Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ravens AFC Championship Game Rant

So I've come to terms with today's loss and my conclusion is it wasn't our time. Flacco had an unbelievable game and finally proved all the haters wrong that he's a legitimate starting quarterback in the NFL. Ray Rice didn't rush for many yards but he got the 20 touches he usually needs for our offense to be competitive. Our defense held Tom Brady to ZERO PASS TDs and TWO INTs and held their offense to 3 pts. on many possessions at the red zone. The Pats D played well in the beginning but Joe Flacco was able to expose many holes in their secondary. Hernandez and Gronk played OK, but they weren't the gamechangers everyone said they would be. So what gives? The Ravens did everything right and did everything we told them to do. Run the ball, keep Brady off the field and pressure him to make bad throws or at the very most keep them to only score field goals. The biggest factor was for Joe to extend plays, manage the game, get us first downs and give the defense a break after facing this unpredictable no huddle offense, AND HE DID ALL THAT! But it was just one or two plays that ended up costing us big time. Sports, just like life, can work in mysterious ways. You can do everything right the whole game, but one big mistake can cost you big time and force you to make the wrong turn. And that's exactly what happened here. Billy Cundiff has kicked plenty of 23 yard field goals and Lee Evans has caught many TDs in his career even when double teamed but that didn't stop the events that occurred yesterday. Despite the sadness we feel about the Ravens not being in the Super Bowl we gotta realize that everything happens for a reason and that things happen in moderation and in its own time. It may not be our time to helm the Lombardi trophy now but our time will come we just have to be patient. You may have done everything perfect in life but unfortunately made a bad mistake. It sucks that you made that mistake but life moves on. Life isn't about dwelling on mistakes, its about getting back up again when you fall down while working harder than you did before and showing resilience after a tough bout. Winners always fight to accomplish their dreams, goals and aspirations and if the Ravens are going to be winners they've gotta take this knockout, learn from it and get back up to fight for the ultimate goal. Its going to be tough, but I promise, eventually we'll get to the promised land. Patience is a virtue and Ravens fans are going to need to continue to keep the faith because triumph always comes after defeat. It wasn't our time now but eventually our time will come. And yes the Ravens are more than just a game to me, they represent my city of Baltimore so I take their games very seriously, lol.

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