Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Kane Show Launching Video Podcast

Intern John, Rose, Danni and Erick 
Radio is one of the most consumed mediums of media in the United States but as the media landscape continues to become more congested, it has become harder to attract loyalty among listeners.

Luckily for radio hosts like Kane, this doesn't seem to be a problem. According to the most recent radio ratings in Washington, D.C. from DCRTV.com, Kane's station Hot 99.5, is number four beating rivals such as WPGC, WKYS and WRQX. But when it comes to social media rankings, WRQX, home of Kane's former co-host Sarah Fraser, is beating WIHT by a smudge.

In order to continue momentum among his listenership and build upon listener loyalty, Kane recently announced that he will be launching a video podcast live after-show together with his co-hosts which will be uncensored, utilize social media and be seen on UStream.

A listener texted into the show on January 5th asking the morning crew why they don't have their own reality show. Here is how the radio host responded:

"You know it's funny, I did a test of the system yesterday. I think we're gonna do an after show uncensored webcast - anything goes webcast - soon. Possibly starting as early as this week because we can have it so you guys can be over my house, you guys can Skype in from anywhere and we have phone lines and everything else set up. 

But I think we're going to do a Kane Show after show. But here's the thing, we're going to retain control over it so that it can be our own content meaning the company won't necessarily....not associate with the company so that we can talk about what we want to talk about. Not in a bad way. It's just we can really go into a little more detail than we do on the air."

Kane alongside Pharrell and his co-hosts
Kane would not be the first IHeartRadio host looking to expand their reach recently. Elvis Duran of The Elvis Duran Morning Show on Z100 in New York is launching his own reality show on Pop!, the TV network formerly known as The TV Guide Channel. Ryan Seacrest also uses YouTube and Snapchat extensively to post extra content and bits from his 102.7 KISS FM radio morning show.

The show would exist on kaneshowtv.com, which has been previously used to live-stream the show on Hot 99.5's website as well as post-show web chats about the weather with NBC 4's Doug Kammerer. 

UStream also hosts other radio shows and podcasts on it's website such as The Joe Rogan Experience, Dr. Drew's Loveline and Kidd Kraddick in the Morning. The streaming site is growing exponentially after partnering with Sony to broadcast video game match ups straight to the website through the PlayStation 4 console. Artists such as Wale, Soulja Boy, Ashanti and Joe Jonas also use the site to stream behind the scenes footage to their fans.

No word yet on when the show will officially launch. The video stream previously displayed a timelapse of cars driving on a highway but as of now, it is offline.

This show could help serve super fans who want more content besides the four hour morning talk show. I'm not sure how believable it is that the show will be disconnected from IHeartMedia since they are the faces of that company's top station in D.C. but it makes sense for them to create an uncensored version of their show which is already pretty racy. It'll bring a new authenticity to the product.

The only question is if the crew will be willing to work for free for an extra couple of hours which will not get counted into their paychecks. I'm also sure IHeartMedia execs are questioning how this move would benefit them when their stars are broadcasting content on another platform which is technically a rival.

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