Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Snapchat Stories on TV?

As part of the NFL's official agreement to curate fan and player Snaps into one live story, the NFL Network has the ability to show the NFL Live Story on their postgame show. NFL teams have also been allowed to temporarily post their own respective Snapchat stories on their websites.

Snapchat is much different from television because the video segments are not professionally shot. To make matters worst, video is exclusively filmed vertically creating blank space on the sides of the screen. This has not stopped NFL Network from airing these Snapchat Live Stories during their broadcasts as they did in Week 3Week 5 and Week 17.

While the experience doesn't feel as personal as it would on your mobile device, it does make me think about another way for Snapchat to create revenue for itself. Create TV clip shows. It is much easier said than done but I believe it is possible.

First, Snapchat would need to find a television production company to help them. Snapchat is already struggling to produce content for its own app so producing TV content on its own isn't a solid bet. Next, find a host and put them in front of a green screen or get a narrator to provide transitions between Snaps. Finally, create a narrative.

If this was a clip show based on NFL fan Snaps, producers could find common themes among the various submitted Snaps to create segments on. For example, the show could feature best fan dances, best fan rants, funniest tailgate moments, cool locker room moments etc. With the amount of video the app receives on a consistent basis from various stadiums across the country, I doubt they would ever run out of video to use. The clip show could take a humorous approach similar to America's Funniest Home Videos and help promote the app as it strives to continue growing its user base.

Imagine being able to view the best Snaps on the campaign trail from throughout the week that you may have missed? It would provide viewers with an all access pass that doesn't feel invasive and normally wouldn't happen anywhere else. You could also play around with the layout of what you see on the screen. Place the vertical Snap on the left or the right of the screen rather than the middle with a fancy graphic describing what you're seeing, who it was submitted by and when it happened.

If Snapchat created this kind of show about a sport or the election, I don't doubt that they could sell it to a league-specific sports network or news network easily. Both types of networks are always looking for content to fill their schedules and a show such as this would be cheap to create. Snapchat could split revenue with the network and production company and then maintain online rights of the show to be posted on YouTube or another video platform available on both mobile and desktop.

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