Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I want to expatiate on a point I made during my last blog post, the White House being afraid of Fox News and the right-wing media! The executive branch of the United States stands as the representative of the free world and the man who is in charge of "fathering" the country which is suppose to be the leader of the world. In order to be a good leader, YOU HAVE to have your doubters and your haters not only to boost your confidence or prove them wrong in the end, but also give you another perspective on things and tell you what you may not be doing right. But you should NEVER be scared of your haters and doubters ESPECIALLY when they distort the information that is being put out there. The White House was willing to release an innocent African-American, loyal worker from it's administration just please the FOX News right wing machine. ARE YOU CRAZY?????!!!!! You are basically giving FOX News power to control your own administration! As the leader of this country, you are suppose to make decisions that are best for this country, not decisions that may be viewed as terrible in the minds of your haters! What kind of leadership is that if you are inferior to critics and scared of a freakin' NEWS NETWORK!! You have the resources online through the Organizing for America online grassroots movement and through the TV via the liberal version of FOX aka MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC etc. to control the dialogue of conversation when it comes to certain political issues, but you have failed to use them to maximum potential. When you leave the door open for lies to spread without consequences, you give power to your opposition to control the message you are trying to convey and control what Americans view as fact no matter how untruthful something may be, and this is a clear example of that. The WH asked Shirley to resign because she was going to be on "Glenn Beck" that same night if she didn't, WTF???? WHO CARES!!!

OBAMA! YOU NEED TO REALIZE THAT THESE PEOPLE IN THE RIGHT WING DONT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT YOU!!!!!!!! THEY ARE THERE TO DESTROY YOU!!!!! DO NOT TRY TO COMPROMISE FOR THE SIMPLE FACT THAT YOU MIGHT GET CRITICIZED!!! In your own words, dust yourself off like you see in those music videos and move on! If you let the right wing take advantage of you, you will not only see a decrease in support from independents (which you already have) but your own base will believe the lies and won't be able to decipher lies from reality because you are powerless! If Obama can't control FOX News in his own country, how does he expect Americans to trust that he can control Iran, North Korea, the economy, jobs, Afghanistan, the Middle East, China, Arab-American relations, racial relations in the US....................

BTW excuse my language!

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