Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Rich Eisen Replacing Jay Mohr on Fox Sports Radio?

We've extensively covered Rich Eisen's move to DirecTV on this blog since it was first announced. In case you've missed the coverage, here's a link.

The Rich Eisen Podcast's series finale debuted online this week and as Eisen recapped his new plans, he hinted to listeners that there would be more ways to check out his brand new show besides what has already been announced.

Thanks to Jason McIntyre of The Big Lead, we now have a clue as to what Eisen was referring to. Besides DirecTV's Audience Network, the NFL Now app and ITunes via podcast......
The word on the street is that Rich Eisen’s new DirecTV radio/show will likely be picked up by Fox Sports Radio, and supposedly the time slot that he’s going to be placed in is currently occupied by Jay Mohr
This will not be the first time a DirecTV owned-and-operated radio show airs on Fox Sports Radio. Tony Bruno's old late night show and "The Artie Lange Show," which would later replace Bruno, both aired on the network. Currently, "The Dan Patrick Show" holds down the fort from 9am-12pm.

None of the DirecTV-owned shows which previously aired on Fox Sports Radio identified themselves with the network because they've all had affiliates on board who weren't associated with FSR (in The DP Show's case, this is still the case). This might change when "The Rich Eisen Show" launches because the show doesn't have an existing base of affiliates other than the ones they'll gain through Fox Sports Radio.

1. What happens to "Jay Mohr Sports"?

Hopefully the show doesn't get cancelled and is moved to another timeslot on FSR. Mohr has done an adequate job of trying to fill Jim Rome's shoes and has added affiliates as the months go by. I wouldn't even be shocked if his show has more affiliates than Rome and CBS Sports Radio at the moment. In the case that it does get cancelled, I think there are some options available.

  • Yahoo Sports Radio could place him as an afternoon lead-in to Sean Salisbury's 4pm radio show.
  • Jay Mariotti could add him to his "SportsTalkFlorida" network and make Mohr his lead-in or give Mohr a slot after Mariotti's 12pm-3pm show.
  • PodcastOne could add him to their roster and release a new podcast everyday at 3pm.
  • Fox Sports 1 could use him as Mike Francesa's replacement whenever they cut ties.
2. Will "The Rich Eisen Show" add another television simulcast for non-DirecTV subs? 
  • NBCSN may want to keep Dan Patrick's fanbase watching (but could end up alienating outdoor/fishing fans who watch NBCSN's afternoon outdoors lineup) while Fox Sports 1 may want to fill air time with programming from their own radio network (which is actually owned by Clear Channel) instead of depending on a cranky New Yorker. They also wouldn't be spending a dime on production costs since the show is being produced by DirecTV, they would simply pay a licensing fee. Both networks would most likely have to preempt the show on occasion because of afternoon soccer. This wouldn't hurt Eisen (as much as it has Francesa) since there are other options available to watch him uninterrupted.
  • My guess is this probably won't happen since DirecTV doesn't want to cannibalize The Audience Network's audience. I'm sure in DirecTV's mind they're thinking, if you're not satisfied with listening to the show for free on FSR or watching free of charge on NFL Now (or ROOT Sports, DirecTV's RSN, if it's available in your area) then switch providers and become a DirecTV subscriber.


walter sobchak said...

Rich Eisen Show is awful, very boring, it is the watching paint dry equivalent of a radio show. The show is 100% NFL NFL, hey Rich what happens when the NFL season gets done?? I won't be finding that out but it will be brutal. Stick to hosting and being a guest on DPs show. The show is a carbon copy rip of the DP show without any of the aspects that make a radio show worth tuning in. God this show is terrible.

Unknown said...

Rich Eisen = sucky radio host, DP rip off. Bring back positivity Thursdays. Wanna be danettes. Pole question updates...He should stick with cameos.

Jon Anderson said...

Bring back Jay!

I don't know how Rich can be so witty & funny on other people's show, and so lame on his own! He is an amateur at radio I guess...
The "unknown" producers and whatever are always featured--why?

Jay's show was very funny, and informative--
Bring it back!

Ian C said...

Wtf!!!!! Bring jay morh back!!!!!!!!!! So pist!!

Unknown said...

Seriously WTF??? Bring Jay back! And get a new program director while you're at it...foolish move Fox!!! You're going to lose more listeners than you gain with Rich. Business 101 - if it ain't broke...

AgentX said...


tonewall jaxon said...

I can't stand Eisen's smug ass mug and comments....and tell Jay Mohr to quit yelling....hes not my mother in law...geesuz.

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