Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Mark Cuban Launches His Own Show......An Infomerical

On Tuesday night, Mark Cuban launched his own television show and if I'm being honest, it felt a lot like an infomercial. You know why? Because it WAS!

Cuban teamed up with home shopping network, ShopHQ, to expose America to all of the various businesses which he has invested in through the hit ABC series which he judges known as "Shark Tank".

The show debuted in a brand new studio which was custom built for this special and weirdly enough, it aired during the same period in which "Shark Tank" airs on CNBC (which is ironically owned by ShopHQ's former owners, NBC). I wonder if this infomercial hurt CNBC's ratings at all?

"Mark Cuban's American Dream" started promptly at 8pm and went by pretty seamlessly. Cuban seemed to gel well with his co-host Heather Hall and the entrepreneurs who presented their businesses to the nationwide audience seemed adequately prepared. 

The entrepreneurs were mentored by advisers who work for ShopHQ and these advisers helped the entrepreneurs understand how to market their products on television. As each entrepreneur was introduced, we got a little taste behind the scenes of what happened during practice sessions in which the advisers helped out. This portion of the show gave some new flair that you're not used to seeing on infomercials.

Some of the segments introducing who the advisers were tended to repeat and we didn't really get enough time to meet the entrepreneurs. There was also never any connection made about how the viewer could help the entrepreneurs live their "American Dream". Maybe this show should've been more of a competition between the companies Mr. Cuban has invested in?

Overall though, I have to commend ShopHQ and Mark Cuban for the bright idea. The show was definitely close to QVC-quality and it helped showcase Cuban's innovative products to a potential audience of 89 million. 

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