Friday, January 7, 2011


SEAHAWKS over Saints- The Saints running game is depleted with both starting running backs out for the playoffs, they haven't performed well against easy teams losing to the Cards, Browns, and the Bucs while barely beating Dallas on Thanksgiving, they aren't as healthy as they should be and will come into this game with too much swagger and end up losing to a mediocre team that has a chip on their back and plays in the loudest stadium in the NFL

JETS over Colts- The Jets have a chance to prove themselves on the national stage against a Colts team that without Peyton probably would've been in contention for the #1 draft pick because of how many injuries they suffered, they haven't been consistent and Sanchez hasn't played spectacular but they find ways to win because of their stellar defense and running game. The Colts run defense has been able to shut down the likes of MJD and Chris Johnson which is something the Jets have to avoid but in the end I see Nueva York advancing

RAVENS over Cheifs- The Ravens, believe or not, have a task on their shoulders against the #1 running team in the league but I think the Ravens' tenacity and Ray Lewis' leadership on defense will help capture them to victory, this is going to be a game that the defense wins because I honestly just don't see either offense producing. (Ed Reed may be out for the game which could leave a huge dent in covering Dwayne Bowe, but I believe the Ravens can get this done)

EAGLES over Packers- This is Michael Vick's moment to shine, he's had so many people hating on him to this day on previous issues that he has already said sorry for; now this is his chance for retribution. The Packers are a solid all-around squad and are a scary team but in the end, as long as Vick's O-Line keeps their blocks then they'll be fine.

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