Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Yoji “Pop” Asani (This Year's Pants on the Ground on American Idol?)

The videos speak for themselves HAHA LOL

1. This video tells his story in full and has his audition.

2. This video has a better version of his audition more closeup. LOL

3. Here is his latest single called "The Power", available on ITunes for 99cents (No, really)

4. As he said in the audition, he is a Michael Jackson impersonator.

5. Here he is displaying his dancing talents

And just in case you forgot "Pants on the Ground".....


The judges are OK, and have better chemistry than last year's judges but they are WAY too soft, they let some opera singer go through because she was crying, in order to make this show a success, your gonna have to be bluntly, truthfully honest and have an edge to you and right now it's a little to Nickelodeon-cuddly for me. If "A.I." doesn't "get real" during the live shows and "The Voice" and "X Factor" pick good judges that'll make people tune in, then you can say bye bye to being #1.

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