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One Sided Story Pro-Raila KTN Story Describing Kenya Post Election Violence

Operation Cast Land on YouTube

I ranted about Israel in my last post but i have 2 give them credit today they've hit the right targets in terms of places that Hamas is at. Check out the bombings of different Hamas gathering places. These were posted on YouTube by the Israeli gov't.

Here is where the YouTube channel is: http://www.youtube.com/user/idfnadesk

Here is a story from the French Press Agency

Israel posts video of Gaza air strikes on YouTube

WASHINGTON (AFP) — The Israeli military has launched its own channel on video-sharing website YouTube, posting footage of air strikes and other attacks on Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip.

The spokesman's office of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said it created the channel -- youtube.com/user/idfnadesk -- on Monday to "help us bring our message to the world."

The channel currently has more than 2,600 subscribers and hosts 10 videos, some of which have been viewed more than 26,000 times.

The black-and-white videos include aerial footage of Israeli Air Force attacks on what are described as rocket launching sites, weapons storage facilities, a Hamas government complex and smuggling tunnels.

One video shows what is described as a Hamas patrol boat being destroyed by a rocket fired from an Israeli naval vessel.

The IDF spokesman's office said that some of the videos it had posted to the channel had been removed by YouTube but were later reinstated.

"We were saddened earlier today that YouTube took down some of our exclusive footage showing the IDF's operational success in operation Cast Lead against Hamas extremists in the Gaza Strip," the IDF spokesman's office said.

"Fortunately, due to blogger and viewer support, YouTube has returned some of the footage they removed," it added.

YouTube, as a matter of policy, does not comment on individual videos.

Four days of intensive Israeli bombardment have killed several senior Hamas officials and reduced much of the Islamist movement's infrastructure in Gaza to rubble, but have failed to stop rocket fire into Israel.

Since the massive aerial attack was unleashed on Saturday, at least 373 Palestinians, including 39 children, have been killed and 1,720 wounded, according to Gaza medics.

Palestinian militants have also fired more than 250 rockets and mortar shells, killing four people inside Israel and wounding around two dozen more.

Soundoff: The Crisis in the Middle East

WTF is wrong with Israel? Israel has the right to defend itself from any types of attacks either verbally or physically and Barack Obama used a perfect example when he said that if anyone threatened the lives of his daughters he would everything in his power to make sure that their lives were never in danger, but to use that example, if Barack were to go and try to protect his daughter's lives by fighting people that have nothing to do with his daughters then his cause is a cause unworthy of praise or effort. It would be a cause gone astray because there would be no use of it happening in the first place. If Barack were to go and address people involved with the situation in the matters that were necessary then that would make total sense. So let's go to this situation in Israel. Hamas, for reasons unknown, decided to break it's truce and attack southern Israel with missiles. These missiles killed or injured many Israelite civilians. But let's remember that this is a terrorist group. OK, Israel and the rest of the world condemns the attacks by Hamas against Israel. Israel responds by saying that if these attacks do not stop then they will respond, the prime minister goes on Arabic television in Gaza and the West Bank and warns that Israel is stronger than Hamas and that Israel has such powerful arms that there could be a disaster could be started. The attacks do not stop so Israel does what is best for them and attacks Gaza and the West Bank back. Israel as I said before has the right to attack anyone who puts their citizens in danger because Israel wants their citizens to live in peace. BUT....let's stop there. Israel is attacking Hamas because HAMAS is the group that started this whole attack. But Israel does'nt immeadiatley attack HAMAS, they decide to attack innocent civilians which really gets me pissed off. When you decide to attack innocent people in mosques, random neighborhoods, schools, universities and HOSPITALS!!!!! then maybe, just maybe you should'nt be considered as a country but a terrorist group yourself, because instead of stepping up against Hamas and attacking HAMAS PROPERTIES, you decide to attack random places where people learn, and worship whoever their God is, that is totally unacceptable and you are basically stepping down to the same level as Hamas rather than being an example and attacking the places that need to be attacked. Do those little kids in the hospital who are just living their lives and might not even be aware of what's going on deserve to be persecuted in this way? Do they look like terrorists to you? And the worst thing about this is that after the kids have been injured by attacks that happen at their schools they go to hospitals where they are being treated and those HOSPITALS are under attack as well. COME ON ISRAEL, KEEP IN MIND EVEN THOUGH HAMAS DID THAT TO YOUR PEOPLE, THEY ARE A TERRORIST GROUP, YOU ARE A SOVEREIGN COUNTRY, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE, AND YOU ARE STRONGER THAN HAMAS WHICH MEANS YOU WILL HAVE MORE OF AN EFFECT WHEN YOU ATTACK THAN HAMAS WOULD!!!!! COME ON NOW!!! DON'T STEP DOWN TO HAMAS STEP UP! Israel probably has the 2nd or 3rd best intelligence team behind the US and Russia, and China is not far behind from Israel; anyway through your intelligence you should know where, not all, BUT majority of these terrorists are at. You should be able to define and understand their daily lives and know where they might be hiding in order to get them back, but instead of doing that, you decide to make a statement to the people, when the PEOPLE did absolutely nothing to you. Come on Israel! STEP UP!

I have noticed (and I'm not surprised) that many different media organizations have been biased in their coverage of these airstrikes occuring in Gaza. Western media organization i.e BBC, CNN, FOX, NBC, ITN, ABC, CBS etc. have been pro-Israel in all of their coverage. In the coverage of the attacks provided by Western media, they have shown the civilians that have been injured in the Gaza strip but have focused Hamas' failure to abide with the cease fire, in interviews with Palestinian officials, they have been holding officials from the Palestinian gov't and Hamas accountable for these attacks. For example on BBC World News, they conducted an interview with a Palestinian representative from the U.N., the anchorman mentioned that most of the world leaders have sided with Israel and asked why Palestine was holding themselves above international law, the rep responded that in a security council meeting at the UN in New York, everyone agreed with Palestine's rep that the ceasefire should continue and that the US in particular told Israel that while realizing that they have the right to defend themselves, that they should stop the ruthless attacks; the anchorman responded by saying that what goes on privately and publicly with US could be totally different and he noted that the outgoing and incoming administrations are both on Israel's side, the anchorman also appeared pretty angry while responding to the rep. I wish I had the video. In the Arab world, the bias is pro-Palestine, in particular Al-Jazeera English (which I have to admit in terms of international news coverage is better than BBC, CNN and everyone else, and with it's coverage of Africa is way better, and it is underrated) focused on the innocent people that have been wounded by these attacks, one boy was interviewed and said that he was waiting for his mom to pick him up from school when his school was attacked and he was wounded. I have been watching this channel for about a year now ever since the election crisis in Kenya occured (which had even coverage) and this is the first time that I can say that tey were a little biased, they tended to ask softball questions to the Palestinian officials while asking tough questions to the Israeli gov't officials, it was vice versa for the Western TV News organizations. The only place that has been even minded in my opinion has been a TV show on PBS called "Worldfocus". They were able to provide insight from both sides as well as bring in officials from both sides, reporters from both sides and professors to analyze the conflict, they also showed how the media around the world is covering the situation. I would definitley recommend it. Here is a link to yesterday's episode which was a special edition where the whole show was dedicated to the Gaza attacks from Israel.


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2 More YouTube Vids brought to you by AOL FanHouse

"The record speaks for itself" according to Marinelli, plans to watch film when he should be planning for a pink slip

As Tom Jackson would say if ESPN still let him do the segment, BIG BEN GOT JACKED UP! I would'nt be making fun of him if I didnt know if he was OK or not just wanna point that out

Key Moments During Week 17 brought to you by my favorite blog Awful Announcing

And they Call Chicago the Windy City?

Last Second Wins

Farve's Last Stint in the NFL

All 3 of these vids are from Awful Announcing and youtube user billygrayson

NFL Wild Card Games

Dolphins Stadium
Miami, FL
AFC Wild Card
Play By Play: Jim Nantz, Phil Simms

Philadelphia @ Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN
NFC Wild Card
Play By Play: Joe Buck, Troy Aikman
Sidelines: Pam Oliver

Atlanta @ Arizona
University of Phoenix Stadium
Phoenix, AZ
NFC Wild Card
Play By Play: Tom Hammond, Cris Collinsworth
Sidelines: Alex Flannagan or Tiki Barber or Jerome Bettis or NO SIDELINE REPORTERS

Indianapolis @ Winner of Den/SD
Qualacomm Stadium/INVESCO Field
Denver, CO/San Diego, CA
AFC Wild Card
Play by Play: Al Michaels, John Madden
Sidelines: Andrea Kreamer

As College Football Continues to Lack in Minority Coaches, NFL Gains: 49ers CONFIRM Singletary as Head Coach

Fox Sports and "The OT" confirm that the San Fransico 49ers will remove the interim status from Mike Singletary's title in the team, during their weekly locker room look-in's, which got them in trouble a couple of weeks ago with some explicit images from the Vikings locker room, a 49ers official announced to the players that Singletary will be the new head coach, "this will be the last time we play our last game in December" the official said before making the announcement. The players aroused in joy once the announcement was made and of course Mr. Singletary was all smiles. To confirm ESPN's reports from earlier this week even more, NBC's Bob Costas confirmed the report on "Football Night in America" and FoxSports.com Senior Writer Jay Glazer reported on "The OT" that Singletary could sign an 5 year extenstion as soon as tonight.

UPDATE: In what the Fox NFL Sunday crew has labeled as Black Monday, the firings have already started. Jay Glazer reports that Browns GM Phil Savage has been fired and Browns head coach Romeo Crenell will meet with owners tomorrow, which in my opinion means a pink slip, if you look down at my liveblog of the Jax-Ravens game; one of my projections is that a host of NFL coaches will be fired or forced to resign tomorrow

Radiers- Tom Cable
Cowboys- Wade Phillips
Browns- Romeo Crennel
Jets- Eric Mangini
Kansas City- Herm Edwards
Bengals- Marvin Lewis
(Confirmed by FOX's Glazer) Texans- Defensive Staff
Lions- Rod Marnelli
LONG SHOTS (Chance they could be fired or forced to resign)
Rams- Jim Haslett
Bills- Dick Jauron
Green Bay- Mike McCarthy
Texans- Gary Kubiak
San Diego- Norv Turner
Tampa Bay- Jon Gruden

Liveblogging Ravens-Jags

3rd Quarter Ravens-Jaguars Liveblogging

6:20 Troy Smith at QB
6:06 First Down Ravens! Eagles leading 34-3 over Dallas
5:20 Trick play Smith 2 Flacco and back to Smith, Smith has lots of blockers but falls down
4:40 Jets leading 17-14 over the Fins
4:07 McGahee gains nothing
3:37 3rd and 3 Flacco to McGahee incomplete
3:28 Field Goal- Stover GOOD! 27-7 Ravens
3:20 Commercial, stupid Burger King commercial, even stupider Honda commercial
3:16 DEFENSE! Jags First Down
0:00 Timeout- Baltimore, 4 seconds back on clock, punt, Ravens @ 40 yd. line Jax territory

4th Quarter

14:54 Flacco goes long, incomplete
14:01 Minnesota clinches NFC North, Philadelphia leading Dallas 44-3 w/ 4:29 left in the 3rd clinches NFC Wild Card spot a.k.a. #6 in the NFC, New England beats Buffalo clinches AFC East with Miami loss, if Miami wins, New England out of the Playoffs!! 12:57 Detroit goes 0-16!!!!! 14:00 in the 4th Miami winning 21-17 over New York Jets 11:52 3 and out Baltimore
10:28 Jax Sacco Against Flacco, in oter words Jax gets a sack on Flacco
9:40 Flacco to McGahee 4th and 7 Gain of 3

8:36? Seahawks losing 14-28 to the underacheiving Cards in the red zone

8:26 Ray Lewis is out resting, we could be getting a preview of the defense next yr. HOPEFULLY NOT!!!

5:40 FUMBLE!!! Ray Lewis recovers Ravens ball I thought they just said Ray was resting

Score Update

Cardinals 28-21 in the Red Zone

Redskins in the Red Zone, losing to the 49ers 17-24

Farve is 14-33, 195 yds.; Jets losing to Fins 24-17

'Boys losing Eagles 44-3, New Head Coach in Big D nxt yr. confirmed by Jessie Karangu (LOL)

2:25 Troy Williamson catches for 1st down, CBS is feeling sorry for the Jags right now, who I thought during the offseason would be a contender but ended up being a pretender


Sports, Media and More has some projections (not for Election 2012 lol)



More projections coming up

Playoffs-------- Indy vs. Den/SD; Ravens vs. Miami/NE



1:20 Some rookie from Toledo who got the ball for the first time this season went for 20

0:35 Edgar Jones, 1st NFL reception from Troy Smith What A Party!! LOL!


0:00 RAVENS WIN!!!!!!!

Baltimore 27 Jax. 7

4th Quarter Dolphins-Jets (NY officially out of the playoffs, Fins win= Ravens in playoffs, Fins loss= NE v. B'more in Boston Nxt Week

2:00 1-15 to 11-5, great story that will end next week with Ravens win

1:55 CBS after feeling sorry for the Jags reminscing (spelling error) on the money lost now that the New York Farves out of the Playoffs! Just when CBS was ready 2 take over for ESPN as the official home of Brett Farve. Les Moonves must be pissed, the worst morning show on TV, the worst evening news show on TV, and New England and the Farves outta the P'offs, OUT OF LUCK!!!

0:17 Baltimore 20-3 against Miami in 2001 the last time the Fins were in the playoffs, a rematch next week

0:00 RAVENS vs. DOLPHINS, Dolphin Stadium, TV and Time TBA, AFC Wild Card

Score Update

Patriots, after no-mercy win against Buffalo, second 11 win team since the Browns to miss P'offs

49ers beat the shocking Skins on last second FG, Skins expected 2 be playoff team

Jets lose to Dolphins, Fins play B'more in the Playoffs @ home next wk, lost to Baltimore @ home this season, won against Baltimore in only win last yr.

Brett Farve throws for 230 yds. in a loss, possibly his last game in outstanding career

Big Ben not ruled out of practice according to NBC's Jerome Bettis, "just a concussion", FYI Steelers beat Browns

44-7 Eagles, Worst loss in Cowboys history, who would U rather be underachieving Big D or worst team in NFL 0-16 D'Town?

Colts shut out Titans at home, Marvin Harrison passes Cris Carter on receptions list; behind Jerry Rice, Indy @ Den/SD Next Week

Panthers defeat Saints on last second field goal, clinch bye in NFC, Brees fails to break Marino's record

Falcons defeat St. Louis at home 27-31, fail to clinch bye due to Saints loss

Bears lose to Texans, out of the playoffs

A.P., Williams 'Roids Bros. (at heart) and the Vikings beat the Giants backups on last second field goal


My Favorite: This Season is the season for everyone to get revenge on T.O. (i.e. Ravens beat Dallas on national stage at the last game in Dallas Stadium, remember T.O. got traded to the Ravens from SanFran and T.O. requested another trade; Donovan McNabb and the Eagles take T.O. and the drama at Big D out of the playoffs, remember that T.O. did'nt save any drama that he decided to cause in Philly for his baby mama because he does'nt have a baby mama.)

Or maybe he does Tony Romo....????


T.O. is gone from Dallas next year via Trade

Chad Johnson or T.J. is gone from the Bengals, if it's Johnson then he's gone via trade or buyout, if it's T.J., he signs with the Ravens

Cowboys have a new head coach

Wade Phillips fired TOMORROW!

A number of NFL coaches will be fired TOMORROW!

Jason Garrett leading candidate but not lock as the next head coach of Cowboys

OK it's 7:40 pm eastern time and I'm done live-blogging it was a great experience, i did it out of the blue this was not planned, i just wanted to experiment with it and I think the big boys (ie Awful Announcing, Deadspin, AOL Fanhouse) would be happy with my rookie work as a liveblogger; I'm just going to be flipping through FOX "The OT", ESPN "SportsCenter: NFL Special" and NBC "Football Night in America"; at 8 i'll eat dinner while watching the Broncos face the Chargers in San Diego, i'll be rooting for the Broncos, but whoever can beat the Colts at home nxt week is who I'm really hoping will win. C' YA!

-Jessie K.

God Bless. God is Love. Stay Breezy. Stay Cool. Peace. HAPPY NEW YEAR! And Adios!

Liveblogging the Ravens-Jags games via Twitter

jmkcool2002 7:20 left in the 3rd quarter Ravens lead 24-7 over the Jags from web

jmkcool2002 BUTTER FINGERS!!!!! from web

jmkcool2002 How about dem Ravens, Jax goes 3 and out, they're going 4 4th down from web

jmkcool2002 2nd and 9 8:26 in the 3rd quarter, Bart Scott misses a sack, he hasnt had a good season from web

jmkcool2002 BOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from web

jmkcool2002 Finally Harbaugh, after all the plays all season that he hasnt challenged (ie Steelers game) he realizes that he is wearing a red flag LOL from web

jmkcool2002 That was a fumble!!!! Come on ref from web

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Beating the Odds: Interview with Eastern Tech's head football coach for school newspaper unedited

Beating the Odds: Interview with the Coach



Baltimore, (Tech Times/ Maverick Express) October 18th, 2008---- This week I spoke with the head football coach at Eastern Tech Marc Mesaros about the upcoming football season next school year as well as this year’s program that beat the odds and made it all the way to the state championships. Keep in mind that the answers are all paraphrased and not word for word or verbatim (as a member of the ET staff loves to say).


J.K.: What are the future plans for the football team?

Coach: What do you mean?

J.K.: Where do you guys see yourselves going next season?

Coach: Well we have a tough schedule coming up next season; we’re playing Milford Mill, Kenwood, Hereford, and Patuxent, a tough team from southern Maryland, we have that going as well as the fact that we are losing 12 starters this year. Although, what I can say about Eastern Tech kids is that they never give up, we lost 12 starters last season and nobody thought we would make it this far so we’ll see how it goes next season.

J.K.: Why do you believe your team was able to go to 2 straight state championships?

Coach: Work ethic, we’ve outworked a lot of teams and a lot of people.

J.K.: I agree, the thing that sticks out to me is dedication.

Coach: Well, your right and you can’t play in this program without that (dedication).

J.K.: What do you believe was the biggest factor in your loss to River Hill?

Coach: I think River Hill was on a mission, they had a size advantage over us even though Darian Conners ran for 88 yds. And you also have to keep in mind that they had 4 Division 1 players in the backfield and that more college kids are coming through over there, people like Mike Campanaro, their starting QB, he’s headed to Wake Forest so I think those were some big factors in the loss.

J.K.: Do you ever see the day here at E.T. where we have Division 1 recruiters coming here to recruit players?

Coach: Well, it’s already happening, of course I don’t want to get into the specifics but when a team starts winning ball games people wonder how they are able to win so much which will cause more people to come and see what’s going on here at Eastern.

J.K.: What was it like coaching on the same field, the Baltimore Ravens play on?

Coach: It was great and I had a pretty good time.

J.K.: I thought you hate the Ravens?

Coach: Let’s put it this way the Ravens will always be the Browns to me, I like what Rex Ryan is doing with his defense but I’ll always love my Black and Gold.

(Laughs from me thinking of how the Steelers will bust out of the playoffs in the second round, anyway LOL)

J.K.: OK, What is your viewpoint on the Maryland high school football scene?

Coach: I believe it’s underrated, I mean yeah some teams may not be as strong as say teams in Florida, Texas, Ohio or California but I think that there are a lot of good squads around here. I’m coaching in a high school football all-star game, practicing at the University of Maryland College Park and in my opinion the best kids here would be the best kids anywhere.

J.K.: How has the exposure of high school football in this area via Digital Sports, Comcast Cable affected your recruiting? (In public schools they don’t recruit for players like private high schools or colleges, philosophies of many public schools is that if you can get in academic wise you have what it takes athletic wise)

Coach: A lot of kids have shown interest in playing for Eastern which is great but it’s about education first, you don’t get into Eastern just because you’re a good football player, you have to be good on the academic side of things as well. The exposure has also helped increase our profile which is always good.

J.K.: Finally, how do you believe a national high school football championship should be decided? The way it is now via website rankings/mythical championship (i.e. Rivals.com, Scout.com, ESPN.com etc.) or a national playoff?

Coach: Look, with a national playoff  it ruins the mystic, you would have to add another say 2 weeks onto the season, on top of that you have 2-3 hours of practice each day, travel schedules are out of whack, when do you ever have time to be a kid? How would you decide which state champions go and which stay, would you have another in-state playoff with say River Hill and Dunbar, which would mean more added on weeks, and if you don’t do that and you decide to just send some random team wouldn’t still be mythical, it would be just like the BCS system where there are some questions left unanswered. Too many agendas on the table for that kind of situation, you know what I mean?

J.K.: Yeah, I agree, with a playoff there would be even more of a mess than the BCS, anyways coach thanks for the interview, I really appreciate it.

Coach: You’re welcome anytime Jessie.




So there you have it, seems like the Eastern Tech football program is on the right track, they plan on beating the odds and believe that they can beat anybody any given FRIDAY! Coach kind of caught me off guard with the Steelers trash-talking, I mean the Steelers are probably the most vulnerable team in the NFL, if you can’t stop them in the 4th quarter (which both the Ravens and Cowboys over the past two weeks have failed to do) then you will beat them. Anyways, thanks to Mr. Mesaros for the interview. GO MAVS! GO RAVENS!











Jessie Karangu

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MY 30th POST!


Well this is my 30th post ever on this blog so congrats to me LOL I've updated my blog so that to your left you can see my twitter updates whenever I twitter online. You can find out what I'm doing or what I'm ranting on all the time. For example right now I am putting the finishing touches to my homework and praying that Tex comes to town permanently and not just Christmas (i.e. Mark Texiaria signs with the O's) ESPN has so much erraneous reporting going on these days with the Cowboys as you know, and the O's, according to Dan Connolly of the Sun.

"ESPN.com reported today that the Orioles were likely out of the Teixeira sweepstakes unless the player was willing to offer a major hometown discount.Although some within the Orioles organization privately say they are not confident that they'll land Teixeira, the most sought-after bat in this year's market, MacPhail wouldn't characterize his club's chances or wave a white flag."Until we are told he is signing somewhere else, I don't think you can take yourself out of it," he said.The ESPN.com report comes a day after ESPN reported that Teixeira had an "enormous attraction" to the Orioles."

Come on ESPN make up your mind!!!

Story: http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/baseball/bal-orioles1217,0,3564313.story

Stay Breezy.
Stay Cool.
God Bless.
God is Love.
Peace. And


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Wizards 107, Pistons 94
Butler leads Wizards over slumping Pistons
Washington SF scores 33; Dixon adds 16 points, seven assists
By Joseph White The Associated Press
10:04 PM EST, December 9, 2008

Washington's Caron Butler (left) defends Detroit's Allen Iverson during the second quarter. Butler led the Wizards with 33 points. (AP photo / December 9, 2008)
WASHINGTON - Caron Butler scored his expected 33 points, Juan Dixon added an unexpected 16, Darius Songaila got a surprising 15, and the Washington Wizards overcame a miserable start to rally for a 107-94 victory Tuesday night over the redesigned lineup of the Detroit Pistons.After a lifeless 1½ quarters in which the Wizards dug themselves a 17-point hole, they suddenly came to life to outscore the Pistons by 28 over the final 29 minutes.Songaila, Dixon (season-high points, seven assists), Dominic McGuire (3-for-3, six points), Andray Blatche (eight points, five rebounds), and Nick Young (nine points) all provided inspired play off the bench, and all the Washington starters not named Butler combined to score only 15 points.The Wizards improved to 3-5 under interim coach Ed Tapscott, while the Pistons have lost four of five and dropped to 7-9 since the trade for Allen Iverson. Iverson started at shooting guard Tuesday night but he wasn't much of a factor, scoring 13 points.
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2008-'09 Wizards Photos
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Richard Hamilton scored a season-high 29 points, Rasheed Wallace added 19, and new starting point guard Rodney Stuckey had 10 points and 11 assists for the Pistons.Detroit debuted a new lineup featuring Stuckey at the point, with Iverson moved to No. 2 guard, Hamilton moved to small forward, Tayshaun Prince moved to power forward and Wallace moved to center. Center Kwame Brown was demoted to the bench and didn't even play.The moves were designed to jump-start a Pistons attack that had fallen to 22nd in the NBA in scoring. They appeared to pay immediate dividends, with Detroit racing to leads of 9-0 and 27-12. Wallace scored nine of the Pistons' first 11 points, followed by 14 of 16 from Hamilton, and the arena became as dormant as the Wizards' defense.Washington trailed by 36-19 in the second quarter, but Butler and Songaila led a 15-3 run that cut the deficit to 46-43 at the half. Tapscott rewarded subs Songaila and Dixon by starting them in the second half in place of JaVale McGee and Dee Brown.Songaila scored six straight Wizards points during one stretch in the third quarter, and Dixon began an 11-0 run with a jumper. Blatche's putback dunk gave Washington its first lead of the game, and a 6-0 spurt at the end of the period put the Wizards ahead 74-68 headed into the fourth.The Wizards have blown plenty of leads during their 4-15 start, but they didn't let the Pistons come closer than four points in the fourth quarter. Hamilton cut the lead to 92-88 with a jumper with 2:37 to play, but Songaila responded with a layup and the Wizards held on from there.Notes: Pistons F/C Antonio McDyess, who was re-signed by Detroit earlier in the day, played 25 minutes and scored nine points. He was traded to Denver in Iverson- Chauncey Billups trade and released by the Nuggets. "You could notice the difference without him. That was a big part of losing him in that trade," Pistons coach Michael Curry said. "The things he brought to the table were sorely missed." ... Hamilton and Wallace were both called for technicals for fussing at the officials. ... The game was played with just two referees after Phil Robinson became sick.

Growth of Kenya Economically (Its Amazing) + Some Music




Deitrick Haddon - "I'm Alive"

Mary Mary- Get Up


One more website to check out for all your Orioles Winter Meetings Rumors 24/7 + Update on ME!


UPDATE on my life: Sup whats good i'm just here chilling, just finished my homework, about to go to bed i'm very tired, i have no news, i'm blessed to see each day and be counted among the living, i have a huge project due Friday that I need to boost my grade, I started on it but have'nt finished it. (if u know me i think everything is huge, this project is only worth like 20 points lol) Hopefully I can do some more radio shows soon when I have time. Anyways hit me up anytime @ jmkcool2002@yahoo.com. Peace and blessings. G2G TTYL GOD WILLING C U L8ER.

God is Love.
Stay Breezy.
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Review of the NFL season after Week 14

The NFL playoffs are just 3 weeks away and teams, coaches and players are going wild and crazy trying to find a way to win each and every Sunday. Last year we had the fascinating story of the dominance of the New England Patriots but this season there is no overachieving team that everyone knows is destined to make it to the Super Bowl or win it, on any given Sunday anyone can lose and hurt their playoff chances or hurt their momentum going into the playoffs just ask the 1968-1969 Baltimore Colts. For some teams like the Baltimore Ravens and the Dallas Cowboys its win or stay home, they both sit at number 6 in their respective conferences or in other terms the last wild card teams to make the playoffs. Both teams have difficult games to play to cap off their season including playing each other on the only Saturday night football game of the regular season, which could possibly be the last home game for the Cowboys in Texas Stadium depending on their playoff standings. For other teams its win and make sure you have no injuries entering the playoffs. Teams looking at it at this stance include the hated Pittsburgh Steelers, with a 10-3 record and the number 2 seed in the AFC and the Tennessee Titans, who tried to create their own pursuit for perfection but were upset by the New York Farves (Jets) which caused them to fall to 10-1. They are now in a close race with Pittsburgh for the number 1 spot in the AFC and home field advantage. The New York Giants are another team with this perspective, they are 11-2 after falling to the Eagles at the Meadowlands, and they just lost Plaxico Burress this week for the entire season due to his off-the-field issues, hopefully the team can go on without him but keep in mind that without Mr. Burress and some key plays that revolved around him during the playoffs and the Super Bowl, Eli Manning might not have joined his brother as one of only 2 Mannings around the world to hoist championship rings. Finally there are the teams that are just waiting until the draft next June and keeping a close eye on the BCS to see some future players they may be competing against on their team or on other squads. Those are teams in the cellar like Oakland, Kansas City, Seattle, San Francisco and Detroit. Absolutely no surprises there, but there were two teams that were real disappointments this year, this includes the Jacksonville Jaguars, who are on the outside looking in with a 4-9 record which is the 4th worst record in the AFC. The Jags had everything going for them, a great running tandem in Maurice Jones-Drew and Fred Taylor, a successful quarterback in David Garrard, a consistent offensive line giving Garrard more time at the pocket and an addition in the wide receiver position via free agency with the underrated Jerry Porter who came from the disgruntled Raiders. To top all that, during the playoffs they were able to come out of Heinz Field defeating the Steelers and they came out during the regular season with surprise wins against the reigning AFC South champs in the Indianapolis Colts. But one thing led to another and all hell broke loose, instead of the offense wearing different defenses down, the defenses of different teams began to notice offensive tactics quick which lead to losses, a decreased time of possession during the games and a tired defense who was on the field majority of the game. Put that together with WR Matt Jones getting caught with coke, and offensive tackle Richard Collier becoming paralyzed from the waist down after a shooting and you have an underachieving south Florida football team. Another disappoint this season is the San Diego Chargers who just came 2 wins away from winning it all. The Chargers are likely to be eliminated from playoff contention in the next 2 weeks due to the surprise in Mile High with the Broncos. The Charge of America’s Finest City were filled with injuries including their best player on defense in Shawne Merriman as well as a not so hot LaDanian Tomlinson and a not 100% Philip Rivers. The lose of key free agents of Michael Turner, Lorenzo Neal and Shane Olivea was another factor and at the beginning of the season in training camp, tensions were flying high amongst all the players due to last year’s playoff lose to the Patriots, the lack of a leader to lead them to the promised land after Shawne Merriman’s injury and the lack of a player to step up as a leader during their difficult times through the course of the season. They were expected to be in the Super Bowl and to be one of the teams to take advantage of an injured Tom Brady and a shockingly inconsistent (until recently) Peyton Manning but they were never able to get over the hump, get off the fence and hop over the border. Despite the many disappoints and positives that fill this interesting and intriguing season players still have to remember that there is a lot of football to be played and that even though the numbers behind the teams that they play at the end may not be good, these are still NFL professional football teams, every single team in the National Football League is a team to be reckoned with and not a team to be treated like a mid-major or an amateur team. At least we can draw one conclusion; it’s not a good time to be playing college or pro football in California.

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