Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Check out my radio show at www., Fridays 8-9pm and Saturdays 3-5pm we have you some amazing surprises, I thank God for blessing me with this show and I am so happy that I am able to anounce the following news for this weekends shows:- Who would have thought these guys would have come together after all of their beef! Who would have thought that of all the different popular regular radio, satellite radio, public radio, HD radio and internet radio personalities, I would get this great collaboration exclusively OMG LOL!!! Fat Joe ft.50 and The Game, in an untitled new hip hop collaboration song and we have it here first, we will be debuting the song some time around 3-5pm on Saturday so stay tuned to the show and find out-Britney Spears will also be joining me on my show but for only about 15 minutes, she'll be taking calls from fans, call into the show at 347-327-9691, i'm not lieing either, she is also going to sing "Gimmie More" on the phone, and anounce some big news.I don't know which show she will be coming on but I will confirm it with you either tomorrow or the next dayPLEASE JOIN US, IT'S GOING TO BE REAL FUN AND AMAZING!!!!please let everyone of your friends know about this great oppurtunity to hear great music and talk 2 britney!!!!!!!OTHER GUESTS 2 BE ANNOUNCED ASAP-Jessie K.God Is Love. Stay Breezy. Stay Cool. God Bless.Peace! and Adios!

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