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Top 5 Reasons Why the HEAT Could Win a Title Next Year

Alot of "HEAT HATERZ" and LAKERS FANS and CAVALIER FANS who are disappointed LeBron left Cleveland have all been hating on the Heat and already counting them out of championship contention because of their alleged ego's, their lack of players on the roster, and the notion that the Lakers are omnipotent in the league and can't be stopped. All of that is total BS!!! Here are 5 reasons why Las Vegas is right when they rate Miami as having the best chance to win a title in the 2010-2011 NBA Season:

5. SACRIFICE- While millions of unemployed Americans might not deem it as sacrifice, in terms of basketball all-stars and the salaries they make, LBJ/Bosh/Wade each sacrificed an estimated $10-12 million. Now they can probably make that money up through endorsements but the money they sacrificed can now be used to sign at least 3 veteran role players like:
-Derek Fisher
-Mike Miller
-Brad Miller
-Udonis Haslem
-Mike James
-Gerald Green
-Tim Thomas
-The Big Z
-Robert Horry and Reggie Miller (HAHAHA lol)
-Raja Bell and the list goes on and on and on.......

These role players, by playing with these 3 perennial all-stars, will develop their game and most of all don't need the money, but are hungry for the coveted prize of an NBA title.
But not only did they sacrifice money, they sacrificed stats! These 3 players will not be able to play the slash and dash basketball they used to play in their respective cities; but they realized that they couldn't win all by themselves, by teaming up together for one cause they can effectively share the ball and they don't have to work hard 100% of the time and wear and tear their bodies because they finally have trustworthy teammates that can "pick up the tab". LeBron never had that in Cleveland (remember in 2006 during the Detroit series when he passed the ball to Donyell Marshall to make the game winning shot and he missed), Chris Bosh didn't have that in Toronto (only made the playoffs twice, eliminated in the 1st round both years) and after Shaq left DWade didn't have that in Miami (worst record in the league in 2007).

4. MARIO CHALMERS- Remember when the Celtics traded for KG and signed Ray Allen to team up with Paul Pierce, they had an unknown point guard (besides his college days at UKentucky) in Rajon Rondo?? During these past NBA Finals, "we were witnesses" to the emergence of Rondo to a top 10 PG in the league. Rondo has improved in all aspects of his game and has grown faster by playing with NBA veteran studs. He is able to get his own rebounds after a missed shot, see opportunities arise in his imagination and makes them happen in real life, use KG as bait to isolate himself when he's trying to score, go into the hole with no fear, pass the ball intelligently without hesitation and steal the ball without looking back. Rondo developed all these skills on his own because of the work he put in at the weight room to get bigger, the positive impact and pressure applied by KG, PP and RA to become their "Bob Cousy", and the competition during practice against the Big 3 plus the other veterans they were able to recruit, who already have decades of NBA experience, for less pay and more play. Now Rondo played with a Big 3 who are towards the end of their careers, can you even IMAGINE or FATHOM the type of impact Miami's Big 3 will have, especially remembering the fact that Miami's Big 3 unlike Beantown's Big 3 are at the pinnacle/primes of their careers!! Remember how you never heard of Daniel Gibson before his days with LBJ in CLE, Udonis Haslem before his days with DWade in MIA, Anthony Parker before his day with Bosh in TOR and LBJ in CLE (plus he's Candace Parker's bro LOL). ALL STARS MAKE THE TEAM AROUND THEM BETTER JUST BECAUSE OF THEIR ABILITY TO PLAY BASKETBALL BEING ON ANOTHER LEVEL!


Dexter Pittman- Pittman's play right now reminds me of Ben Wallace during his better days with the Pistons, he doesn't put up that many points, but is able to grab boards and block shots, he fits Miami because of his defensive-minded play (LBJ/Wade/Bosh have been part of All-NBA Defensive Teams 1 and 2 most of their careers)

Jarvis Varnado- Arguably the most underrated player in the draft, he is able to grab boards and become a factor in the game offensively by putting up points not only from the paint but from mid-range, he's a stud at the free throw line and a great blocker (Leading shot blocker in NCAA history)

DeSean Butler- This is probably a top 5 NBA Lottery Draft pick if he hadn't gotten injured during the NCAA Tournament. He does everything and has that LBJ-like skill to take games over and play solid offensively and defensively stealing the ball, shooting from the 3, mid-range and throwing it up from the paint with moves that could rival LBJ himself. He has solid handles and has the potential to grow by playing with LBJ, who plays the same position as he does. Besides Mario Chalmers, Butler's all-around basketball IQ will probably grow the most because of Miami's Big 3.

Kobe has never won by himself
DWade didn't win by himself
MJ didn't....
Magic and Larry didn't....
LeBron......OH WAIT (HAHAHA JK!!)
But in all seriousness, none of those guys won a championship by themselves, what makes you think LBJ was going to win a title in Cleveland when he had no other superstars who were in their prime to help him?? LBJ now has Dwayne Wade, a solid shooting guard who has Jordan-like dunking ability and can shoot from any range, plus he knows from experience (just like LBJ) what it's like to take a team to the promised land on your back; and Chris Bosh, an unknown power forward who is a great shooter, rebounder and solid all-around basketball player. These two are guaranteed all-stars and hall-of-famers who now have the ability to play fundamental basketball instead of hogging the ball the whole game. They can't use the excuse of not having superstars with equivalent talent as a reason for not winning and have the chance to form a historic NBA trio whose kind hasn't been seen since Magic/Kareem/Worthy. Now, don't get me wrong. THERE WILL BE FIGHTS AND ARGUMENTS AND DISAGREEMENTS!! But once they realize why they are together again, the quest will be easier that most think. Chris Bosh said it best "When I get a rebound I can pass the ball on the left wing to DWade or on the right to LeBron, THAT'S CRAZY!" As the Irish say 3's a charm!

Chris Bosh is a decent shooter, the team is probably bringing in experienced veterans that know what to do when the game is on the line, and let's not even get started on the ability of LBJ and DWade to make clutch shots. How are you going to come up with a defensive plan/maneuver that can shut down this squad? You have 3 of the top 5 players in the league on the same team! These are 3 threats, whose stats will probably be down next year, but whose skills will never drift away (at least when your talking about next season). I don't know how it's possible to decipher which one of the threats Miami will use on any given night! I don't care what anyone says about the Lakers, Pau Gasol is still a softie who was terribly defended by Perkins during the playoffs, Andrew Bynum gets injured too much to even be considered a threat, Lamar Odom is easy to take out of the game if you make him tired (sorry dude, I still love "Keeping up with the Kardashians" and I heard you got a new show with ur wifey Khloe? congrats!). For the Lakers, let's face it, it's either Kobe or die, but with this new, revised Heat squad you never know who will step up and at what point they will step up.

In conclusion, it's not a given that the Heat will win because their are ALOT of strong teams in the NBA besides Miami and LA. But I would put my money right now on South Beach to host the Larry O'Brien trophy around this time next year!

Now here is the tentative Miami Heat schedule for next year:

And here are other teams that might be able to win a title if Miami and LA don't win one:

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