Friday, November 2, 2007


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Eastern Tech vs. Overlea


Thanks for checking out this brand new blog, my name is Jessie Karangu, I live in Baltimore and am a huge Ravens fan, here's a little bit about myself:

-14 yrs. old
-huge sports fan (Wiz Kids, Ravens, O's, Caps etc.)
-want to be a sports journalist
-have been featured on Sports Talk 1570 WNST as a co-host of a radio show and regular caller into the station (have'nt called in much recently because I've been busy with school)
-write part-time for PressBox, a Baltimore area sports newspaper
-attend Eastern Tech High
-I already have a blog at, but I don't use it nowadays because it seems like no one reads it.
-My mission is to get my thoughts, views, and opinions on sports and other things unrelated to sports out on radar
-If you would like to give any opinions, or articles about anything post it as a comment or email it to me at
-need more info: email me

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