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London Police are crazy, and so are the ladies over there too.

SMH, look at how happy that cop is tryna get a swirl in, SMH, these are the cops that are suppose to be protecting us LMAO, where is Dr. Phil counseling when you need him, HAHA!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Baltimore 17
New York (Giants) 3
It's only preseason but "The Raven has landed"
DONT BE SHOCKED if Houston wins their division & NO I'm not drinking the preseason Koolaid LOL! Super Bowl losers don't do well the next yr.

Friday, August 27, 2010

UPDATE on Nicki Minaj = Mrs. Drake? it definitely looks like a publicity stunt/inside joke. In the past as MTV points out, Drake has admitted that he's been crushing on Nicki and her swag, but reps from Young Money, Universal Records as well as their personal PR teams have all DENIED the rumor. So what are some reasons they could have been doing this publicity stunt? Now this is all speculation but....

1. There was word on the street that Drizzy and C. Breezy aka BET Awards Kleenex dude were beefing because of Drizzy supposedly dating RiRi, but now they've made up and I guess didn't want the media covering their new "bromance"

2. Drake is trying to get his music video views up for "Miss Me" which as we mentioned before has a reference to Nicki.

3. Drake and Nicki had a bet on how much attention their "supposed marriage" would get?

IDK, that's it on the Drake-Nicki updates unless something major happens, I'm a sports blogger not an entertainment reporter LMAO!

God bless, be breezy... Check out the original report by clicking here

Nicki Minaj = Mrs. Drake?

According to Drizzy Drake and Nicki on their Twitter pages, they have made it official; if it's true, this would be the biggest mega-hip-hop couple since Jay-Z and Beyonce. But, I think it's a publicity stunt, just like Robin and Malik on "The Game" LMAO! At least, I wouldn't be shocked.... For more info, click here.

Fast Forward to 1:25 where he talks about getting married to Nicki in his newest song "Miss Me"



From Yahoo Sports:
Carmelo Anthony wants out of Denver, and Worldwide Wes delivered that message to the Nuggets with all the delicacy of a jackhammer at Sunday morning services. Do yourself a favor and trade him, the agent told the organization weeks ago.

Here, in my opinion, are some of the possible destinations Melo could land.

NETS - Carmelo is hailed in the Baltimore community as a native, and although he grew up in BMore, Melo was born in Brooklyn, NY; the same place the Nets plan on moving in a couple of seasons. Now the Nets have the pieces available to trade for Melo but it's what they leave on the team to supplement Melo that could be an issue. An advantage the Nets have is that they are stockpiled with draft picks for years to come, but if Denver is smart, then they probably are going to be willing to give up Melo unless there is a package that includes Devin Harris, Derrick Favors or Brook Lopez or at least two of them. The Nets are faced with this question:

If we trade our future for Melo, are we closer to winning a championship? The answer to that, is a resounding NO!

Now, if they pull out a trade with just one of those big 3 leaving together with draft picks and then bring in Melo, the whole story changes but if you trade 2 out of 3 or all 3 of those players who are the cornerstone of your squad, you are bound to be exactly like the Cavaliers, a great regular season team but a TERRIBLE playoff team. Although, it would be great story if Melo brought a championship to his OTHER hometown.

BOBCATS - The Charlotte Bobcats are owned by the greatest basketball player ever known to man in Michael Jordan, who already has a previous relationship with Melo because Melo is signed with Nike, but specifically together with D-Wade on the Jordan brand. If Melo was traded to the NC, he would have a Hall-of-Famer coach in Larry Brown who could teach him so many more skills and give him way better advice than George Karl ever could considering all of Brown's accomplishments in the pro's and collegiately. The 'Cats have a great mix of young and old guys and have alot of salary cap space which makes them flexible with Denver.

Gerald Wallace would most likely be gone if this trade were to go down, and a potential combo of Stephen Jackson and Carmelo Anthony could be explosive. Jackson has superstar basketball skills to be a perennial threat, if he's not distracted and not getting into trouble with the refs, we clearly saw that with the Dallas-Golden State series in 2007. The only problem is that the Miami Heat are in the same division and conference as the Bobcats. With the agenda hopefully being about winning championships, would Melo be a good fit with the Bobcats? NO! Also, although trading him to Charlotte would provide alot of financial relief for Denver, there are not that many attractive pieces on the Bobcats roster that could help the Nuggets move on.

So, as of right now, what is the best place for 'Melo to go that also suites Denver in the compensation they get back?

Here's why.....

1. They have enough pieces that could be traded away and kept that will compensate both sides of the table well. Let's say they trade Eric Gordon, Chris Kaman and a 1st rounder for 'Melo; you still have a talented rookie guard in Eric Bledsoe, who was just as good but not noticed as much when he was in Kentucky with John Wall; Baron Davis, a point guard who can take over games and dish the ball out when he needs to; a growing forward in DeAndre Jordan, who has raw talent and experience as a starter; Blake Griffin, a talented center who is athletic and is not afraid to shoot, and a bunch of veteran role players who can step in when needed. There is no guarantee that those will be the exact pieces traded but L.A. is deep with many pieces that they can give up and pieces that they can keep to supplement 'Melo.

2. Lala Vasquez wants the spotlight and fame of being a basketball wife and already has an entertainment career of her own that started on MTV, where else can you gain fame than in L.A.?

3. When you do well, the fans WILL show up (even at Clipper games); we saw this already in 2007 when they ironically hosted Denver in a playoff series.

4. East coasters will stay up to watch you play, just because your in L.A., where all the stars are, and where they will show up when you start winning ball games, because nobody cares about Denver.

5. No competition in the West except for the Lakers (and maybe all 3 teams in Texas?), and alot of people say "Anything is possible, if you put your mind to it"

6. This is going to be Melo's team, unlike Miami, Melo is going to have his own team, but with pieces that will actually help you out and have alot of room to grow, it's almost like Denver 2.0.

The Clippers are a playoff team right now, but would be a big contender if they got Melo + LaLa is happy with being in Hollywood + Melo has more people watching him + Denver has some great pieces in place and doesn't need to rebuild = WIN-WIN SITUATION
Wow, that sucks! Stephen Strausburg's career might be over, SMH; he's getting Tommy John Surgery aka the pitcher killer.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"How many feet are in a yard?" "12" "That's a helluva 100 yd. dash" LMAO! HardKnocks HBO

Sunday, August 22, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: According to Tim Cowlishaw, Revis Island and the Jets agree to a deal, announcement on Wednesday

BREAKING NEWS: Darrelle Revis and the Jets agree to a deal

That is according to ESPN's "Around the Horn" panelist and writer for the Dallas Morning News' Tim Cowlishaw, on his Twitter page; props to Black Sports Online for the pic, terms of the deal haven't been "leaked" or released yet and no official word has come out yet from the major networks (NFLN, ESPN, FOX, CBS, NBC etc.), the Revis camp or the Jets:

Friday, August 20, 2010


FACT CHECK (from an ABC News article):

On the heels of a new poll suggesting that nearly one in five Americans incorrectly believes that President Obama is a Muslim, one of the nation's most prominent evangelical leaders has weighed in with a seemingly lukewarm endorsement of the president's Christian faith.

The Rev. Franklin Graham waded into the discussion with his own controversial explanation of why people wrongly believe the president is a Muslim. Graham, who prayed with Obama in a session with his father, Billy Graham, earlier this year, was asked whether he has any doubts about Obama's self-avowed Christian faith.

"I think the president's problem is that he was born a Muslim, his father was a Muslim. The seed of Islam is passed through the father like the seed of Judaism is passed through the mother. He was born a Muslim, his father gave him an Islamic name,"

Graham told CNN's John King in a televised interview that aired Thursday night.

The president himself has written that his father, Barack Obama Sr., was already a confirmed atheist by the time he was born. His father divorced his mother when Obama was 2 years old, and he had little contact with his father during his childhood.


As a Christian, Franklin Graham's comments towards President Obama make me understand why the amount of followers of Christianity is declining. The spreading of misinformation and division is definitely NOT what my religion stands for. We stand for love, peace, unity, forgiveness and FACTS. Do not be mislead by people like Mr. Graham. The White House said it best (and I'm paraphrasing); His father is a peacemaker while he seems to stand for division.

BUT....let's say their was a Muslim whether Arabic, White or Black (because Muslim is NOT a race) who wanted to run for president to make a positive impact on our nation while imposing the beliefs that ALL religions share of unity, peace and love while at the same time not necessarily forcing Americans to conform to one belief and realizing that although we are all different in religion, race etc. we are all still Americans, can you tell me what's wrong with that?? What is so heinous about having a Muslim-American president in future or an Arabic-American president no matter what religion a potential Arabic-American candidate would be? As long as I still have the right to serve my God and still go about practicing my Christian religion, I don't see the problem with that (unless we have political differences, but that is a whole different story; I'm finding reasons to endorse him because of his policies NOT his race!). When you openly discriminate against your OWN people (because Muslim-Americans and Arab-Americans are STILL AMERICANS, and as Americans we stand TOGETHER); do not be surprised when they take comfort in being a part of an extremist, radical and spun version of Islam which does not correlate with the real practices and values of Islam. You are rejecting your own people while someone else who wants to make Jihad in America accepts them with open hands, WHAT THE HELL DO YOU EXPECT!!!

Now back to the Obama. Do not be surprised by the amounts of people who STILL think you are Muslim, when your administration has failed to take over and decide the what the national conversation is. Instead you let right-wing bloggers, conspiracy theorists, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Fox News spew out incorrect facts and opinions as facts whenever they want. Yes, they have the right to say whatever they want through the 1st Amendment, but you need to put up a STRONG ATTACK AGAINST ALL OF THESE INACCURACIES or you will be a ONE-TERM PRESIDENT and even worse than Jimmy Carter.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

CNN's Ali Velshi on the Partisan Climate we are in full of MISINFORMATION instead of IDEAS

Saying what I have been saying about this mosque issue for the past couple of weeks with the OKC bombing example and made a good point about how our society has sadly become prone to misinformation!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Yes, finally the War in Iraq is over; one of the worst wars, if not, the worst war in American and world history. Our country lacks bipartisanship BUT I GUARANTEE there is bipartisanship in the fact that this war was fought for no reason and that it has lowered America's status around the world; politically, culturally, financially and socially. President Bush, sorry to say, and the rest of his administration will live with the blood of innocent American troops who were killed in this careless war. I posted this on Facebook and Twitter as my status, and their was no reaction, sadly Americans do not care about war anymore because we are all tired of hearing the bad news. THANK GOD IT'S OVER! At least the combat troop action, that is.

We still have a long way to go, so we can't get too excited because now we have to make the "transition" from combat fights to civilian control. The troops will then be transferred to a war that is EVEN WORSE in Afghanistan, so this "War on Terrorism" is nothing but over. Let's pray for peace in the Middle East, stability in Iraq and Iran, and a debilitation of any agents of terrorism that are trying to ruin the world in Afghanistan or anywhere else around the world. Good luck Iraq on staying as a prominent democracy in the Middle East.

BTW, BIG PROPS 2 MSNBC, NBC NEWS, Richard Engel and that whole team for the best coverage on cable television.

God bless the troops, God bless the USA and God please bring world peace and unity.

UPDATE 8:07PM: It's been edited, I had major errors lol

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Brett Favre's website redirects u 2 the Vikings official website, the egotistical 40 yr old QB held up the Vikes 4 nothin, he's coming back!

Monday, August 16, 2010

JMK's Old School Soft Rock Song of the Day

Before P. Diddy performed a remixed rendition to this song during the MTV VMA's in memory of Notorious B.I.G. there was this song....

Every Breath You Take - Sting & The Police

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Say a Prayer for Stafon Johnson

>>>>BECOME A FAN OF MY SPORTS NEWS ALERT PAGE ON FACEBOOK @; this is from the fan page<<<<<

Remember that guy from USC who had the freak weight training accident, his name was Stafon Johnson, he is now a running back for the Titans and signed as a free agent; last night they played Pete Carroll's (former USC coach) Seattle Seahawks in a preseason game and blew out his knee, really bad luck for him and really, really bad irony. Say a prayer for him before you go to bed.

Philippians 4:13: "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"

UPDATE @ 12:37AM: According to reporters on Twitter, the Titans have said that Johnson has a dislocated ankle, no word yet on how long he's going to be out or if he's even going to be out in the first place.

Did you miss this week's Hard Knocks: New York Jets

zSHARE video - Hard.Knocks.S06E01.HDTV.XviD-aAF.flv

Watch Online / Download

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Tryna get Nick Cannon on my radio show, OH SNAP!
Troy Smith at the helm now;
Carolina 3 Baltimore 10 3rd Quarter 14:47
Carolina 0 Baltimore 10 2nd Quarter 11:48
Shayne Graham- FG; Flacco to Clayton TD
OPINION: We need help w/ secondary ASAP!

Great Summer 2010 Mix

What are you doing to make the world a better place?


I just read this letter from Terrence J of BET's 106 and Park; last week he and a bunch of his homies went to Haiti for an experience of a lifetime. He went to help out, and as he was helping he asked himself the same question I am personally asking myself and asking you: What are you doing to make the world a better place? His quest to make the world a better place, inspires me to do my best to help out when I can. He says it in his letter, you don't have to be Oprah, Bill Gates or Brangelina and have a whole bunch of money and adopt a bunch of kids. One small token can pay big dividends and make a huge difference in someone's life. I hope you are inspired just as I was watching the following video and reading this letter.

Her sweet voice was originally what caught my attention as she walked by us on a Port Au Prince street singing Justin Beiber’s “Baby”. In the midst of such destruction and chaos, here 15-year-old Sophia was, plowing forward, taking odd jobs to support herself and her four year old brother and providing them shelter and food. Never could I have guessed that just six months ago she had lost both of her parents, and had been trapped under rubble for three days in the January earthquake that rocked Haiti.

Meeting Sophia last week made me realize just how blessed my life really is. And while I talk about issues on TV and preach to others to go out and make a difference, lately I’ve been asking myself, what am I really doing to make the world a better place?

I just got back from a three day trip to Haiti with four of my friends to see firsthand the hardship compounded by the devastation from the earthquake, lend a hand where we could, and figure out what we could do on a larger scale going forward.

The trip was nothing short of life changing. I thought I had seen poverty before, but what we saw in Haiti was on a whole different level. In a country of 9 million people, over 1.5 million (that’s 17% of the population!) were displaced by the earthquake, and the widespread damage has not much improved in the last six months.

Close to one million people are now living in extremely cramped conditions called “tent cities” all over Haiti without basic human needs – shelter, food, clean water, and the ones we take for granted – bathrooms, showers, clothing and beds.

The stalls in the cities reserved for bathing are hotbeds for rape and there are no outhouses so people just go to the bathroom right out in the open next to where they sleep. According to the directors of the tent cities whom we spoke with, there has been no food and water relief from the government and many people are starving. One of many heart breaking moments came when a pregnant woman approached us for food and we had to turn her away because we had passed out all the granola bars and trail mixes we had brought from the States. The look of defeat in her face will stay with me forever.

We drove to a plot of land three hours outside of the capital to help a private citizen named Annie from California to build two model homes, and teach the people in that tent city to build their own going forward. Like the old saying goes, “give a man a fish and he’ll eat for one night, but teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for life” However, the building supplies she shipped were being held at a port in customs. The main boss at the port was looking for a payoff and whatever she was offering clearly wasn’t enough. As a matter of fact, a lot of the supplies and aid that people have sent down for relief is being held in containers in customs, basically for ransom. As if an already poor country getting hit by a major earthquake wasn’t enough, on top of it many well intentioned relief efforts aren’t even making it to the people in need because of the blatant corruption.

There is so much to be done and I’ve been asking myself what some bigger next steps can be. So next week I'll be taking some time off 106 to travel back to Haiti and also to Europe to meet with UN leaders and ambassadors to better understand how we can help from a global perspective. One thing I can do in the interim is reach out to people via forums like this to challenge you to try to make a difference in your own communities. With a roof, food, clean water, and clothes on our backs we are more fortunate than millions. If you are reading this online you are one of the privileged. Please ask yourself, what are you giving back to the world for your blessings? You don’t have to be Oprah, Wyclef, or Angelina Jolie to make a positive impact on others. If it’s making an extra sandwich and giving it to the homeless person you always see on the subway, or volunteering with children whose parents can’t afford tutoring, you and your friends can create your own personal missions if you just try.

And take my word for it, whatever you give, whatever you donate, your interaction with people less fortunate than you will make your life that much richer. I went on this trip to help the people of Haiti, but came back feeling like they helped me. I am a better person today than I was last week. Before I did things for money, I did them for fame, I did them for the "look." Today, I’m doing this for the Sophia's of the world. Join me...
Terrence J

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

(If ur watchin' 106 on BET) Wow, @terrencej106 going deep; that inspires me to make a difference in my community

Monday, August 9, 2010

Darrelle Revis to the Ravens?

With all the controvorsey going on with the Darrelle Revis/Jets dispute, could the Ravens be picking him up in a trade for draft picks. They do need help with their secondary, right?

Well according to Aaron Wilson of the National Football Post on Twitter.....

@RavensInsider @jmkcool2002 Nope, makes no sense for the Jets. Just because they're in a dispute with Revis doesn't make them desperate or stupid

My VERY SHORT, "exclusive" interview with A.J. Daulerio, founder of Deadspin

So I'm Facebook friends with him and I asked him like 2 questions about the Brett Favre saga that his website Deadspin has been the center of controversy of. Their is no breaking news here, but hopefully I'll get him on my radio show soon.


sup just wanted 2 say that i love the blog


Than you very much. Appreciate it.


no prob man it's funny as hell especially this brett favre mess hahahaha lmao i feel bad 4 the girl, but brett kinda deserves it lmao


Yeah, me too. Story was too hilarious to sit on for too long.


have u been in contact with her since u posted it, do u think shes gonna talk about it on the daily line?


I have no idea. Radio silence from her on my end.


oh ok cool, i know ur a busy guy so im goin 2 let u go, would love 2 have u on my radio show ttyl

Dey call me Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, African boy dat like Chips A'Hoy, one nation under God, getting rich makin money on dat Forbes tomar

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It must be good 2 be prez, Obama played hoops with Magic, Melo, LeBron, Wade, Paul and Bill Russell as a b-day gift. Thats not fair, LMAO!

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Tweet of the day from ME: @jmkcool2002

As u know Jerry Rice and Emmitt Smith are being enshrined into the HOF, Rumor has it that Bill Walsh is going to...

Have You Missed any episodes of Degrassi Season 10?

Yes, I'm a guy and I love Degrassi. That's my ish lmao, you know I have something to talk with the ladies about LMAO, JK JK. Anyways, check out anything you've missed so far right here and make sure you share this on your Facebook and/or Twitter!

What a Girl Wants, Part 1:

I Just DK What 2 Do W/ Myself Part 1:

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Thank for visiting the blog Degrassi fans, stay tuned!
I've changed my Ravens predictions 4 how many wins & losses they have this year. (I got it right last yr)

Tyson Gay vs. Usain Bolt

Tyson Gay vs. Usain Bolt-----> > > > Usain gets bolted by the American!

Friday, August 6, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Tyson Gay beat Usain Bolt in a 100M race is Europe; MSU bball recruit @Brandan1Kearney tonight @8pm

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

This Friday @ 7pm on THE BIG SHOW WITH JK LIVE, we got Michigan St. 2011 basketball recruit @Brandan1Kearney

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Wyclef Jean is running for president.................of Haiti, will announce his candidacy on CNN Tonight @ 9pm on Larry King

Brett Favre Retiring?

My prediction: He WILL be back by the latest Week 5, but this will definetly be his last season, he is 3 TD's away from 500 TD's, 1 season away from playing in his 20th season and Reggie Bush put it best on his Twitter page, he is expected to make 13 million dollars next year!!! WHAT!!!?? That is what I said.... in conclusion, in my opinion this report is premature and until Favre files those papers in the NFL offices in NYC and holds a press conference I don't believe it! With or without Brett, the Vikings are still a Super Bowl contender in my opinion, just imagine how much Tavaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfals have learned from Favre?

JMK's Playlist of the Week

What a beautiful song, great message, thank you God for all the days you give to us, let us use them wisely and appropriately....

Superchick- We Live

Here is my Pop/Hip-Hop list....

B.o.B.- Magic

Maroon 5- Misery

Taio Cruz- Dynamite

Chris Brown- Deuces

2010 Ravens Schedule and Predictions

My beloved Ravens are a couple of weeks away from what looks to be a special season, after acquiring Anquan Boldin in the NFL Draft and stockpiling the defense with a strong core during the Draft, as well as another year of experience already on the belts of Joe Flacco and Ray Rice, this team might be a team headed to Dallas?=

Sept. 13 (Monday night): at N.Y. Jets, 7 p.m. (ESPN)- The NY Jets are opening their new stadium in the Meadowlands together with the Giants on national TV on Monday Night Football, although the Jets made some key acquisitions to beef up both sides of the ball with LaDanian Tomlinson and Cromartie; they still might be distracted from all the training camp practice that was missed due to lack of focus from the staff due to their worrying over whether Darrelle Revis would be back before camp was over. Revis' distraction + a Ravens team that has some chemistry from last season means a win in Week 1. WIN

Sept. 19: at Cincinnati, 1 p.m.- This will be a tough game, but the Ravens upto this point have done nothing besides acquire Ken Hamlin to shore up the secondary and with T.O. and Ocho to cover in Cincy, the Bengals will take this one. LOSS

Sept. 26: vs. Cleveland, 1 p.m.- Really? WIN

Oct. 3: at Pittsburgh, 1 p.m.- Byron Leftwich was released from the Jax Jags for a reason, OT Flozell Adams is a great plus for the Steelers but with Big Ben still out and a lackluster offense without Santonio Holmes, this is a win, not an easy win but a win at the end of the day. WIN

Oct. 10: vs. Denver, 1 p.m.- Tim Tebow hasn't seen anything yet until he faces Ray Lewis and has to live with fear of getting hit in a place he's not used to. The SEC is pretty good, but nothing prepares you for the Ravens defense, especially when your offensive weapon in Brandon Marshall has been traded to the Florida sunshine of South Beach. WIN

Oct. 17: at New England, 1 p.m.- The Patriots are going to have a fully recovered Tom Brady at this point and will still be stinging from their defeat at home last season during the playoffs. The Pats will come out tougher than usual on the defensive side of the ball and pull off the easy win. And Wes Welker will be playin' this time, smdh! LOSS

Oct. 24: vs. Buffalo, 1 p.m.- HAHAHA! Two bye weeks in a row. Troy Smith always complains about the lack of play he gets, here is his the 2nd quarter. WIN

Oct. 31: Bye

Nov. 7: vs. Miami, 1 p.m.- Everyone including myself underestimated Chad Henne and his talent, but the guy is good. Having Brandon Marshall as your #1 reciever is always a plus no matter how much experience you have as a QB and since you have a multi-faceted offense which includes Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams as well as a pretty decent D, I see the Ravens losing this one because of carelessness. LOSS

Nov. 11 (Thursday night): at Atlanta, 8:20 p.m. (NFL Network)- You heard it here first, ATL is the team to beat in the NFC come next season, Matt Ryan has always been compared to Flacco and this is finally going to be his chance to prove that he is better. Matt Ryan will outplay Joe Flacco in this game, (because we all know Flacco is very timid at times when he is in the spotlight) which will make this game very close. But in the end, the Ravens defense will make a stop that will solidify another tally on the win column. WIN

Nov. 21: at Carolina, 1 p.m.- You might notice that I continue to talk about the QB position, and this is because in my opinion, that is the most important player on the team. Now defense may be the most important side of the ball, but if their is uncertainty at the QB position then you're in some deep water. That is the way it is in Carolina right now with 2 inexperienced QB's in Matt Moore and rookie Jimmy Clausen. They also lost Julius Peppers in free agency which puts them in even deeper waters on the defensive side of the ball. WIN

Nov. 28: vs. Tampa Bay, 1 p.m.- Can you name one player on the Buccaneers besides Ronde Barber? I know I can't. The future is not bright for them, don't expect the Bucs to pull a "Rays surprise" (the baseball team who unexpectedly became a powerhouse in their division in 2008) on us. WIN

Dec. 5 (Sunday night): vs. Pittsburgh, 8:20 p.m. (NBC)- Revenge is a real pain in the @$$. At this exact time, in the exact same setting last yr, Paul Kruger caught an interception from 3rd string QB Dennis Dixon that solidified a Ravens win and the Steelers out of the playoffs. The Ravens earlier this season also came to the Steelers' ketchup house in Pennsylvania and whooped some @$$. In both situations without unexpected fan favorite Big Ben. Believe me, Ben is a really pissed hen right now and he's gonna come into that game with alot of burdens on his back because the Steelers are on verge of missing the playoffs, and he's gonna play like we saw him play against Seattle and Arizona and take Baltimore out of the game quick. LOSS

Dec. 13 (Monday night): at Houston, 8:30 p.m. (ESPN)- As I said before, Mr. Flacco doesn't do exceedingly well when he is under the lights and in the spotlight and the Texans just like the Steelers are going to have something to prove to the nation; they are going to have already beat the Colts in Week 1 but still have some haters. This win will help make the Texans a favorite to get a wild card spot. LOSS

Dec. 19: vs. New Orleans, 1 p.m.- The reigning Super Bowl champs are coming to town and they are also going to be in the same position as the Texans and Steelers, trying to prove that they are not a 1-year wonder, they will be surprisingly fighting for an NFC Wild Card spot with the Redskins and end up winning against the Ravens. This is going to be the time when we are going to find out who the real Ravens fans are. LOSS

Dec. 26: at Cleveland, 1 p.m.- Jake Delohmme is on his last legs, Joshua Cribbs is the only real force to be reckoned with that this team has. It's a season sweep. WIN

Jan. 2: vs. Cincinnati, 1 p.m.- Ali and Frazier had the Thrilla in Manilla, T.O./Ocho and Boldin/Mason will have the Thrilla with Defense Killas. This game will be moved to Sunday night on NBC and will decide the AFC North. Both teams will make it to the playoffs, but the Ravens will take the win and the crown. WIN

SO there you have it..... My prediction this year, if I'm being honest is a one game improvement from last year. 10-6. They will not earn a first round bye, but I can honestly say with no bias, no bull and full objectivity that a 10-6 record will be enough to go to the playoffs and win the AFC North (the toughest division in the NFL) and that the Ravens will be facing the Dallas Cowboys in the Super Bowl with the


Look, as long as my last prediction of them winning the trophy happens, I could care less what their regular season record is next year, but before you call me stupid for predicting the Ravens to be 10-6 next season when everyone else sees them as a 12-15 win team, just remember that last year before the season started I did predict correctly that the Ravens were going to be 9-7.....

I also predict that the players and owners will strike a deal during Super Bowl week as the pressure continues to increase and a potential lockout continues to loom....


I've changed my mind, the HOUSTON TEXANS MNF game will be a win. My gut is where I'm going and I'm sticking to it which means...........................

I'm changing my prediction to 11-5 not 10-6

Monday, August 2, 2010

WHY R PEOPLE SO DUMB? @BillCosby is NOT DEAD! STOP SPREADING RUMORS, it's all over Twitter for no reason.

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