Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Tale of Three Quarterbacks: Peyton to Miami? RG3 to the Eagles? Luck to Indy?

Peyton, Robert and Andrew have been the talk of the sports world since the minute after Eli Manning and the New York Giants clinched their 2nd Super Bowl in 5 years. NFL fans have been speculating where these three are going to go and who the better option is right now. But is all this pressure getting into their heads? 

Andrew Luck is expected to live up to the high expectations he set at while playing for Stanford while RG3 (who I honestly had never heard of before the night he won the Heisman since I'm not a Big 12 football enthusiast) has to prove that he's a throw first, run second quarterback. Unfortunately and unfairly he's been looked upon as an athlete before a quarterback, which is surprising especially when you look at the fact that he was actually more accurate than Mr. Luck just last season, it's not by much but it is what it is.

Monday, February 6, 2012

New England Patriots Fans Are Very Classy

All of my favorite Boston sports blogs posted videos that made a fool out of my fellow Ravens fans when we lost a game that should've been won by us. So now it's my turn to return the favor :)

Let's start with this hilarious video from Gisele, who is cussing up a storm blaming Brady's receivers and their dropped catches (i.e. Welker, Branch) for the loss:

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl 46 2012 Prediction

Giants vs. Patriots

It's finally here. The Big Game that everyone dreams of playing in but only few have the chance of actually living the dream. These two teams have been anything but the best teams in the league this season. The Pats have had to mix it up w/ an explosive offense that has had to supplement for one of the most lackluster defenses in NFL history. The Giants on the other hand have been in the middle of the pack on offense and defense, they can score big points on you but their secondary has been anything but stellar.

WARNING: I'm about to break down my keys to the game, if you don't feel like reading all of that, just scroll down to check the prediction

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What Is Madonna Performing During the Super Bowl Halftime Show?

“Though Madonna’s set list was not officially announced at press time, fans might expect her to give all her luvin’, provide a ray of light and be in vogue with her music.” - NFL Magazine's leak

Monday, January 30, 2012

Blake Griffin DUNKS over Kendrick Perkins, forces him to retire!

OK, maybe Blake didn't force Kendrick Perkins to retire but he's caused Perkins the most public embarassment he's ever seen in his NBA career. Currently at 12:30am on Tuesday January 31st, 2012 "Kendrick Perkins" is the number 1 trending topic on Twitter (Number 2 is #dunkoftheyear). Here is the dunk for yourself:

And here is the reaction from a Kendrick Perkins hater, lol:

What an embarrassment, Kendrick is probably scheduling his retirement press conference tomorrow. Let's remember, Kendrick is at least 7 feet tall and Blake still got over him!

He probably didn't think it was that bad until he went online to see all the reaction on Twitter and the views of the videos on YouTube.

SportsCenter has found a new #1 play probably for the rest of the year to replace that Jerome Simpson flip TD in the Bengals/Cardinals game from week 16 this season, lol. This will definitely be nominated for an ESPY over the summer. Honestly, they should just cancel the slam dunk contest after this haha!

That ish crae, lol.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ravens AFC Championship Game Rant

So I've come to terms with today's loss and my conclusion is it wasn't our time. Flacco had an unbelievable game and finally proved all the haters wrong that he's a legitimate starting quarterback in the NFL. Ray Rice didn't rush for many yards but he got the 20 touches he usually needs for our offense to be competitive. Our defense held Tom Brady to ZERO PASS TDs and TWO INTs and held their offense to 3 pts. on many possessions at the red zone. The Pats D played well in the beginning but Joe Flacco was able to expose many holes in their secondary. Hernandez and Gronk played OK, but they weren't the gamechangers everyone said they would be. So what gives? The Ravens did everything right and did everything we told them to do. Run the ball, keep Brady off the field and pressure him to make bad throws or at the very most keep them to only score field goals. The biggest factor was for Joe to extend plays, manage the game, get us first downs and give the defense a break after facing this unpredictable no huddle offense, AND HE DID ALL THAT! But it was just one or two plays that ended up costing us big time. Sports, just like life, can work in mysterious ways. You can do everything right the whole game, but one big mistake can cost you big time and force you to make the wrong turn. And that's exactly what happened here. Billy Cundiff has kicked plenty of 23 yard field goals and Lee Evans has caught many TDs in his career even when double teamed but that didn't stop the events that occurred yesterday. Despite the sadness we feel about the Ravens not being in the Super Bowl we gotta realize that everything happens for a reason and that things happen in moderation and in its own time. It may not be our time to helm the Lombardi trophy now but our time will come we just have to be patient. You may have done everything perfect in life but unfortunately made a bad mistake. It sucks that you made that mistake but life moves on. Life isn't about dwelling on mistakes, its about getting back up again when you fall down while working harder than you did before and showing resilience after a tough bout. Winners always fight to accomplish their dreams, goals and aspirations and if the Ravens are going to be winners they've gotta take this knockout, learn from it and get back up to fight for the ultimate goal. Its going to be tough, but I promise, eventually we'll get to the promised land. Patience is a virtue and Ravens fans are going to need to continue to keep the faith because triumph always comes after defeat. It wasn't our time now but eventually our time will come. And yes the Ravens are more than just a game to me, they represent my city of Baltimore so I take their games very seriously, lol.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Joe Paterno Has Passed Away

UPDATE Sunday - 

Paterno passed away at 9:25 a.m. ET Sunday, and the official cause of death was metastic small cell carcinoma of the lung according to ProFootballTalk.

UPDATE 9:32pm from JoePa's other son on Twitter - 

MY INPUT: I feel bad for whoever at CBS Sports posted the story on their website. They were simply referencing what another outlet,, was reporting but because they are such a huge organization everyone trusted their word without knowing that it wasn't their reporters reporting the story if you get what I mean. 

I also can't put blame on, they checked their sources multiple times and got word from football players that JoePa had passed, but in journalism, it's always good to get the story first but it's even better to get the story right. 

I have a friend on Facebook who also got word from sources at Penn State who are neighbors of JoePa's that the story was true but I didn't want to report or post anything because they weren't my sources, you don't want to be wrong on a story as big as this. 

But because of my Facebook friend's earlier report, I felt's report, which broke 30 mins. after the FB report, was accurate. I apologize for any ill will caused by this. I'll keep you informed on all the latest details and we'll keep the Paterno family in our prayers. Everything happens in God's time not ours.

UPDATE 9:27pm from JoePa's son on Twitter - 

UPDATE 9:23pm from the HuffPo - 

spokesperson for the Paterno family has denied a report by CBS (and that former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno has died. CBS previously reported that the 85-year-old college-football legend had succumbed in his battle with lung cancer.

UPDATE 8:53pm - Here is the scene from Penn State courtesy of @KevinHornePSU, dozens have gone to pay tribute to him at his statue on campus according to are currently on winter break so there probably won't be many students. I had heard reports as early as 7:30 from some Facebook sources but I didn't want to report anything prematurely.

UPDATE 8:50pm - is reporting on their Twitter that JoePa has passed, R.I.P.

Here is the story from earlier:

NFL Championship Weekend Predictions

Giants vs. 49ers
6:30pm (American Idol comes afterwards at 10pm!!!! lol)

Keys to the Game:
1. Eli Manning has thrown 3 touchdowns in his last two playoff games, Drew Brees got away with 4 touchdowns in last week's loss to the GMen

2. Alex Smith has a 96.75 QB rating vs. the blitz and threw 3 touchdowns of his own to keep up with the high-powered Saints offense.

3. The last quarterback to have 3 pass touchdowns and 1 rushing touchdown in a divisional matchup of the playoffs like Alex Smith did last week won a Super Bowl (Aaron Rodgers)

4. The Giants running tandem had 5 yards per rush last week vs. the worst rush defense in the league, they will be facing the best rush D in the league who only allows 3.49 yds per rush

5. Giants have 17 sacks in their last 4 games, Alex Smith was sacked 4 times last week

Who Has the Edge?
OK, let me be honest. None of those stats matter when it comes to my prediction, lol. This is going to a close game and could even go to overtime but I think the Giants will pull the upset. The Giants will be able to rush Alex Smith and pressure him enough not necessarily to throw picks but to stay stagnant throughout the game. The 49ers are going to need Frank Gore to stay on course with the Giants offense because Eli is going to play relentlessly trying to prove that he is an elite quarterback. It's a tossup for me just like all of the playoff games have been but I'm taking the upset.
FINAL SCORE: 49ers 35 Giants 42 F/OT (Giants shouldn't be too confident though, I picked the Saints over the 9ers last wk and that didn't work out too well, lol)

Ravens vs. Patriots

Keys to the Game: 
1. Ravens are undefeated when Ray Rice gets at least 20 total touches (21 carries for 60 yds. last week vs. Texans)

2. Patriots have not won a game this season against a winning team

3. With a win, Tom Brady passes Joe Montana and John Elway for most playoff wins by a quarterback while Joe Flacco would tie Tom Brady for most playoff wins in their first four seasons.

4. Ravens have only allowed 5 red zone touchdowns this season and the third fewest amount of receiving yards for tight ends in the league

5. In three games this season where Tom Brady played a top 5 defense, Brady has 7 touchdowns and zero interceptions, also when you rush 5 or more vs. Brady he has a better pass completion percentage

6. Ray Rice is the Ravens' 3rd leading receiver, as is Aaron Hernandez for the Patriots despite their main jobs respectively being to run the ball and block.

7. Vince Wilfork led the Pats D-Line in tackles this year with 74.

8.  No team has ever won a Super Bowl with a defense worse than 25th in the league, Patriots defense is 31st in the league behind the Packers while the Ravens are 3rd. (2009 Saints, 25th)

9. The Patriots defense is 15th in points allowed per game, basically in the middle of the league.

10. Joe Flacco is tied with Eli Manning and Mark Sanchez for the most playoff wins on the road.

Who Has The Edge?
As I said in THIS POST, if the Ravens want to win they need to:

  • Utilize Ray Rice as much as possible by giving him the rock. 
  • Win the turnovers battle by not committing any turnovers on offense and playing as physical as possible to cause turnovers on defense. 
  • Let Joe Flacco manage the game by extending plays and getting us 1st downs through short passes, then depending on the Pats pass defense, take risks with long balls, something he's very accurate at, doing all this while balancing the offense with runs.
  • Control time of possesion and keep Tom Brady off the field while keeping the ball on offense for at least 4 mins. per possesion.
 I'm too emotionally indebted to the Ravens and superstitious to come up with a final score, I just need a win on Sunday so we can inch one step closer to the Super Bowl!


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Keys To A Ravens Win Vs. the Patriots

Tim Tebow to "Dancing With the Stars"?

According to Hot 99.5's Kane of "The Kane Show" and "Club Kane", Tim Tebow will be joining the cast of next season's "Dancing with the Stars". No word on whether his football bosses (i.e. John Elway and John Fox) will approve but the next season will go from January-May so it won't interfere with his football duties. It wouldn't hurt for him to improve on his footwork being that he's an active NFL quarterback but there's always a risk of injury, and with talk of replacing him at starter for next season, I'm not sure if he wants to risk that chance.

ABC has promised that "DWTS" would be going after A-list stars and with this move they would have an A-lister that would be a ratings-winner with all the Tebow-Mania fanatics tuning in. Karina Smirnoff, one of the dancers on the show told the New York Daily News this about the possibility of Tebow on "DWTS":
"All I want for my birthday is for Tim Tebow to dance on 'Dancing with the Stars," she said at her Las Vegas birthday bash on Saturday. "Tim is a very talented athlete, that was clear when we saw his performance this past season with Denver."

Monday, January 16, 2012

Clippers and Mavericks Added to Dwight Howard's Wish List

Chris Sheridan of has written an intriguing article that gives an interesting perspective on the latest details of Dwight Howard's future in the NBA. Howard already has informed his agent of his wish-list of heading to either the Lakers, the Nets or the Mavericks. The Clippers aka Lob City have now been added to that list. Not too long ago, Chris Paul and DW12 expressed interest in playing with each other and if the Clippers get their way, it could happen:

Saturday, January 14, 2012

NFL Divisional Round Weekend Predictions

Broncos vs. Patriots
8pm, Saturday

Key Stats: The Broncos have the number 1 rushing offense in the league but they're 31st at passing yards and 25th at putting points on the board in the league. In last week's win vs. the Steelers, they caused Big Ben to throw an interception when blitzing 5 or more defenders according to ESPN Stats and Info. 
The Patriots offense has been on a roll this season. They are number 2 in the league in terms of total offense averaging 428 yards per game but on defense it's another story. No other team, besides the 2-14 1981 Baltimore Colts has allowed  5,800 or more yards in their first 14 games of the season until the Patriots did this year according to The Pats are also 26th in the league in yards per carry allowed.

Who Has The Edge? I can honestly say it's a tossup. If Tebow can put up the same performance he did last week when he threw for over 316 yards, against one of the worst pass defenses in the league together with a balanced running attack and if they can blitz Tom Brady and pressure him to throw erratic passes, you can make a case that the Broncos could win this game which is why I think this is going to be Denver's lucky weekend. In the first quarter of the game they played earlier this season, the Pats allowed 167 rushing yards in the FIRST QUARTER. I don't like all the coverage Tebow has been getting but as bad as his mechanics are, if he can beat the #1 defense in the league he should be able to beat this horrendous D.
FINAL SCORE: Patriots 17 Broncos 23

UPDATE: Patriots 45 Broncos 10 So I'm now 0-2 LOL, oh well.....My keys to the game were 1. "if Tebow can put the same performance as he did last week" NOPE (9/26, 138 yds.) 2. Balanced running attack CHECK (threw 26 times, ran 40 times for 144 yards) 3. blitz and pressure Tom Brady HELL NO (Brady was 26/34 w/ 363 yards and 6 TD's, 10.7 yards per pass) <<<------ #3 is why they lost and I am now 0-2 with my predictions, lol oh well, as long as my Ravens win at the end of the day

Saints vs. 49ers
4pm, Saturday

Key Stats: The Saints offense is explosive! They put up the most points per game and the most pass yards per game in the whole league. Drew Brees has completed 71.2 percent of his throws for over 5,476 yards, which is the single season pass record passing Dolphins veteran and CBS analyst Dan Marino. On defense, the Saints have caused their opponents to only convert 33% of their 3rd downs but they are last place in the league in stopping running back carries 10 or more yards beyond the scrimmage line.
The 49ers offense is number 1 in turnovers which is not a good sign for them, but they do have a decent rushing attack led by Frank Gore which ranks 8th in the league. The 49ers defense is 17th in the league in defending short passes which believe it or not account for 83% of the Saints offense.

Who Has The Edge? I believe the Saints have the edge in this game because they have playoff experience and  know how it feels to be eliminated from the playoffs earlier than they should (i.e. Seahawks Wild Card loss). The Saints haven't proven themselves away from home, so this is the perfect opportunity for them to show the league that they are still a threat. If they can keep Frank Gore's yards per carry short, which they've proven that they can as they held the Lions last week to only 32 yards rushing, then there should be no problems.
FINAL SCORE: 49ers 17 Saints 35

UPDATE: 49ers 36 Saints 32 So far I'm 0-1, but I'm happy for the 49ers....looking at the box score the Saints dominated every stat except for the key one: Rushing. My key to the game was for the Saints to hold Frank Gore to short yardage but they didn't do that at all, letting Gore rush for 6.5 yards per carry which opens up the field for Alex Smith who threw 3 TD's for 299 yds. The 49ers also kept the turnovers low, with only one fumble.....congrats San Francisco 49ers.....I really hope we face them in the Super Bowl, lol.

Giants vs. Packers
4pm, Sunday

Key Stats: If you thought the Patriots had a terrible defense, "you ain't seen nothin' yet" until you look at the Packers who have the worst defense in the league and the worst pass defense in the league allowing opponents to exceed over 400 yards a game. So how do they win so many games? All credit definitely has to go to their exciting offense who keeps up with teams averaging 35 points a game, the best in the league. The offense's success is attributed to starting quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who has become a very careful and smart quarterback only throwing 6 picks the whole season. The Giants were superb on defense last week holding the Falcons to only 247 yards in the whole game, which says something about the Falcons considering Drew Brees, Matthew Stafford and even TIM TEBOW threw for more yards than the Falcons were able to accumulate. But can the Giants do that again vs. the Packers' high-flying offense after allowing opponents at least 259 yards a game during the regular season?

Who Has the Edge? The Packers are mourning the loss of their offensive coordinator's son, so I believe that the team has been a little distracted this week. But at the same time I think the Packers are sick and tired of hearing the league and fans talk about everyone else but them despite almost going unbeaten this season. If they can keep up with the Giants offense whose two-headed rushing attack averages 1,000 yards then they are going to make this an interesting game. With all that said, I still think the Giants are going to win the game, and I can't really prove why using stats but watching them play on Sunday, I could see the same type of swag and that unexplainable "it" factor that won them their rings in 2007.
FINAL SCORE Packers 38 Giants 42


Texans vs. Ravens
1pm, Sunday

Key Stats: When Ray Rice rushes for 100 yards or more, the Ravens are unbeaten at 6-0
The Texans are 0-5 against the Ravens all-time
In each of the Ravens four losses, they threw the ball at least 32 times while only rushing the ball 12-17 times

Who Has The Edge? It's anyone's game in my opinion, the Texans and Ravens are similar, identical teams except the Ravens are older. Use the experience and the home crowd to your advantage and no matter what Joe Flacco says: RUN THE DAMN BALL!! Keep Joe Flacco in his game-manager role where he utilizes different pieces around the field to gain yardage and make short passes. He doesn't need to make big plays as long as Ray Rice is the captain of the ship.
FINAL SCORE: I'm too emotionally indebted to the Ravens and superstitious to come up with a final score, I just need a win on Sunday so we can inch one step closer to the Super Bowl!


Friday, January 13, 2012

Sh*t Tim Tebow Says

There's so many "Sh*t ____ Says" videos, it's a new trend out there, so what better to connect that trend together with the trend capturing the hearts and minds of sports fans everywhere, Tim Tebow than making a "Sh*t Tim Tebow Says" video, right? Nah, maybe not but check out this video anyway:

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rasheed Wallace Making A Comeback?

Rasheed Wallace, the owner of one NBA ring and the former 1st round pick by the Washington Wizards (known as the Bullets at the time), is thinking about making a comeback. Yes, that's right, the ire of NBA referees everywhere is about to haunt them even more. The 4-time all-star averaged 14.6 points a game and 6.7 rebounds and holds the record for most technical fouls with 304. If he does come back expect him to raise his record even higher because you guys know he can't let anyone else even come close to garnering 304 fouls, lol. Here's Adrian Wojanarski of Yahoo Sports with more info:
Wallace, who retired after 15 seasons in 2010, has been working out and probing some close league friends about possible destinations to sign for the rest of the season, sources said. At 6-foot-11, Wallace, 37, had been one of the most versatile and talented power forwards of his era. One league source who has talked with Wallace recently describes him as “serious” about a return to the NBA this season. Nevertheless, no teams contacted by Yahoo! Sports reported that they had any contact with Wallace, or his representative. When reached on Friday, Wallace’s agent, Bill Strickland, would only tell Yahoo! Sports’ Marc Spears: “As a veteran player, [Wallace] knows what it takes to be reinstated.”
If my Miami Heat can put their trust in Eddy Curry, there is ABSOLUTELY no reason why Rasheed shouldn't at least be considered for one of their open slots on the roster. He would give the Heat a new energy, more confidence, 3 point shooting which we've seen they need more of and a bigger defensive presence especially in the paint to defend big guys they may face in the playoffs like Kevin Garnett, Amare & Tyson Chandler and even Dwight Howard.

Chris Bosh has already proven himself in terms of being able to defend those types of big guys, but you can move Bosh to the 3 (small forward) and provide mismatches for other teams on defense by moving LeBron to the point, keeping Dwayne at the 2, while bringing in Joel Anthony and Rasheed at 5 and 4 respectively. Maybe if Miami were to play big towards the end of the 3rd and the beginning of the 4th with this lineup, they would be able to keep their leads and give players like Chalmers, Mike Miller and Battier a rest so that if a game is close, they can come in and shoot open jumpers and 3's with no problems if LeBron and Wade are covered or if they aren't hot.

The Lakers could use him to beef up their bench while the Grizzlies and 76ers (his hometown team) could use him to provide veteran experience for two young teams that could use it down the road in the playoffs.  Dallas, Boston and San Antonio could be good fits but I don't think they want to get any older than they already are. In my opinion (of course being biased, lol) the best fit would be the Miami Heat.

Despite the Heat's tight salary cap, money shouldn't be an issue with Rasheed (a reason why he probably retired) so he would probably be willing to sign the veteran's minimum (at least I hope, lol). During his last season playing in the league for the Celtics, he made $13 million and throughout his career according to, he's made $156 million. You'll remember the last time Mr. Wallace made headlines he was dunked on by Duke freshman Austin Rivers in the North Carolina Pro-Am.

Make sure you check out the blog and you should check out my pop culture blog too, gracias :)

BREAKING: Manny Pacquiao accepts Floyd Mayweather's latest challenge

Manny Pacquiao has accepted a challenge made by Floyd Mayweather according to the BBC, but there are some things Floyd needs to do according to Manny's team before anything becomes official:
Manny Pacquiao has accepted Floyd Mayweather's challenge for a showdown in May, but barriers remain in the way of a possible super-fight. On Wednesday, Mayweather demanded Pacquiao "give the world what they want to see" and agree to a bout on 5 May. And while Pacquiao said he wanted the fight, he said he favours a date in late May and suggested Mayweather could not guarantee his side of the purse.  
"This is the fight the world wants," said Philippine superstar Pacquiao. "[But] Mayweather wants a guaranteed purse so what he has to do is get a promoter who can give him the guarantee. "I don't have problems getting a guarantee because I have a promoter who will give me my guaranteed purse. "If he gets a guarantee, then we are going to share the revenue on a 50-50 basis." Pacquiao's promoter Bob Arum added: "There is no problem on our part - the problem is on Mayweather's. "Mayweather needs somebody on his side that's going to guarantee his purse. Mayweather has nobody on his side and GBP (Oscar de la Hoya's Golden Boy Promotions) is not going to guarantee his purse."
The original tweet Floyd sent out said:
"Manny Pacquiao I'm calling you out let's fight May 5 and give the world what they want to see... Step up Punk"
Here is a video of Floyd and 50 calling out Manny at this week's CES 2012 convention in Las Vegas:

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Jets Players: Mark Sanchez Needs to GO, Bring in Peyton Manning!

The New York Daily News came out with an interesting report this morning. Despite leading his team to two straight AFC Championship Games this season, the Jets players have had it with Mark Sanchez's erratic play. Alot of the players believe the stereotypical "SoCal boy wonder" attitude is catching up with him.

This season Sanchez threw for over 3,400 yards and 26 TD's but wasn't able to put his team over the hump, also throwing 18 interceptions the whole season which is gruesome compared to Aaron Rodgers, one of this season's leading quarterbacks, who threw 6 picks this year:

The consensus among players who spoke to the Daily News was that, at the very least, the Jets must sign a legitimate veteran backup to push their young quarterback.
“We have to bring in another quarterback that will make him work at practice,” said one player. “He’s lazy and content because he knows he’s not going to be benched.”
On Dec. 28, Sanchez said that he was “light years ahead” in areas such as defensive recognition, clock management and understanding of the offensive system. Six days later, general manager Mike Tannenbaum said that Sanchez’s “rate of growth isn’t where it needs to be.”
His inconsistent play has teammates wondering if the Jets can upgrade. Several players and members of the organization were asked if the Jets should make a play for Peyton Manning if the Colts, who are expected to select Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck with the No. 1 pick in the draft, release him. 
“Come on. That’s a no-brainer,” a Jets source said. “If you have a chance to get a healthy 36-year-old Peyton Manning and you don’t do it, then you’re stupid. If I could get a healthy 36-year-old Peyton Manning, then, hell yeah, I would trade Sanchez.”
It's unknown whether the Jets would have enough cap room to get Peyton but if Sanchez were cut he would be owed at least $5 million. Right now the Jets are accountable for over $121 million and Peyton is owed a $28 million bonus, unless they do some major contract restructuring, I don't think the Jets will be able to come up with enough money to pay that bonus.

Also according to, the new CBA rules state that Peyton would have to move the date of when he gets paid his option from March 8th to a date early in 2012. Although Manning has expressed interest in doing so, the NFLPA has rejected even the idea of moving his bonus pay date early because of "complex contract language" and because it would mix up the salary cap numbers for this season and next season. Confused? Yeah me too, lol.

We'll have to wait and see what happens but it would be really cool to have two Mannings in the biggest market in the world playing the biggest sport in North America.

Tim Tebow "All He Does Is Win" FAIL

Tebowmania has taken over all around the world as football fans embrace the non-traditional, run first, throw later starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos. But one guy who hasn't taken to this Tebow Mania is ESPN's Stephen A. Smith. Check out this viral video featuring ESPN First Take's Skip Bayless and some random guitar player who looks a little like Tebow

Monday, January 9, 2012

My 2012 NBA All-Star Picks

My pick for Eastern Conference Center may be a little off but I think you can tell who my two favorite teams this season are based on these picks. What did I get right and wrong? Comment below. Make sure you cast YOUR VOTE at

Friday, January 6, 2012

Mayweather-Pacquiao fight could happen late May

Fight fans according to the LA Times, Floyd Mayweather's date change for his 90-day jail sentence may be the catalyst for a Pacquiao/Mayweather fight in May:

Dwight Howard to the Knicks? Warriors?

Trade rumors surrounding Dwight Howard have continued to surface around the NBA. Let's start with the Knicks. According to NBC's Donny Marshall, an ex-Celtics player and reporter for Comcast SportsNet New England, the Knicks have engaged in talks with the Magic in a trade that would see Dwight Howard go to New York in exchange for Amare Stoudemire, in hopes that Howard would sign an extension with New York after this season. 

The only problem with this trade is that there are questions about how the money logistics would work as Dwight's salary and Amare's salary don't match up. Also, over the free agency period the Knicks acquired what was believed to be their answer to the lack of defense this team has played over the years, Tyson Chandler. Are they already giving up on him this early in the season even though he's averaging 11 points and 7 rebounds a game, stats he has to split up with Amare?

There's so other buzz coming from Yahoo Sports' Adrian Wojanarski which states that Dwight Howard could possibly be going to the Warriors, the only dilemma is that the Magic may not be interested in that type of deal:

Golden State management is willing to take Howard as a one-season “rental,” with the hope of selling him on signing a long-term deal before he enters free agency this summer. Like most teams, Golden State has inquired with Orlando Magic general manager Otis Smith, but the Magic have yet to commit to aggressively pursuing a trade of Howard. 
For the Magic to become intrigued with package, two things would likely have to appeal to them: rebuilding around young point guard Stephen Curry; and the Warriors’ salary-cap space to absorb the three years and $34 million left on Hedo Turkoglu’s contract. The possibility of the pursuit could be complicated by questions about the sturdiness of Curry’s surgically repaired right ankle. The Warriors are willing to part with either of their two guards – Curry or Monta Ellis – but teams clearly will watch how Curry recovers from his recurring ankle sprains.
Why would Golden State want to rent him when they don't have much of a shot of winning a title this season? The Golden State situation would put him in the same situation he's in with Orlando right now, same types of pieces and role players which make a great NBA team but they would still need one more superstar to be considered title contenders. The Magic would be in their worst interests to trade away Dwight for Stephen Curry who has the potential to be a superstar but is too injury-prone to get value from him, here is a video of his 7 ankle sprains in the past 14 months.

It's also looking like Dwight to the Nets is dwindling according to RealGM after Jermaine Dupri promised that Dwight would be traded to the Nets on Twitter in 48 hours....That was 2 days ago, lol.

With rival executives doubting that the Magic would be interested in the Nets' offer of Brook Lopez and draft picks for Dwight Howard, it could be that Deron Williams is already frustrated in a losing situation in New Jersey. 
"I don't think he feels it there," said a person familiar with Williams and his tendencies. "I could see him saying, 'I've got all the money. I can go back to Dallas. That's my home.' I don't see any spunk in his game right now. He's going through the motions."
"What gives? Can someone tell me where the hell I'm going?"

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

NBA Roundtable Talk

Catch my NBA chat with Joseph Fafinski of Full Court Press Network as we dish on the latest NBA news and headlines and he gives us some scoop on Kris Humpries/Kim Kardashian (Like you aren't tired of hearing about that, lol)


Big Ben WILL Play Vs. Tebow's Broncos on Saturday

I never wish injury on anyone but it would be so great to not have Big Ben on the field, if my Ravens eventually have to face the Steelers in two weeks. I'm a Tebow believer for one week only, lol haha. Here's Yahoo's update on his injury:
Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger says he aggravated his sprained left ankle in 13-9 win at Cleveland last weekend but expects to play in the wild card game at Denver on Sunday.
Roethlisberger says he experienced a “setback” early in the third quarter but isn’t sure when it happened. He completed 23 of 40 passes for 221 yards while taking every snap.
Roethlisberger was limited in practice on Wednesday and walked into the trainer’s room afterward with a noticeable limp. He injured the ankle while beating the Browns on Dec. 8 and missed a 24-0 win over St. Louis on Christmas Eve before returning in the regular season finale.

Zach Randolph Will Be Out For 2 Months

The Memphis Grizzlies have just suffered on the biggest losses we've seen in this young NBA season. I thought the Spurs missing Manu was bad or the Lakers playing with a less than perfect injured Kobe was bad but this loss for the Grizzlies is gonna be big for a team that looked like they could be vieing for #1 in the West with the Thunder, Clippers, Lakers and Blazers. Randolph is the anchor of this team, shows up during the key moments of the game and was one of the reasons this team made their late run last year in the playoffs. He's going to be a leader that this young team is going to miss, those points and boards aren't gonna make up for themselves. Here's more from ESPN:
Memphis Grizzlies forward Zach Randolph is expected to miss six to eight weeks after tearing a ligament in his right knee. The 6-foot-9, 255-pound Randolph tore his right MCL in the first quarter of the Grizzlies' 104-64 loss Sunday at Chicago. Memphis announced the injury Wednesday, a day after an MRI revealed the injury. Randolph, 29, led the Grizzlies in scoring through the first four games of the season with an average 14.8 points, and had 7.5 rebounds per game. 
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