Thursday, July 31, 2014

Net2TV Is Pretty Cool

Net2TV Portico is a brand new tool which turns short form videos from recognizable brands into a long form telecast. For example, "This Week In TIME" compiles all of the videos which TIME magazine's digital division has produced for throughout the week. The compilation of 3-5 minute videos is put together into a 30 minute telecast. The show also features a host who helps transition the short-form videos from one segment to the next.

Net2TV's telecasts are exclusively available on your smart TV or online at portico.TV although I have to warn you, the website is not really user friendly. The video on the site tends to pause and lag more often than it actually plays. Despite these issues with the website, the idea itself is pretty impressive. 

Their clients whom they acquire short form videos from include The Associated Press, Bonnier Corporation, Newsy and Time Inc. Net2TV could be the best thing to happen to media companies whose heyday is winding down such as Time Inc. and Bonnier Corp. because their content is now relevant for a younger generation that would rather watch television than read an article in a magazine.

Nowadays, it's pretty difficult to launch a cable network or a television show even if you have a reputable name behind the project. Net2TV is providing Time Inc. and Bonnier Corp., who both own recognizable brands, with the opportunity to earn money through television without the startup costs of building a network or the headaches of negotiations with cable executives. Net2TV also wins by associating it's own brand with media companies that the American public trusts. If all works out for them, they can produce their own programming with their own content 10-20 years from now.

I'd highly recommend you watch all the shows which Net2TV Portico offers if you get a chance. The shows are very well produced and are pretty high-quality. Net2TV Portico is one of those ideas that makes me curious as to how I didn't think of that. It's so simple and so easy to do (no offense, I mean this in a good way). Kudos to founder Thomas Morgan and the rest of his team for coming up with the idea and churning out really useful television.

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