Monday, January 30, 2012

Blake Griffin DUNKS over Kendrick Perkins, forces him to retire!

OK, maybe Blake didn't force Kendrick Perkins to retire but he's caused Perkins the most public embarassment he's ever seen in his NBA career. Currently at 12:30am on Tuesday January 31st, 2012 "Kendrick Perkins" is the number 1 trending topic on Twitter (Number 2 is #dunkoftheyear). Here is the dunk for yourself:

And here is the reaction from a Kendrick Perkins hater, lol:

What an embarrassment, Kendrick is probably scheduling his retirement press conference tomorrow. Let's remember, Kendrick is at least 7 feet tall and Blake still got over him!

He probably didn't think it was that bad until he went online to see all the reaction on Twitter and the views of the videos on YouTube.

SportsCenter has found a new #1 play probably for the rest of the year to replace that Jerome Simpson flip TD in the Bengals/Cardinals game from week 16 this season, lol. This will definitely be nominated for an ESPY over the summer. Honestly, they should just cancel the slam dunk contest after this haha!

That ish crae, lol.

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