Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Fox Sports and YouTube Team Up

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According to Variety, Fox Sports is teaming up with YouTube Space LA to launch a brand new web show focused on what's trending in the world of sports. 

The videos will be distributed on Fox Sports' YouTube page as well as They'll be hosted by former "Entertainment Tonight" correspondent Nicole Dabeau, who has a great sense of humor. Aja Deng and Andy Nesbitt are also contributing hosts to the show.

Think of it as a sports version of "SourceFed" as TubeFilter put it. 
  • "The goal is to produce four to 10 videos per day, centered on quick, snarky commentary to harness social buzz immediately as it hits the sports world"
  • "Currently, @TheBuzzer videos collectively average about 500,000 views per week"
This will be YouTube's first attempt at daily online sports video since they invested money into the Bleacher Report and SB Nation's original channels back in 2012. Just like those ventures, YouTube will not have any editorial control over this show but they will be providing the studio, camera crews, lighting and editing needed to make sure these videos are high-quality. Fox Sports will be providing the content and talent that'll be featured on the show. 

I hope @TheBuzzer does some collaboration videos with other creators at YouTube Space LA. By doing so, they'd be able to reach another fan base and they may be able to draw more subscribers to Fox Sports' YouTube account. We'll also see if YouTube places @TheBuzzer videos up high on their homepage or if they'll be prominently featured in their sports section.

It's going to be hard to get exclusive videos and scoops which won't be already featured on Fox Sports 1 or elsewhere so special placement on YouTube's homepage will be vital to the show's success. For example, @TheBuzzer recently obtained exclusive footage of USA Basketball's Ice Bucket Challenge. It was bound to be a viral hit for Fox Sports' YouTube channel but someone who happened to be at USA Basketball's facilities also recorded footage of the challenge on their phone and posted it on their Instagram page before Fox was able to release their own footage. Most news stories from online outlets mentioning the Ice Bucket Challenge used the Instagram video, not @TheBuzzer's.

With that being said, I wish this show the best of luck and I'm looking forward to it. I love how quick and quirky it is. The typical fan who watches it can find out what is trending in sports and laugh all in the span of 1 to 2 minutes.

If there's any competitor who should be scared, it's Sports Illustrated's 120 Sports because this show does almost the same thing as them except it's even quicker, doesn't have rights to sports highlights (leagues co-own 120 Sports) and isn't live. We'll see based on the views on both entities if those factors matter to the fan or not.

If @TheBuzzer becomes a success, expect Fox Sports 1 to become the biggest winner out of all this. A lot of the footage which @TheBuzzer will use as it evolves will most likely come from shows aired on the network. There's also a possibility that many FS1 personalities will be featured on this show, which if it becomes popular, could help FS1 identify with a younger crowd.

So does this mean Google and Fox are now best buds and will begin to bid for sports rights together? Probably not. (Rupert Murdoch just criticized Google two days ago) But it does show that YouTube is committed to increasing the amount of sports video offered on it's page (most sports fans don't get their sports news and insight from YouTube, this move is an attempt to change that a little bit) and that Fox is eager to reach a younger crowd in whatever ways possible and necessary.

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