Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Honest (Using My Mind, not Heart) Predictions of NBA Top Free Agents Destination

I would really like to see an LBJ/Wade/Bosh combo in Miami (even though the Wizards, my favorite squad, would NEVER have a chance of winning the division or conference or league titles barring injury) that would DEMOLISH the Lakers, but these are my honest predictions about where I think the top NBA free agents are going to go. Click on the picture if u can't see clearly and go to http://espn.go.com/nba/features/freeagentslotmachine to see all the possibilities that are possible during the biggest free agency season in NBA history (it's like Jordan, Bird, and Magic all being free agents at the same time in their primes)

1. LBJ/Boozer/Derrick Rose create a Bulls team that could be a contender if the Heat that would include Bosh and Wade don't stop them.

2. Why would Dirk want to leave the best owner of the NBA, Mark Cuban, he treats his players like kings?

3. Bill Simmons of ESPN said it best, "The Knicks are probably going to sign Joe Johnson and Amare to max contracts, it's basically the 2005 Suns with no Steve Nash, that's a bummer."

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