Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Yes, finally the War in Iraq is over; one of the worst wars, if not, the worst war in American and world history. Our country lacks bipartisanship BUT I GUARANTEE there is bipartisanship in the fact that this war was fought for no reason and that it has lowered America's status around the world; politically, culturally, financially and socially. President Bush, sorry to say, and the rest of his administration will live with the blood of innocent American troops who were killed in this careless war. I posted this on Facebook and Twitter as my status, and their was no reaction, sadly Americans do not care about war anymore because we are all tired of hearing the bad news. THANK GOD IT'S OVER! At least the combat troop action, that is.

We still have a long way to go, so we can't get too excited because now we have to make the "transition" from combat fights to civilian control. The troops will then be transferred to a war that is EVEN WORSE in Afghanistan, so this "War on Terrorism" is nothing but over. Let's pray for peace in the Middle East, stability in Iraq and Iran, and a debilitation of any agents of terrorism that are trying to ruin the world in Afghanistan or anywhere else around the world. Good luck Iraq on staying as a prominent democracy in the Middle East.

BTW, BIG PROPS 2 MSNBC, NBC NEWS, Richard Engel and that whole team for the best coverage on cable television.

God bless the troops, God bless the USA and God please bring world peace and unity.

UPDATE 8:07PM: It's been edited, I had major errors lol

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