Monday, August 9, 2010

My VERY SHORT, "exclusive" interview with A.J. Daulerio, founder of Deadspin

So I'm Facebook friends with him and I asked him like 2 questions about the Brett Favre saga that his website Deadspin has been the center of controversy of. Their is no breaking news here, but hopefully I'll get him on my radio show soon.


sup just wanted 2 say that i love the blog


Than you very much. Appreciate it.


no prob man it's funny as hell especially this brett favre mess hahahaha lmao i feel bad 4 the girl, but brett kinda deserves it lmao


Yeah, me too. Story was too hilarious to sit on for too long.


have u been in contact with her since u posted it, do u think shes gonna talk about it on the daily line?


I have no idea. Radio silence from her on my end.


oh ok cool, i know ur a busy guy so im goin 2 let u go, would love 2 have u on my radio show ttyl

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