Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Steelers Super Bowl Win Wouldn't Be a Shocker.

- They have more experience playing in the Super Bowl

- They always play with a chip on their back, in this case, the chip will be playing without Maurkice Pouncey, the rookie center who is the best lineman on the squad

- predicts a Steelers win and correctly predicted the conference champions as did Peter King, over the summer in 2010.

-Defense wins championships, the best defense in the league has won the title game the past 4 seasons.

-The Packers disappear in the 3rd quarter, as we saw in the NFC Championship, which could be costly , especially if the Packers are losing at halftime.

-As the playoffs continued, it became apparent that the Steelers and the Ravens were the clear #1 and #2 teams in the league because of their decent offenses and dominating defenses and as Terrell Suggs said, the team that wins the divisional playoff game between those 2 squads will win the whole thing.

-Last 15 Super Bowls, AFC is 9-6.

Therefore, in conclusion, my heart wants to go with the Packers because I HATE THE STEELERS and Super Bowl losers, with the exception of the Colts this season, usually do terrible and don't make the playoffs the next year BUT my gut is going with the Steelers.

When you watch them play, they just seem to have so much chemistry and that "it" factor. I don't think Pouncey's loss will have much effect on the game's result but keep in mind that the Steelers didn't score in the second half.

Big Ben will secure his place as the #2 best QB in the league with this win behind Peyton Manning (only because of Manning's accolades). The score will be 24-20 Steelers.

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