Thursday, November 25, 2010

5 Steps the Heat need to take now (in my opinion)


The notion that there is no reason to worry about the season yet according to Wade, LBJ and Bosh is crazy but the notion that the season is over for the Big 3 is also crazy. Although the Heat have an atrocious record, there is still time for the Heat to rebound.....that is if they start making some changes.

1. Get rid of Erik Spoelstra- He's a great coach but he doesn't have much experience being a head coach, doesn't know how to deal with ego's and has never played in the NBA (something that players value; that's one of the main reasons Cleveland brought in Byron Scott to ensure LBJ stays)

2. Bring in a Point Guard- The Heat have no one that can defend the likes of Rajon Rondo, Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Derek Fisher etc. Carlos Arroyo is playing well offensively, but hasn't been able to rebound, steal, assist or defend like those other guys mentioned. I would trade Arroyo, Chalmers and some draft picks in exchange for a decent point guard that has potential and knows how to facilitate the ball like Jarrett Jack, Aaron Brooks, T.J. Ford etc.

3. Release Joel Anthony- He's a great shot-blocker, but a waste of money, get rid of him and use his roster spot more wisely. Even though, it'll cost alot of money, you have to take risks to get to the ultimate prize.

4. Start using the pick and roll with LBJ and Wade- The Heat are the weakest when both LBJ and Wade are on the court together and that's because the coaching staff hasn't found a way to implement both of them together on the offense. We were all talking before the season started on how hard it would be to defend them but that has been further from the truth, the shot selections of both individuals has been terrible and they don't know what to do when the other has the ball. I would start using some pick and roll schemes to get each player involved on the court.

5. Embrace the bad boy image- Look, I understand that you want to be America's team and thought that you would be beloved because of taking less money than the max to bring in more role players but EVERYONE hates you guys because of the media's overhype of LeBron, LeBron's move from Cleveland, and the fact that the 2 best players in the League besides Kobe broke tradition, but you know what guys, SO WHAT!? Everyone hatin' you should give you guys extra swagger to play with, not slopiness! Be the bad guy, if it's goin' to help you win a title!

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