Thursday, November 25, 2010

NFL Top 10 on Week 12 (before Sunday games have been played)

1. PATRIOTS- Offense has become stronger since Moss left.

2. FALCONS- Matt Ryan is playin' the best football right now that he has in his whole career

3. RAVENS- Tough game this week against the surprising Bucs, they better make sure their not in the headlines for all the wrong reasons!

4. STEELERS- Big Ben has come off his suspension firing on all cylinders, #1 rushing in the league


6. PACKERS- Aaron Rodgers is playing like Favre did in his time there, tough game vs. ATL this weekend that could move them up in the rankings

7. JETS- Mark Sanchez has been throwing with efficiency and has the best defense in the league but haven't had any real good wins, very lucky team.

8. GIANTS- For the first time, the 2nd most talked about football team in New York

9. COLTS- Tough loss vs. Pats, but they've still played decent despite all their injuries

10. SAINTS- The defending Super Bowl Champs almost lost to the Cowboys???

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