Sunday, January 23, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Swizz Beatz got his Twitter account hacked (Screenshots BELOW)

As we saw in the movie "The Social Network" (and the WikiLeaks controversy), quoting (not verbatim) Sean Parker, "our generation is the generation of hacking". This was proven when uber-famous producer and hubby of Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz who's produced for Jay-Z, BMX, Beyonce, his wifey, T.I., G. Unit and so many other artists; got his Twitter account hacked by a bored individual from London, UK. Here are some screenshots from the incident before the account was suspended.

A retweet by the hacker from a DJ who just lost all his chances of ever working with Swizz but still told the truth about Swizz/Alicia's cheating scandal.

Here is the hacker's account, he was asking for 1000 followers before he released a new song from Jay-Z called "Slade"; apparently the hacker also got into Swizz's email which also had a bunch of music.

Self-explanatory. LOL

An overview of the hacker's tweets after hijacking the account.

Dang man: VLADTV got the "exclusive" b4 me, click HERE, it has more pics. This guy just got over 400 followers, including me, with the snap of a finger SMH!

YES, ANOTHER UPDATE: This guy might not be bluffing about the songs after all?

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