Tuesday, September 2, 2014

What Is Robin Roberts Announcing?

Did you guys see this tweet?

What is Robin Roberts announcing? Here are my seven guesses:

- A new talk show? This has been rumored for a while and she's denied it in the past. Maybe she replaces Katie Couric and is paired up with Tyra Banks' new TV show which is launching in 2015? ABC stealing NBC's daytime strategy of pairing stars together (Vieira, Harvey and Ellen)?

- An inspirational television show or a game show on cable which is taped and aired at a later date?

- The new host of "America's Funniest Home Videos"?

- A judge on "Dancing with the Stars"?

- A new inspirational website/YouTube channel which is powered by Disney's newest acquisition, Maker Studios? Maybe Disney acquires Soul Pancake and makes Robin Roberts the face of the YouTube channel?

- Castmate on "The View"? She'll bring her feel-good personality to the show and make Rosie more likable? It'll be difficult for her to participate in political discussions since she anchors "GMA" but she would be a good fit.

- A stint with ESPN on the side? She hosted a ESPNW web show last year so maybe that show expands to television and maybe she gets to do SportsCenter sometimes?

UPDATE: Her own production company which will include an inspirational website/blog as well as the continuation of her ESPNW series. So, I was sort of correct.

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