Tuesday, December 9, 2008

One more website to check out for all your Orioles Winter Meetings Rumors 24/7 + Update on ME!


UPDATE on my life: Sup whats good i'm just here chilling, just finished my homework, about to go to bed i'm very tired, i have no news, i'm blessed to see each day and be counted among the living, i have a huge project due Friday that I need to boost my grade, I started on it but have'nt finished it. (if u know me i think everything is huge, this project is only worth like 20 points lol) Hopefully I can do some more radio shows soon when I have time. Anyways hit me up anytime @ jmkcool2002@yahoo.com. Peace and blessings. G2G TTYL GOD WILLING C U L8ER.

God is Love.
Stay Breezy.
Stay Cool.

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