Thursday, January 27, 2011

Why the Packers will win the Super Bowl

1. Aaron Rodgers has the best QB rating in the league when playing in domes.

2. Because Brett Favre says so, LOL

3. Green Bay is the slight favorite right now, 32 of the past 34 favorites (with the exception of the Pats and Colts, AFC squads) have won the Super Bowl. Only 12 of the past 44 underdogs have won the Super Bowl.

4. The Steelers and Packers are identical teams as the Sporting News notes, but with rookie Maurkice Pouncey out for the big game, the Packers might have found their only decisive, key edge in this game. Remember the Steelers offense didn't score any points in the 2nd half vs. the Jets.

5. NumberFire, who has gone 8-1 in their predictions and is run by a Pittsburgh native has an accurate algorithm that uses all sorts of math to determine the winner of football games and the Packers are a 2-point favorite.

6., who just like NumberFire, correctly predicted this matchup, came up with a new, significant stat that is in it's 2nd year of testing that is supposed to have direct correlation with winning, New Orleans was number on the 1st year of testing and ended up winning the whole thing and now Green Bay is #1 in this catergory. You subtract a team's pass offense stats from it's pass defense stats.

7. Packers are also #1 on in the Bendability rankings which are rankings with numbers that determine which teams "Bend but don't Break".

8. Tecmo Sports News predicts the Packers win despite the Steelers having all the better statistics by the score of 17-10. But anyways, the last NFC team to win 3 straight road playoff games won the whole thing (Giants).

9. They rank #2 in the leauge when it comes to points allowed.

10. Homefield advantage: NFC City + the game is on NFC TV home, FOX Network and by the way the last Super Bowl on FOX was won by an NFC team (Giants)

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