Monday, June 29, 2009

BET AWARDS TRIBUTE FOR THE KING GOOD OR BAD? BAD!! by Troy Johnson from Troy and Marc: Off the Mic Blog at


Let me say this. The BET awards I'm sorry to say, were horrible. I'm not much of an awards show person anyway, but last night took the cake. Somebody needs to get fired at BET today.

There really were good moments of course, but not enough to warrant a good review from me. After hearing on the news that the show was 'completely revamped' to honor Michael Jackson, I decided to tune in.

Big mistake.

Mainly, because it wasn't a tribute! I guess if Solja Boy had done P.Y.T. I would've had a different view on this.

It was a comedy of errors...starting with Jaimie Foxx's failed attempt at a moonwalk, (For the record, I don't think I could do it either.) SKANK ROBBERS???, and out of breath performances from Keith Sweat, and Aaron Hall from Guy, the show just kept getting longer, and longer for no apparent reason. Who knew we were gonna get cussed out by Lil' Wayne, Drake, and Eddie Levert too!

Very classy to move from a song about effin' every girl in the world, (Shouldn't you do a radio version of a song, on a tribute show?) to the heartfelt statements given by Janet Jackson mourning her brother. This show was all over the place, with no rhyme or reason. And I'm sorry to say that I'm not surprised. BET has been disappointing me for some time now...and it isn't gonna be confined to an awards show that doesn't EVER need to be replayed. We also got to see what BET has in store for us this fall...

Tiny & Toya, and Frankie & Neffie! Yeah!

Maybe, I want too much from Black Entertainment Television...apparently balancing out some relevant, daily news programming with 106 & Park, and the new Mo'Nique' talk show is too much to ask for, so I stay away. It is also very apparent to me after listening to his music and reflecting on performances by Michael Jackson, that today's artists just aren't going to be able to attain that gold standard...proving agin that MJ was the best that ever did it.

Sorry, Soulja Boy...but I had to tell 'em. BET needs to go back to the drawing board...again.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Check out this Facebook status update that I commented on

This was my status update: Jm Karangu RT @NationalDebt $11,383,987,605,139.01 (2 mins ago, official update of US national debt)
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You like this.

hey i can give one cent to obama to keep it on dollarsand have we even made an improvement on paying

lol and no we havent yet but expect to in the future when the stimulus kicks in and creates jobs and when the car companies begin making money right because of the stimulus we have more national debt than we did with bush but if obamas plan works 100% then the national debt will be cut in 1/2 but every1 knows that in life not everything works as ... Read Moreplanned so I'm sure by the time obama leaves office 8 years from now the debt will be less than it was when he came in but it won't be by half, it'll be less than 1/2 but at least we r goin somewhere, republicans complain about the spending but they helped pass the stimulus, their party is in dissaray and if they were in office they probably would have done the same thing, also noone democratic or republican has come up with an alternative plan to the stimulus so until someone does that every1 from both parties should SHUT UP!

LOL: Jm Karangu at 3:49pm June 11
sry my response is so long

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