Saturday, July 17, 2010

Drake Better Than Good Enough

I finally got to watch Drake's MTV documentary tonight called "Better than Good Enough" on YouTube. I've watched bits and pieces of it but never watched it cohesively until now. My opinion and respect for the man known as Aubrey Graham has grown to new heights. His work ethic and willingness to never quit inspires me personally to chase my dreams and never stop trying because the day you stop trying is the day you stop being relevant in society. Drake's passion for his music and realization of when he makes mistakes teaches me that without being real with yourself, you can't make it in life because if their is no drive and no willingness to take suggestions and realize your faults in whatever you do, their is no way in hell you can exceed and go beyond to the next level in whatever you feel you are destined to do. He is a little egotistical LOL, but when your trying to get business done, who isn't? I've known about Drake's rapping career for a long time to be honest. If you are an avid Degrassi viewer like myself, you know that he played Jimmy who used to rap together with Spinner's girlfriend. But once he left Degrassi, I heard from some Canadian friends of mine that he was trying to get into the rap game. He started posting some of his real early stuff on MySpace, and during the days when MySpace was popular, if you were an up and coming artist the best way to get your stuff out there was through MySpace. I listened to his stuff and honestly never thought he was going to make it, but he proved all his haters (like myself LMAO!) wrong. I call him my older brother because I feel like his music resonates with myself and my generation. At times the vulgar language can be a little too much, but I'm proud of my Canadian brother from another mother (and father, lol). I wish I would be able to get the chance to interview him, I could've sent a MySpace message to him but I never did because I never gave him a chance. But due to his hard work and diligence, he's pretty close to making history in the rap game and being able to cross over to all genres. So, Drake congrats on the success and keep that characteristic of working hard with you all time, stay true to yourself and never let your ego get the best of you. That's not only to Drizzy Drake, but to the rest of you.......................

If you didn't catch the doc, check it out:

GOD BLESS, Be Breezy................
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