Wednesday, June 23, 2010

US-Algeria Game Opinions


This picture is from an email I got from a bid campaign to bring the #worldcup Stateside.

I watched the US-Algeria game earlier today and it shocked me that it took SOOO LONG for the US to actually score a goal. No offense to Algeria, but u know how in the NCAA tourney you have Cinderella teams that meet the requirements to make the tourney but end up getting blown out by like 20-40 points, thats the kind of team Algeria is; although they played a splendid game against the US, they just don't seem like a cohesive team (like most of the African teams in the tournament excluding Ghana) (oh and let me not forget about England and France and their respective lack of chemistry). But anyway the US was a way better team than Algeria, it was a mismatch on paper, but Algeria was able to shut them down and play good D which was a shocker to me. Remember when Portugal blew out the Kim Jong Il squad by an American football touchdown, the same thing should have happened tonight.

Now the US is going to face Ghana, and the BlackStars are not an easy match (keep in mind the BlackStars beat the 50Stars in 2006). If the US continues with their slow starts in the 1st half, expect the US to get eliminated this Saturday, but if Bob Bradley can put in the right starting lineup don't be shocked if you see the US playing into July!

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