Thursday, July 8, 2010

Do Not Doubt Stephen A. Smith!


2 Weeks Ago on his radio show on Fox Sports Radio, Smith predicted that LBJ/Wade/Bosh would teamup together and play for the Miami Heat! Now, I can gurantee you Miami will not win next year but the next 2 years after it's goin' down in South Beach; Boston, Orlando and YES EVEN L.A. are still the early favorites to win the title next year just because of experience. Dallas and Oklahoma City, believe it or not, are my sleeper teams for next year.

ANYWAYS Stephen A. Smith might have broken even more news, LeBron has an opt-out option after 3 years in his contract with Miami and according to Smith he will be headed to the eventual Jay-Z and Russian owned Brooklyn Nets. He had a 2-week lead on the Heat story, has a 3 year lead on this Nets rumor and probably will even know where LeBron's sons will be playing basketball by next year. But on a serious note, after this huge scoop (which every1 is giving some guy at Newsday and Chris Broussard of ESPN credit for) do not underestimate Stephen A. Smith. Just ask ESPN's Bill Simmons (insider, if u follow @sportsguy33).

Check out Stephen A. Smith on WFAN talking about a possible LeBron move to the Nets in 3 years:

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