Thursday, June 17, 2010

5 Easy Steps to Bring the CELTICS a Championship

CELTICS Lemme give u ur gameplan right quick:

1. Make this game Kobe vs. the Celtics, if you isolate Kobe as the sole player doing things and make everyone else ineffective, you got this!

2. With Rasheed starting, you gotta make the pace of the game a bit faster, to get big guys like Bynum and Gasol more tired

3. Rajon Rondo is your key to winning, if he is able to create opportunities for everyone equally and contribute some boards and points himself then this game will be pretty close

4. Rasheed Wallace provides a double threat because of his size at the paint and his accuracy at the 3-point line, use that tool to it's potential

5. Have fun, don't take this too seriously because a championship game without fun is a championship game with a loss GURANTEED! (P.S. please no stupid turnovers, and make use of second chance points and boards)

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