Sunday, November 28, 2010

Baltimore is playing in a Football Championship Game Tonight (Bold = Wiki Links)

Yes, I'm sure you know we, the Baltimore Mariners (team name) already won the Arena Football championship (well the AIFA's title, not the league that they show on the NFL Network, lol). Now, we are playing in the CFL Grey Cup Championship tonight.....well, sort of.

A little sports history lesson for you. Before the city of Baltimore had the Ravens, we had the Stallions of the CFL. We were the first and only non-Canadian city to ever win a Grey Cup championship, but then the CFL decided that they didn't want to expand to the US anymore so they moved the Stallions back to Canada and they became the Montreal Alouettes. The city of Montreal didn't want to keep the records that the players made in BMore, just like Cleveland wanted all the records made by the Browns in their city without them transferring to BMore when the Browns became the Ravens.

So, I guess we're technically playing in the Grey Cup tonight but technically we're not... The question is, should you root for them? My answer: Would you root for the Colts if they were in the Super Bowl and the Ravens weren't? (BTW, that's a sarcastic question but if you answered yes, get out of my website, SMFH! LOL!)


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