Monday, January 16, 2012

Clippers and Mavericks Added to Dwight Howard's Wish List

Chris Sheridan of has written an intriguing article that gives an interesting perspective on the latest details of Dwight Howard's future in the NBA. Howard already has informed his agent of his wish-list of heading to either the Lakers, the Nets or the Mavericks. The Clippers aka Lob City have now been added to that list. Not too long ago, Chris Paul and DW12 expressed interest in playing with each other and if the Clippers get their way, it could happen:

“He’s been watching them a lot. He’s intrigued by the Clippers,” said the source, who is privy to the trade talks that have taken place between all of the aforementioned teams. That source also said it now appears more likely that Howard will play out the season with the Magic, who improved to 9-3 Monday afternoon by defeating the New York Knicks 102-93 while making 17 3-pointers and getting just 8 points and 10 rebounds from Howard. But the source said the most likely scenario that would land Howard in Lob City would be an offseason sign-and-trade deal. 
It would definitely be great to have Dwight and Chris Paul team up together, but at what cost? If your the Clippers do you want to mess up the chemistry that you just built and end up trading your superstar Blake Griffin together with Chauncey Billups and some other members of your young core in exchange for just Dwight Howard and Hedo Turkoglu, who will likely be included in any potential trades because of his big salary?

The Clippers are just two pieces away from a championship in my opinion, if they can find a way to get rid of some of those guards for more depth with their big men, they can beat the Thunder or the Lakers. Why ruin what you started and give up your future in Blake for Dwight who may be more dominant but is a little bit older and may desire to make another move in his career before it's over. Blake, unlike Dwight, has been with the Clippers from the beginning and is dedicated to that fan base.

The biggest news from this article is the potential Big 3 that could be formed in Dallas:
....the Dallas Mavericks have a master plan of getting both Williams and Howard to join them in the offseason, when Mark Cuban will have more than $30 million in salary cap room if he is able to make a trade before then that would shed Shawn Marion and his $9 million salary off the Mavericks’ 2012-13 cap. 
That would allow Howard and Williams to join with Dirk Nowitzki to form a superstar trio that would match or surpass what the Miami Heat already have on their roster.

The Miami Heat better win a title QUICK if this happens because this Big 3 would be even more explosive than any Big 3 that exists today. Unlike Boston, LA, Miami and New York's Big 3's, this tandem would be made up of players that have different skill sets. Dwight is the guy who'll get you points in the paint and boards while Deron is the facilitator that can score when needed and Dirk is your main threat, your alpha dog and your main scorer. Would Dwight be willing to share the spotlight? I don't know, but if this happens Mark Cuban can expect more rings to come through the Lone Star State.

I would give you more interesting tidbits from this article, but it's so good that I don't want to ruin and I want to give traffic to Mr. Sheridan who has been working his butt off since he left ESPN. Check out this article ASAP if your an NBA fan and find out more deets about Dwight's feelings on the Nets and the Magic ownership's reluctance to trade for Andrew Bynum who I think is a good player but overrated because of the luster of being a Laker.


wingsofglory said...

It's good in theory tho, but won't the Nets see it as a redflag and instead trade Deron a heap of players.. I mean put yourself inside the Nets thinking, if they don't get Dwight, they will lose him. That prevents Dallas from getting Deron. Next up is the Lakers, they have a straight trade set up if they want it. The reason why Otis would say he doesn't like Bynum is only to increase his leverage because Bynum has been beasting. Next up is the Clippers who could package everybody but Griffin and CP3. Next is Golden State who can offer their star shooter, good offer as well. Next up is the Bulls, why would the Magic make their conference even stronger. As I see it, nobody can be assured of getting Dwight, but the Lakers because they have the necessary assets TODAY. The Clippers second, and everybody else mentioned til now, tied for 3rd.

Jessie Karangu said...

Yeah, that's what I see happening if the Nets are smart and can't agree to a deal with Deron before the trade deadline is up......I think they will eventually just go for a sign and trade in the offseason

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