Sunday, November 28, 2010

Jon Gruden goes to "The U"?

Looks like Jon Gruden is going to "The U"....that is if you believe a random Tweeter who hosts Washington Redskins' players shows online and on HD Radio?? Wouldn't a source want to break news to someone who actually works in the market, like someone who works in Miami?

Gruden recently signed an extension to do Monday Night Football with ESPN, so you would think that if he was leaving or going anywhere ESPN would be the first to know, right?? Also, there are alot of opportunities that could open up in the NFL where he can make more money and play a GM/president type of role at the same time like Pete Carroll in Seattle, so if he were to go back coaching again, wouldn't he rather go to the spotlights of the NFL?

Well, The U has not denied any of the rumors, so we will see what happens, the Hurricanes aren't the only Miami football team or Miami sports team that needs a new coach.......

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