOX, unlike CNN or MSNBC (expect for Olbermann and Maddow) is entertaining. The "typical FOX News right wing viewer" probably only accounts for half of FOX's ratings each night; the other half consists of educated independents, liberals trying to get smarter coming up with counterpoints to FOX's talking points and political junkies on both sides of the aisle. The other half and the rest of America who is not as politically active is the demo Obama should be targeting. By trying to compromise with the right wingers you not only make yourself look bad in front of your haters but you make the group of people that already supports you feel a little nervous about continuing to support you after you have fired an innocent black woman seeking unity not division.

As an Obama supporter, I am thankful that Obama has not taking much of the blame for this issue YET, and that one of his deputies at the USDA has taken blame and even offered Sherrod her job back BUT I don't think their were any winners in this except for Andrew Breitbart. He gets the fame of appearing all over TV, hits on his website and we're probably going to be talking about this story all week. Cable news networks (CNN, MSNBC, FOX) have shown their lack of integrity by not researching and finding out the real facts about this story, basically BS'ing their jobs. Free-TV news shows (NBC Nightly News, CBS Evening News, ABC World News) have shown their lack of relevance by not covering this story until it's too late. The NAACP has shown it's lack of responsibility by responding to a claim against their organization by agreeing with the same people that were trashing them. The Obama administration and the USDA have both shown their lack of trust by letting go someone on their own team without the whole truth, and they have given FOX News the power to control the dialogue and issues Americans are talking about by stirring inaccurate controversy that ends up hurting America and hurting the administration politcally . But the most disappointing thing about this whole thing is that Americans have shown how powerless they have become when it comes to wanting to hear the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Blogs are supposed to be here to respond to and verify the things the MSM tells us, but instead they have played the part of spreading lies and misinformation that helps fuel the division and partisanship that now exists in this country today.

God help America!
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Sometimes we ask God why, I ask you why not?

From Sherri E. Shephard of ABC's "The View"
Read from bottom to top

As a brother to an autistic child, I thank God everyday for the blessings I have with him being in my life, it can be challenging at times, but it's also a blessing in disguise.....

God bless, Good night....

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Drake Better Than Good Enough

I finally got to watch Drake's MTV documentary tonight called "Better than Good Enough" on YouTube. I've watched bits and pieces of it but never watched it cohesively until now. My opinion and respect for the man known as Aubrey Graham has grown to new heights. His work ethic and willingness to never quit inspires me personally to chase my dreams and never stop trying because the day you stop trying is the day you stop being relevant in society. Drake's passion for his music and realization of when he makes mistakes teaches me that without being real with yourself, you can't make it in life because if their is no drive and no willingness to take suggestions and realize your faults in whatever you do, their is no way in hell you can exceed and go beyond to the next level in whatever you feel you are destined to do. He is a little egotistical LOL, but when your trying to get business done, who isn't? I've known about Drake's rapping career for a long time to be honest. If you are an avid Degrassi viewer like myself, you know that he played Jimmy who used to rap together with Spinner's girlfriend. But once he left Degrassi, I heard from some Canadian friends of mine that he was trying to get into the rap game. He started posting some of his real early stuff on MySpace, and during the days when MySpace was popular, if you were an up and coming artist the best way to get your stuff out there was through MySpace. I listened to his stuff and honestly never thought he was going to make it, but he proved all his haters (like myself LMAO!) wrong. I call him my older brother because I feel like his music resonates with myself and my generation. At times the vulgar language can be a little too much, but I'm proud of my Canadian brother from another mother (and father, lol). I wish I would be able to get the chance to interview him, I could've sent a MySpace message to him but I never did because I never gave him a chance. But due to his hard work and diligence, he's pretty close to making history in the rap game and being able to cross over to all genres. So, Drake congrats on the success and keep that characteristic of working hard with you all time, stay true to yourself and never let your ego get the best of you. That's not only to Drizzy Drake, but to the rest of you.......................

If you didn't catch the doc, check it out:

GOD BLESS, Be Breezy................
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Great article about how LeBron went to Miami from @WojYahooNBA: It seems @KingJames needs 2 win Now or Never!

Eastern Tech Mavericks 2010-2011 Sports Interviews

So, in Multimedia class I had to make up my own blog on a private website, I decided to make a sports blog about Maverick sports and highlight some sports that the Maverick nation enjoys hearing about, I wrote articles about every spring sport and did interviews with some athletes and coaches of the ET teams. I apologize to anybody's sport that I missed but here are the links to the interviews:

ALEX PAK aka PAKMAN (Track & Field athlete) ---->

BRAD HAGER (Football athlete) ---->

COACH G (Wrestling coach) ------>

COACH MARC MESAROS (Football coach) ----->

MICHELLE MOHR (Softball athlete) ----->

One of the funniest prank calls u will EVER hear + your top 10 songs of the week

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Well it looks like the BP Oil Spill is over?......
I better find your love and I better find ur heart, I bet if I give all my love then nothin's gonna tear us apart nowplayin' stuckinmyhead

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Singers, Rappers, Actors/Actresses, and even Magicians have multiple award shows to honor them, where is the love for the Athletes? (I'm not complaining about athletes not getting love bcuz they get plenty of it in high school, they cut budgets of other academic programs for them remember? LOL!) But anyways go watch the ESPY's hosted by SNL funnyman Seth Meyers tonight beginning at 9pm et. on ESPN!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


George Steinbrenner was loved by Yanks fans, hated by the rest but you have to respect the guy because of how much he invested in his team through all financial and emotional means necessary. You will be greatly missed by the baseball community. Hasta luego, homie..... it takes alot for an Orioles and Braves fan to say something nice about the Yankees, thats how much Steinbrenner deserves the respect and gratitude of every1 in the major leagues.


C- Zydrunus Illgaskus
PF- Chris Bosh
SF- LeBron James
SG- Dwayne Wade
PG- Mario Chalmers

Bench: SG Mike Miller, PF Juwan Howard, C Joel Anthony, PG Carlos Arroyo, PF- Jarvis Arvando, C- Dexter Pittman, SF- De'Sean Butler

Decent Bench (not the best in the NBA but OK) , Great Starting 5, sorry 4 the love fest but u tryna tell me this isn't a championship team.......

FUN FACT: 17 combined All-Stars apperances between Big 3 of Miami

That's it folks....... totally forgot about the MLB All Star Game, LOL, guess cuz I'm an East Coast homer (All-Star Game in Anahiem, Cali where the California Girls Katy Perry and Snoop were talking about reside GOOD NIGHT)

Monday, July 12, 2010

A BIG THANK YOU GOES OUT TO @ProBskbllTalk AND @thehoopsforum for joining me, talking NBA and LeBron @!!!

Other NBA Champ Possibilities besides LA & MIAMI

1. Cleveland Cavaliers- because Dan Gilbert says so. The biggest bunch of hypocrites to ever live in my opinion.

2. OKC Thunder- young nucleus centered around K. Durant, Jeff Green and Russell Westbrook with solid veteran presence who can play and teach and are satisfied since their playing for a little more than veteran's minimum

3. Dallas Mavericks- Dirk Nowitzki is the main show of this rodeo, a solid 3-point shooting power forward who has great veteran presence including underrated Brendan Haywood, Caron Butler, Jason Kidd, Erick Dampier and Shawn Marion; veterans who have fun playing together and are all thirsty for a ring. Their time is running out though, unlike LA or Miami, it's now or never (or should we say rebuilding). Look out for a major trade to take place that could involve Chris Paul or disgruntled but solid players. They have a bench full of players that could be starters.

4. Atlanta Hawks- I LOVE ATLANTA!! Best city in the USA to live in (besides BMore OF COURSE!!), but I'm not being biased here at all. They brought back the leader of the pack (I was tempted to say leader of the gang since we're talking about ATL but.....JK!!) in Joe Johnson, but Johnson's biggest problem is that when he gets bored, he basically quits. But if the rumors are true and Shaq is comin' to town, expect this young team to go pretty far. Josh Smith is not a great shooter but picks up the boards when needed, has great passing instincts and is dependable when it comes to mid-range shooting. Mike Bibby is no longer a top 10 PG but still has some tricks left in the hat. If ATL can get someone like Shaq who doesn't necessarily need to score but provide a presence in the hole, create a threat for other teams' big men, and rebound and pass the ball to the outside wings where Johnson or Smith are at with an open or contested shot, expect great things for this team.

5. Orlando Magic- They have all the pieces they need, all they need to do is prevent injuries and play cohesively. The 2 biggest problems with the Magic are that they depend too much on DHoward at the paint and when he's not having a great night, they shoot from the 3, even if their being double teamed or if the shot is contested. If the Magic played SMART basketball, they would have had a title 2 years ago; but they can still win a title now if they improve on their offensive tactics. I have to admit, if the Magic play smart they are a solid defensive team with offensive weapons that can produce.

6. Phoenix Suns- Great shooters and passers, but they have no threat to replace Amare (who left for the Big Apple and MSG). I love the moves they made to acquire Turkgulo and Josh Childress but they need someone who can defend Pau Gasol and shoot from the outside, someone like Zach Randolph, to take them to the next level.

7. Boston Celtics- ONE SHOT AND ONE INJURY AWAY FROM A TITLE, thats all I have to say; while Perkins is out, Jermaine O'Neal has been brought in to help KG pick up boards.

8. Portland Trailblazers- see OKC Thunder, Brandon Roy is the only difference. They also have the weapons to make a trade for a solid veteran to take them to the next level. GREG ODON is BACK!

9. Denver Nuggets- 3rd year of the Melo-Billups combo could bring the prize to Denver. If Melo stops dreaming about NYC a little, and J.R. Smith stops showboating and Kenyon Martin ACTUALLY PLAYS ALL 82 GAMES!!; then expect big things to be poppin' in Denver

10. Chicago Bulls- It might have actually been a good thing LBJ/Wade/Bosh didn't go to Chi-town. Chicago has been able to pull off what Miami is lacking right now, A TEAM. They have players with all types of skillsets all mixed into one and they have their own version of LBJ in Derrick Rose. If Cleveland would have gave LeBron what Chicago has given Derrick Rose maybe Cleveland could have still been "witnesses".

BASICALLY MY POINT IS..............The road to the NBA Title Series this year barring injuries is not going to be as easy as everyone assumes for the two favorites Miami and LA.

Top 5 Reasons Why the HEAT Could Win a Title Next Year

Alot of "HEAT HATERZ" and LAKERS FANS and CAVALIER FANS who are disappointed LeBron left Cleveland have all been hating on the Heat and already counting them out of championship contention because of their alleged ego's, their lack of players on the roster, and the notion that the Lakers are omnipotent in the league and can't be stopped. All of that is total BS!!! Here are 5 reasons why Las Vegas is right when they rate Miami as having the best chance to win a title in the 2010-2011 NBA Season:

5. SACRIFICE- While millions of unemployed Americans might not deem it as sacrifice, in terms of basketball all-stars and the salaries they make, LBJ/Bosh/Wade each sacrificed an estimated $10-12 million. Now they can probably make that money up through endorsements but the money they sacrificed can now be used to sign at least 3 veteran role players like:
-Derek Fisher
-Mike Miller
-Brad Miller
-Udonis Haslem
-Mike James
-Gerald Green
-Tim Thomas
-The Big Z
-Robert Horry and Reggie Miller (HAHAHA lol)
-Raja Bell and the list goes on and on and on.......

These role players, by playing with these 3 perennial all-stars, will develop their game and most of all don't need the money, but are hungry for the coveted prize of an NBA title.
But not only did they sacrifice money, they sacrificed stats! These 3 players will not be able to play the slash and dash basketball they used to play in their respective cities; but they realized that they couldn't win all by themselves, by teaming up together for one cause they can effectively share the ball and they don't have to work hard 100% of the time and wear and tear their bodies because they finally have trustworthy teammates that can "pick up the tab". LeBron never had that in Cleveland (remember in 2006 during the Detroit series when he passed the ball to Donyell Marshall to make the game winning shot and he missed), Chris Bosh didn't have that in Toronto (only made the playoffs twice, eliminated in the 1st round both years) and after Shaq left DWade didn't have that in Miami (worst record in the league in 2007).

4. MARIO CHALMERS- Remember when the Celtics traded for KG and signed Ray Allen to team up with Paul Pierce, they had an unknown point guard (besides his college days at UKentucky) in Rajon Rondo?? During these past NBA Finals, "we were witnesses" to the emergence of Rondo to a top 10 PG in the league. Rondo has improved in all aspects of his game and has grown faster by playing with NBA veteran studs. He is able to get his own rebounds after a missed shot, see opportunities arise in his imagination and makes them happen in real life, use KG as bait to isolate himself when he's trying to score, go into the hole with no fear, pass the ball intelligently without hesitation and steal the ball without looking back. Rondo developed all these skills on his own because of the work he put in at the weight room to get bigger, the positive impact and pressure applied by KG, PP and RA to become their "Bob Cousy", and the competition during practice against the Big 3 plus the other veterans they were able to recruit, who already have decades of NBA experience, for less pay and more play. Now Rondo played with a Big 3 who are towards the end of their careers, can you even IMAGINE or FATHOM the type of impact Miami's Big 3 will have, especially remembering the fact that Miami's Big 3 unlike Beantown's Big 3 are at the pinnacle/primes of their careers!! Remember how you never heard of Daniel Gibson before his days with LBJ in CLE, Udonis Haslem before his days with DWade in MIA, Anthony Parker before his day with Bosh in TOR and LBJ in CLE (plus he's Candace Parker's bro LOL). ALL STARS MAKE THE TEAM AROUND THEM BETTER JUST BECAUSE OF THEIR ABILITY TO PLAY BASKETBALL BEING ON ANOTHER LEVEL!


Dexter Pittman- Pittman's play right now reminds me of Ben Wallace during his better days with the Pistons, he doesn't put up that many points, but is able to grab boards and block shots, he fits Miami because of his defensive-minded play (LBJ/Wade/Bosh have been part of All-NBA Defensive Teams 1 and 2 most of their careers)

Jarvis Varnado- Arguably the most underrated player in the draft, he is able to grab boards and become a factor in the game offensively by putting up points not only from the paint but from mid-range, he's a stud at the free throw line and a great blocker (Leading shot blocker in NCAA history)

DeSean Butler- This is probably a top 5 NBA Lottery Draft pick if he hadn't gotten injured during the NCAA Tournament. He does everything and has that LBJ-like skill to take games over and play solid offensively and defensively stealing the ball, shooting from the 3, mid-range and throwing it up from the paint with moves that could rival LBJ himself. He has solid handles and has the potential to grow by playing with LBJ, who plays the same position as he does. Besides Mario Chalmers, Butler's all-around basketball IQ will probably grow the most because of Miami's Big 3.

Kobe has never won by himself
DWade didn't win by himself
MJ didn't....
Magic and Larry didn't....
LeBron......OH WAIT (HAHAHA JK!!)
But in all seriousness, none of those guys won a championship by themselves, what makes you think LBJ was going to win a title in Cleveland when he had no other superstars who were in their prime to help him?? LBJ now has Dwayne Wade, a solid shooting guard who has Jordan-like dunking ability and can shoot from any range, plus he knows from experience (just like LBJ) what it's like to take a team to the promised land on your back; and Chris Bosh, an unknown power forward who is a great shooter, rebounder and solid all-around basketball player. These two are guaranteed all-stars and hall-of-famers who now have the ability to play fundamental basketball instead of hogging the ball the whole game. They can't use the excuse of not having superstars with equivalent talent as a reason for not winning and have the chance to form a historic NBA trio whose kind hasn't been seen since Magic/Kareem/Worthy. Now, don't get me wrong. THERE WILL BE FIGHTS AND ARGUMENTS AND DISAGREEMENTS!! But once they realize why they are together again, the quest will be easier that most think. Chris Bosh said it best "When I get a rebound I can pass the ball on the left wing to DWade or on the right to LeBron, THAT'S CRAZY!" As the Irish say 3's a charm!

Chris Bosh is a decent shooter, the team is probably bringing in experienced veterans that know what to do when the game is on the line, and let's not even get started on the ability of LBJ and DWade to make clutch shots. How are you going to come up with a defensive plan/maneuver that can shut down this squad? You have 3 of the top 5 players in the league on the same team! These are 3 threats, whose stats will probably be down next year, but whose skills will never drift away (at least when your talking about next season). I don't know how it's possible to decipher which one of the threats Miami will use on any given night! I don't care what anyone says about the Lakers, Pau Gasol is still a softie who was terribly defended by Perkins during the playoffs, Andrew Bynum gets injured too much to even be considered a threat, Lamar Odom is easy to take out of the game if you make him tired (sorry dude, I still love "Keeping up with the Kardashians" and I heard you got a new show with ur wifey Khloe? congrats!). For the Lakers, let's face it, it's either Kobe or die, but with this new, revised Heat squad you never know who will step up and at what point they will step up.

In conclusion, it's not a given that the Heat will win because their are ALOT of strong teams in the NBA besides Miami and LA. But I would put my money right now on South Beach to host the Larry O'Brien trophy around this time next year!

Now here is the tentative Miami Heat schedule for next year:

And here are other teams that might be able to win a title if Miami and LA don't win one:

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Congrats 2 Africa 4 hosting it's first ever World Cup and congrats 2 SPAIN 4 winning the World Cup

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Do Not Doubt Stephen A. Smith!


2 Weeks Ago on his radio show on Fox Sports Radio, Smith predicted that LBJ/Wade/Bosh would teamup together and play for the Miami Heat! Now, I can gurantee you Miami will not win next year but the next 2 years after it's goin' down in South Beach; Boston, Orlando and YES EVEN L.A. are still the early favorites to win the title next year just because of experience. Dallas and Oklahoma City, believe it or not, are my sleeper teams for next year.

ANYWAYS Stephen A. Smith might have broken even more news, LeBron has an opt-out option after 3 years in his contract with Miami and according to Smith he will be headed to the eventual Jay-Z and Russian owned Brooklyn Nets. He had a 2-week lead on the Heat story, has a 3 year lead on this Nets rumor and probably will even know where LeBron's sons will be playing basketball by next year. But on a serious note, after this huge scoop (which every1 is giving some guy at Newsday and Chris Broussard of ESPN credit for) do not underestimate Stephen A. Smith. Just ask ESPN's Bill Simmons (insider, if u follow @sportsguy33).

Check out Stephen A. Smith on WFAN talking about a possible LeBron move to the Nets in 3 years:

Cavaliers: Open Letter to Fans from Cavaliers Majority Owner Dan Gilbert After LEBRON GOES 2 MIAMI

Dear Cleveland, All Of Northeast Ohio and Cleveland Cavaliers Supporters Wherever You May Be Tonight;

As you now know, our former hero, who grew up in the very region that he deserted this evening, is no longer a Cleveland Cavalier.

This was announced with a several day, narcissistic, self-promotional build-up culminating with a national TV special of his "decision" unlike anything ever "witnessed" in the history of sports and probably the history of entertainment.

Clearly, this is bitterly disappointing to all of us.

The good news is that the ownership team and the rest of the hard-working, loyal, and driven staff over here at your hometown Cavaliers have not betrayed you nor NEVER will betray you.

There is so much more to tell you about the events of the recent past and our more than exciting future. Over the next several days and weeks, we will be communicating much of that to you.

You simply don't deserve this kind of cowardly betrayal.

You have given so much and deserve so much more.

In the meantime, I want to make one statement to you tonight:


You can take it to the bank.

If you thought we were motivated before tonight to bring the hardware to Cleveland, I can tell you that this shameful display of selfishness and betrayal by one of our very own has shifted our "motivation" to previously unknown and previously never experienced levels.

Some people think they should go to heaven but NOT have to die to get there.

Sorry, but that's simply not how it works.

This shocking act of disloyalty from our home grown "chosen one" sends the exact opposite lesson of what we would want our children to learn. And "who" we would want them to grow-up to become.

But the good news is that this heartless and callous action can only serve as the antidote to the so-called "curse" on Cleveland, Ohio.

The self-declared former "King" will be taking the "curse" with him down south. And until he does "right" by Cleveland and Ohio, James (and the town where he plays) will unfortunately own this dreaded spell and bad karma.

Just watch.

Sleep well, Cleveland.

Tomorrow is a new and much brighter day....

I PROMISE you that our energy, focus, capital, knowledge and experience will be directed at one thing and one thing only:

DELIVERING YOU the championship you have long deserved and is long overdue....

Dan Gilbert
Majority Owner
Cleveland Cavaliers

This was HARSH!!! WOW! Well LeBron Congrats on the new move!! David Stern will definitely have something to say about that letter, BTW Gilbert says that he will win a championship B4 LeBron, my question 2 you is, with that roster and all the other powers in the Eastern Conference, HOW?? I guarantee you LBJ, Bosh and D-Wade by themselves could beat that whole squad even if they brought 5 people to the floor. Cleveland should have expected this and should be appreciative of how far LBJ has taken them! The Cavs were NOBODIES B4 LeBron came, so STOP beefing, STOP hating, congratulate the guy, build a championship-caliber team without him and MOVE ON! The roster you have right now might not even be able to make the playoffs of the NBDL! STEP UP CAVS!!! SHUT UP CLEVELAND!! It's not LeBron's fault you didn't have a championship-caliber squad for him, he gave u guys 7 YEARS!! That's on Dan Gilbert for not bringing in another superstar in his prime (Shaq doesnt fit that catergory!)! And BTW Miami, if the 9 people you pick as your bench are not good enough, do NOT blame LeBron for not winning a title, thats on Pat Riley! We always complain about players who only play for the money but when we actually have players who don't care who gets the most money, points or accolades teaming up and their is still HATING?? This is DESPICABLE AND UNCALLED 4! GET A LIFE!! You need 2 realize, winning a title is about teamwork NOT fame! C'mon son...
Yo LeBron, @KingJames; BEHIND EVERY SUCCESSFUL PERSON IS A HUGE PACK OF HATERS!!!! Congrats 2 u and the Miami Heat; Good nite and be breezy!
ESPN reporter in Cleveland----> "I'm Shelly Smith and I'm going to bring u the reaction from an angry city" LMAO
Next on ESPN: "The Decision" on whether I'm going 2 do my summer AP projects tomorrow or play bball w/ ppl who'll never be in the NBA
ITS OFFICIAL LEBRON IS GOING TO MIAMI!!! @stephena was right! D-WADE/BOSH/LBJ are part of the NBA Dream Team!! Cleveland is cursed.
R U KIDDING ME???????? ESPN!!! LEBRON!!! NOBODY CARES!!!!!! Just give us the announcement!!!! This is like @RyanSeacrest on Idol DANG MAN!!
Is this LeBron saga gettin' stupid? Yes. Do we probably already know where LBJ is goen? Yes. Would u be stupid not 2 watch ESPN @ 9pm? YES!!
What if Kanye interrupts the TV special tonight, sorry LeBron congrats on the move 2 the Heat but Kobe was the best player of year...LOL

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I just got shouted out on Twitter!!

Richard Deitsch of Sports Illustrated (media critic for SI) as well as 2 of his followers on Twitter just gave me shoutouts on Twitter about how they enjoyed my radio show, I APPRECIATE THE LOVE THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

Follow them here: @richarddeitsch

They got me new followers on Twitter as well!! LMAO! BTW if ur not following me on Twitter @jmkcool2002 I don't know what ur waiting 4! Check out my sports talk/current events talk/interview show THE BIG SHOW WITH JK LIVE and my top 10 music countdown show, JK'S TOP 10 MUSIC COUNTDOWN right now @

Be Breezy...God bless... Thank U God 4 More Listeners!

Add MONTEL WILLIAMS to the list of celebs who smoke weed!


Courtesy: YNN-Albany, CNN
Ok, I'm watching SportsCenter and my TV automatically changes 2 the Simpsons on the CW and wont change back!! COMCAST ARGGHH!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Went 2 a wedding earlier & just came from downtown seeing fireworks, the show almost didnt happen this year but im proud of my city BMORE!

Friday, July 2, 2010
Wanna listen 2 music Check out JK's TOP 10 MUSIC COUNTDOWN IS ON RIGHT NOW GO TO:
BlackStars! you have made Africa proud, job well done "That is one of the cruelest exits I've ever seen in World Cup history"
THIS GAME IS INTENSE. If ur not watching, turn on @ESPN for GHA vs. URU PENALTY KICKS RIGHT NOW!
OH CRAP....................................

Thursday, July 1, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Phil Jackson coming back; B4 every1 puts LBJ with Bulls/MIA keep in mind CLE had best record but became complacent with lead.
WTF??? R NBA TEAMS CRAZY?? Why would u pay Darko $20 MILLION!!!!!!????? DREW GOODEN $30 MILLION??? PAY ME A MILLION, I'LL JOIN UR TEAM!!??

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