Thursday, January 13, 2011

Carson Daly to host NBC's "The Voice of America"

As you can see from the tweet above from my Twitter account, NBC listened to my suggestion. Where's my commission, NBC? LOL.

Anyways, I sent this tweet on New Years Eve/New Year's Day after watching the two big New Year's TV shows on ABC and NBC and I was impressed with Mr. Daly and his charisma on TV that I haven't seen since I was in 3rd grade watching TRL waiting for the new Britney Spears video (probably the only black kid doing that haha). I suggested to NBC (like they actually read my tweet, haha) that in order to jumpboard this new series that I'm so excited about, they needed an established star as host that was sorta like Ryan Seacrest but not really.

According to Deadline, Daly is close to an agreement that will make him host of a show that involves four celebrity judges who will form a team of singers that they will mentor all season. Contestants are eliminated until each judge/mentor has only 1 contestant left. The even cooler thing about this is that during auditions judges won't be able to see how the contestants look like so that they don't pull a Susan Boyle-type blunder and misjudge singers on appearance.

Daly will be competing with "American Idol" and his counterpart Ryan Seacrest who have very similar career paths:

1. both own a TV production company

2. both host a live L.A. morning radio show

3. both host New Year's Eve specials

4. both have experience on cable TV

5. both host entertainment-based nightly TV shows

Here are samples of how "Voice of America" will look like based off the original version from Holland:

If they can find celeb judges with diversity, chemistry and relevance, this show WILL beat "Idol"....guaranteed. We'll see who they choose in the future, but they are off to a good start.

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