Wednesday, June 23, 2010


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At the beginning of last night, I agreed with what Keith Olbermann was saying, keep McCrystal! If you fire him or accept his resignation, you'll only add fuel to the fire for the opposition, the Republican Party. McCrystal has already made a plan on how to intrude into Kandahar, a Taliban base, and we might as well go with the flow instead of re-doing our strategy. I also thought that if you fire McCrystal, you not only fire up the opposition, you fire up division in the military itself with people who agree with the General. Olbermann, even gave accurate examples of how history tells us that you should keep the generals you have no matter how loudmouthed they are.

But now that I think about, it was one of the smartest decisions the Obama administration could have made by firing McCrystal. If you let McCrystal stay in the military and stay as your top in command in Afghanistan and let him get away with talking about his own leader without any respect or gratitude towards his commander-in-chief, you open the door for anyone else in your administration that doesn't necessarily see eye-to-eye with you like Hilary or Gates to be specific, mouth off about whatever they want without any consent from Obama and without any consequences. America wants a strong leader who is not afraid to take risky steps to ensure the safety of this country without any lapses in communication, and if Obama were to let the General stay he would seem like a very weak leader. Sentiments from the opposition will always be there, but when you have the people on the left and independents perceiving you as a weak leader, then you REALLY got some issues your gonna have to deal with swiftly, if you wanna continue to have power of some type. McCrystal made a plan to go into Kandahar, but the new guy in charge, who is very well-respected, Gen. Petreaus was the key to building that battleplan, whatever it is, because Petreaus is in charge of both wars. With Petreaus now in charge of the whole Middle Eastern region and specifically in charge of the Afghan War (2 different jobs), you can expect more gray hairs on his head but also expect an ease of communication and a more cohesive, efficient war being played out in Afghanistan. History does show us that fired Generals also come back to bite you politically, but it was almost inevitable that McCrystal would be anti-Obama, don't you remember he was one of the voices the Republican Party was considering to bring them back to the forefront of America's minds in January 2008 before Sarah Palin emerged as the unofficial voice of the GOP? So basically since Obama has been in office McCrystal has still been living in the Bush administration, it just took two years to officially remove him from power. WHAT DO YOU THINK?




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