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2010 Ravens Schedule and Predictions

My beloved Ravens are a couple of weeks away from what looks to be a special season, after acquiring Anquan Boldin in the NFL Draft and stockpiling the defense with a strong core during the Draft, as well as another year of experience already on the belts of Joe Flacco and Ray Rice, this team might be a team headed to Dallas?=

Sept. 13 (Monday night): at N.Y. Jets, 7 p.m. (ESPN)- The NY Jets are opening their new stadium in the Meadowlands together with the Giants on national TV on Monday Night Football, although the Jets made some key acquisitions to beef up both sides of the ball with LaDanian Tomlinson and Cromartie; they still might be distracted from all the training camp practice that was missed due to lack of focus from the staff due to their worrying over whether Darrelle Revis would be back before camp was over. Revis' distraction + a Ravens team that has some chemistry from last season means a win in Week 1. WIN

Sept. 19: at Cincinnati, 1 p.m.- This will be a tough game, but the Ravens upto this point have done nothing besides acquire Ken Hamlin to shore up the secondary and with T.O. and Ocho to cover in Cincy, the Bengals will take this one. LOSS

Sept. 26: vs. Cleveland, 1 p.m.- Really? WIN

Oct. 3: at Pittsburgh, 1 p.m.- Byron Leftwich was released from the Jax Jags for a reason, OT Flozell Adams is a great plus for the Steelers but with Big Ben still out and a lackluster offense without Santonio Holmes, this is a win, not an easy win but a win at the end of the day. WIN

Oct. 10: vs. Denver, 1 p.m.- Tim Tebow hasn't seen anything yet until he faces Ray Lewis and has to live with fear of getting hit in a place he's not used to. The SEC is pretty good, but nothing prepares you for the Ravens defense, especially when your offensive weapon in Brandon Marshall has been traded to the Florida sunshine of South Beach. WIN

Oct. 17: at New England, 1 p.m.- The Patriots are going to have a fully recovered Tom Brady at this point and will still be stinging from their defeat at home last season during the playoffs. The Pats will come out tougher than usual on the defensive side of the ball and pull off the easy win. And Wes Welker will be playin' this time, smdh! LOSS

Oct. 24: vs. Buffalo, 1 p.m.- HAHAHA! Two bye weeks in a row. Troy Smith always complains about the lack of play he gets, here is his chance....in the 2nd quarter. WIN

Oct. 31: Bye

Nov. 7: vs. Miami, 1 p.m.- Everyone including myself underestimated Chad Henne and his talent, but the guy is good. Having Brandon Marshall as your #1 reciever is always a plus no matter how much experience you have as a QB and since you have a multi-faceted offense which includes Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams as well as a pretty decent D, I see the Ravens losing this one because of carelessness. LOSS

Nov. 11 (Thursday night): at Atlanta, 8:20 p.m. (NFL Network)- You heard it here first, ATL is the team to beat in the NFC come next season, Matt Ryan has always been compared to Flacco and this is finally going to be his chance to prove that he is better. Matt Ryan will outplay Joe Flacco in this game, (because we all know Flacco is very timid at times when he is in the spotlight) which will make this game very close. But in the end, the Ravens defense will make a stop that will solidify another tally on the win column. WIN

Nov. 21: at Carolina, 1 p.m.- You might notice that I continue to talk about the QB position, and this is because in my opinion, that is the most important player on the team. Now defense may be the most important side of the ball, but if their is uncertainty at the QB position then you're in some deep water. That is the way it is in Carolina right now with 2 inexperienced QB's in Matt Moore and rookie Jimmy Clausen. They also lost Julius Peppers in free agency which puts them in even deeper waters on the defensive side of the ball. WIN

Nov. 28: vs. Tampa Bay, 1 p.m.- Can you name one player on the Buccaneers besides Ronde Barber? I know I can't. The future is not bright for them, don't expect the Bucs to pull a "Rays surprise" (the baseball team who unexpectedly became a powerhouse in their division in 2008) on us. WIN

Dec. 5 (Sunday night): vs. Pittsburgh, 8:20 p.m. (NBC)- Revenge is a real pain in the @$$. At this exact time, in the exact same setting last yr, Paul Kruger caught an interception from 3rd string QB Dennis Dixon that solidified a Ravens win and the Steelers out of the playoffs. The Ravens earlier this season also came to the Steelers' ketchup house in Pennsylvania and whooped some @$$. In both situations without unexpected fan favorite Big Ben. Believe me, Ben is a really pissed hen right now and he's gonna come into that game with alot of burdens on his back because the Steelers are on verge of missing the playoffs, and he's gonna play like we saw him play against Seattle and Arizona and take Baltimore out of the game quick. LOSS

Dec. 13 (Monday night): at Houston, 8:30 p.m. (ESPN)- As I said before, Mr. Flacco doesn't do exceedingly well when he is under the lights and in the spotlight and the Texans just like the Steelers are going to have something to prove to the nation; they are going to have already beat the Colts in Week 1 but still have some haters. This win will help make the Texans a favorite to get a wild card spot. LOSS

Dec. 19: vs. New Orleans, 1 p.m.- The reigning Super Bowl champs are coming to town and they are also going to be in the same position as the Texans and Steelers, trying to prove that they are not a 1-year wonder, they will be surprisingly fighting for an NFC Wild Card spot with the Redskins and end up winning against the Ravens. This is going to be the time when we are going to find out who the real Ravens fans are. LOSS

Dec. 26: at Cleveland, 1 p.m.- Jake Delohmme is on his last legs, Joshua Cribbs is the only real force to be reckoned with that this team has. It's a season sweep. WIN

Jan. 2: vs. Cincinnati, 1 p.m.- Ali and Frazier had the Thrilla in Manilla, T.O./Ocho and Boldin/Mason will have the Thrilla with Defense Killas. This game will be moved to Sunday night on NBC and will decide the AFC North. Both teams will make it to the playoffs, but the Ravens will take the win and the crown. WIN

SO there you have it..... My prediction this year, if I'm being honest is a one game improvement from last year. 10-6. They will not earn a first round bye, but I can honestly say with no bias, no bull and full objectivity that a 10-6 record will be enough to go to the playoffs and win the AFC North (the toughest division in the NFL) and that the Ravens will be facing the Dallas Cowboys in the Super Bowl with the


Look, as long as my last prediction of them winning the trophy happens, I could care less what their regular season record is next year, but before you call me stupid for predicting the Ravens to be 10-6 next season when everyone else sees them as a 12-15 win team, just remember that last year before the season started I did predict correctly that the Ravens were going to be 9-7.....


I also predict that the players and owners will strike a deal during Super Bowl week as the pressure continues to increase and a potential lockout continues to loom....


I've changed my mind, the HOUSTON TEXANS MNF game will be a win. My gut is where I'm going and I'm sticking to it which means...........................

I'm changing my prediction to 11-5 not 10-6

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Kofi said...

hey...i got us beating pittsburg and new orleans simply because its a home game. you can argue pittsburg beating us but i know that you cant personally tel me the las time we lost at home. with the exception of cincy and colts last year. we are too solid at home but man FOREALL????MIAMI??.the team we've beaten 5 out of the last 6 meatings???? you must be jokin with me. especially at home???come on tell me you're joking. I LIKE WAT YOU DOING JMK.

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