Wednesday, April 29, 2009

30 Minutes 'till American Idol

Its 8:33pm east coast time on Wednesday April 29th and A.I. starts in a couple of mins. here are my predictions right quick, Jaime Foxx is probably the best mentor in A.I. history, he was able to get everyone to invoke so much emotion in their performances and was able to get them to reach heights they had never reached before it was crazy! For the 1st time ever I watched A.I. and EVERYONE WAS ACTUALLY GREAT AND ABOVE AVERAGE. Thats why I think this week whoever gets eliminated will be based on popularity. America hates girls and guys named Matt this season for some reason, so I believe Allison and Matt will be in the bottom 3 and Kris will join them because the odds on favorites to win A.I. right now are either Danny or Adam and despite the teenage girls falling in love with Kris, less teenagers and more older ppl are watching and in these times of economic depression America is and has always been in love with sad stories with happy endings i.e. Danny's wife dieing and Danny making it this far. We'll update u l8er 2nite.

UPDATE (8:45pm): This is from Rickey's Blog

Who’s going home tonight?
Matt Giraud is the overwhelming choice to leave.
Dialidol picks: Matt Giraud
Fun Office Pools Readers pick: Matt Giraud
Entertainment Weekly Readers pick: Matt Giraud
Access Atlanta Readers pick: Matt Giraud
USA Today Readers pick: Matt Giraud Readers pick: Matt Giraud
LA Times Buzzmeter Panel picks: Matt Giraud
Michael Slezak picks: Matt Giraud
Melinda Doolittle picks: Matt Giraud
MJ from MJ’s Big Blog picks: Matt Giraud
Jim Cantiello of MTV Detox and American Idol in 60 Seconds picks: Matt Giraud
Rickey’s Picks:
Bottom 3: Kris Allen, Matt Giraud and Allison Iraheta
Eliminated: Kris Allen!
Plus! Taylor Hicks guests!

UPDATE (8:47pm): I AGREE 100% SADLY MATT AS Anne Robinson would say "You are the weakest link GOODBYE!"

UPDATE (8:49pm): The Sports, Media and More blog can confirm that Matt Giraud will be eliminated for American Idol tonight, all this info coming from my sources at the CBS lot (Where they shoot A.I.).

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