Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Republicans....PSSH!.....Hell No It's American Extremists

Gov. Rick Perry of Texas has just said that Texas can leave the Union whenever it wants to, I hope that was just a statement to fire up the crowd, I mentioned earlier that Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul and Dick Armey might start there own party and it might cut the votes of Republicans, but I don't think these are Republicans lol, the same people we see at church on Sunday, attacking reporters, putting racial signs up like "IMPEACH YOBAMA NOW!" I mean come on, I know you hate the guy but you don't have to use his name in a racial way offensively! WOW! Janet Napolititano, the cheif of Homeland Security was right when she said their is a threat of right-wing extremists in this country, heck, there not right-wing extremists, there just white rasict extremists that wanna cause up a stir just because we have a black president. Now if you know me you know I'm not a race baitor like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, but there are certain situations that are just too fishy like this one. These extremists are planning another protest during the 4th of July in DC, these look like the kind of people that wanna shoot Obama but just won't say it in public. And there seems like there was a miscommunication when these tea parties were organized, on Neil Cavuto and Glenn Beck's shows they both said this is a protest against government and big spending, and the fact that people on both political sides have increased the country's spending, but Sean Hannity must have gotten a different memo. I mean this guy talks crap like Barack Obama should have never got any credit or taken any credit for the rescue of the captain, and that these rallies are all anti-Obama and that the Republicans are the greatest BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!! If I were Barack I would never sit down for an interview with him during these next 8 years, he might pull out a gun the way he's talking lol. I mean Glenn Beck and Neil Cavuto and Bill O'Rielly and all the other Fox Noise freaks (except for Shepard Smith he is a pure unbiased journalist) all hate Democrats and thats fine but they still give him credit where credit is due and while doing that are still able to share their strong disbeliefs towards his policies. Sean Hannity on the other hand is terrible. Everything Obama does IS BAD. Here's the example I used about extremists like him in my last opinion piece:
It seems like whatever Obama does, it's automatically bad because the Republicans say so. "Oh no, Obama got a dog, THATS TERRIBLE, fellow Republicans NEVER BUY A DOG AGAIN!" "Oh no, Michelle touched the Queen, Oh my God she is the worst first lady in the history of society as we know it" I mean what's next, "Oh no Obama IS actually American let's move to Canada" OH PLEASE WHAT KIND OF BS IS THAT!!!! STEP UP A LITTLE, Let's Stand TOGETHER and not Fall DIVIDED People.

This is what I'm talking about, here's a link to some of the points that I was talking about here:
And second Sean, OBAMA NEVER TALKED IN PUBLIC ABOUT THE PIRATES SO ALL THIS CRAP ABOUT "YOU NEED 2 STOP GIVING OBAMA CREDIT 4 THE PIRATES ISSUE" NEEDS TO STOP, INSTEAD OF PMS'ing about Obama try and help in getting the word out about the 2nd US ship with food for Kikuyu refugees being taken over by pirates AGAIN!! I mean as terrible as Fox is they reach alot of people, COME ON SEAN!

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