Tuesday, December 28, 2010

President Obama is glad Mike Vick got a 2nd chance

1. First of all, Megyn Kelly is supposed to be a journalist, why are the way her questions were asked so biased? If you want to take a position on an issue that's fine, but don't portray yourself as a journalist. Bring on 2 people who are against your viewpoint instead of bringing in an "accomplise" who supports your position to go against someone who opposes your position as if it's a debate, which it clearly wasn't.

2. President Obama called the Eagles owner and the owner made this conversation public, not the President; also the President in the past and in the present has STRONGLY condemned Michael Vick's actions, so the notion that the President supports Mike Vick's actions just because he commended the Eagles' actions is one of the stupidest things I've ever heard!

3. Dog lovers used Michael Vick as a scapegoat which is why he served 2 YEARS for dogfighting, why can't the President and/or Vick supporters use him as a scapegoat to why everyone, even prisoners, deserve 2nd chances??

4. After all the work Vick has done to show why dogfighting is wrong, dog lovers and Megyn Kelly are STILL "dogging" on him???!!!!! C'mon son!

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