Wednesday, September 21, 2011

X-Factor Xposed?

Are these bad acts paid? You know what I'm talking about, the bad auditions that we have to laugh at during the beginning of the season of our favorite talent shows. I ask this because tonight on the season premiere of the X-Factor I noticed someone familiar. There was a girl whose name wasn't mentioned on X-Factor who auditioned as part of a screamo group (which obviously didn't make it), who is the same girl who auditioned by herself earlier this year on America's Got Talent. AGT and XFUSA are both owned and produced by Simon Cowell but why is this girl able to appear on both shows in the same year? Maybe I'm being "over-curious" but see for yourself.

Also curious to wonder why was an established artist and actor in Terrell Carter was allowed to audition? He's been in Tyler Perry films and plays and he still apparently goes on tour according to his Twitter (or maybe that could hint that he eventually gets eliminated). Aren't these shows supposed to be for discovering the undiscovered?

Well, anyways, I loved X-Factor last night. It's a more provacotive, big-budgeted version of "Idol", not much difference between it besides the more varied options of people allowed to enter but I think it'll eventually be able to distunguish itself in the public. My prediction is that it wins the night in ratings with about 16 million viewers but doesn't reach American Idol-like numbers of 25-28 million. 16 million viewers would still be pretty good and more than "The Voice" has reached, so we'll see what happens. As for weekly viewership, it all depends on how much controversy they're able to brew to be honest. I can see them being the best show in the fall but I don't think they'll eclipse NFL ratings or American Idol ratings, two brands that are already established. I leave you with an inspirational performance:

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