Friday, January 6, 2012

Dwight Howard to the Knicks? Warriors?

Trade rumors surrounding Dwight Howard have continued to surface around the NBA. Let's start with the Knicks. According to NBC's Donny Marshall, an ex-Celtics player and reporter for Comcast SportsNet New England, the Knicks have engaged in talks with the Magic in a trade that would see Dwight Howard go to New York in exchange for Amare Stoudemire, in hopes that Howard would sign an extension with New York after this season. 

The only problem with this trade is that there are questions about how the money logistics would work as Dwight's salary and Amare's salary don't match up. Also, over the free agency period the Knicks acquired what was believed to be their answer to the lack of defense this team has played over the years, Tyson Chandler. Are they already giving up on him this early in the season even though he's averaging 11 points and 7 rebounds a game, stats he has to split up with Amare?

There's so other buzz coming from Yahoo Sports' Adrian Wojanarski which states that Dwight Howard could possibly be going to the Warriors, the only dilemma is that the Magic may not be interested in that type of deal:

Golden State management is willing to take Howard as a one-season “rental,” with the hope of selling him on signing a long-term deal before he enters free agency this summer. Like most teams, Golden State has inquired with Orlando Magic general manager Otis Smith, but the Magic have yet to commit to aggressively pursuing a trade of Howard. 
For the Magic to become intrigued with package, two things would likely have to appeal to them: rebuilding around young point guard Stephen Curry; and the Warriors’ salary-cap space to absorb the three years and $34 million left on Hedo Turkoglu’s contract. The possibility of the pursuit could be complicated by questions about the sturdiness of Curry’s surgically repaired right ankle. The Warriors are willing to part with either of their two guards – Curry or Monta Ellis – but teams clearly will watch how Curry recovers from his recurring ankle sprains.
Why would Golden State want to rent him when they don't have much of a shot of winning a title this season? The Golden State situation would put him in the same situation he's in with Orlando right now, same types of pieces and role players which make a great NBA team but they would still need one more superstar to be considered title contenders. The Magic would be in their worst interests to trade away Dwight for Stephen Curry who has the potential to be a superstar but is too injury-prone to get value from him, here is a video of his 7 ankle sprains in the past 14 months.

It's also looking like Dwight to the Nets is dwindling according to RealGM after Jermaine Dupri promised that Dwight would be traded to the Nets on Twitter in 48 hours....That was 2 days ago, lol.

With rival executives doubting that the Magic would be interested in the Nets' offer of Brook Lopez and draft picks for Dwight Howard, it could be that Deron Williams is already frustrated in a losing situation in New Jersey. 
"I don't think he feels it there," said a person familiar with Williams and his tendencies. "I could see him saying, 'I've got all the money. I can go back to Dallas. That's my home.' I don't see any spunk in his game right now. He's going through the motions."
"What gives? Can someone tell me where the hell I'm going?"

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