Sunday, March 16, 2014

Rick Sanchez Is Getting His Own TV Show

One of CNN's most interesting anchors to ever surface on the network is making a big television return in the Miami area.

Rick Sanchez will be the host of his own talk show, marking his first time back on television solo since he was fired from CNN, after making anti-Semitic remarks against Jon Stewart in a 2010 radio interview.

The show is ironically being billed as "The Daily Show" en espanol, with a mix between politics and comedy.

It will air in primetime exclusively in the Miami area on a channel known as Mira TV, which just so happened to be the Miami affiliate of a CNN Spanish-language TV block before CNN shut down the service. 

Mira TV was the beneficiary of various lifestyle talk shows produced and anchored by CNN personalities of Latino descent. Because those shows will no longer be supplemented to them by CNN, the station decided to take it upon themselves to produce programming on their own with similar concepts and most of the same faces who were previously on-air.

It also gives the station room to add new personalities such as Sanchez, whose show will air in primetime alongside María Elvira Salazar (a talk show host whose show was cancelled by CNN and then picked up by Mira TV) and Alexis Valdés (a Cuban comedian who will be back on TV for the first time since 2012 when his popular TV show was cancelled).

Sanchez currently hosts a mid-morning radio show from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. on WIOD-AM in Miami and writes columns on many different issues for Fox News Latino. 

He also gave commentaries on current events for MundoFox although it is not known whether he is still a part of their news staff. His last commentary aired in November 2013 according to MundoFox's website.

Sanchez is well-known in the Miami community due to the many years he served as a news anchor for WSVN-TV's popular but controversial 10pm newscast. His latest move, hosting a talk show on local television, may signal what seemed to have already been inevitable -- Sanchez won't be returning to English-language national television on a full-time basis.

Sanchez's new network aims to focus it's talk shows on issues specifically affecting the local Latino community in Miami and surrounding areas. The top videos on their website feature conversations on topics such as whether masturbation is good for your health, the U.S.'s relationship with Cuba, Venezuelan protests and how Obamacare is affecting restaurant costs.

Sanchez was known for discussing these type of watercooler topics on his CNN show and should be able to adjust for an audience that will be able to relate to him more than his CNN audience did.

But will viewers be willing to support a talk show every night when there is such a variety of options on television and online? As CNN is learning, the 24/7 news/watercooler talk format doesn't work for 365 days of the year.

When Sanchez returns to television at the end of the month, Mira TV hopes he'll have a strategy intact to prevent Piers-ing himself out of television -- for good.

Source: Diario Las Americas


Rocky Alvarez said...

Why do you insist saying that he made "anti-Semitic remarks?" He did no such thing. If he did, print them here! He never said anything of the sort. be responsible when you write.

Rocky Alvarez said...

Why do you insist saying that he made "anti-Semitic remarks?" He did no such thing. If he did, print them here! He never said anything of the sort. be responsible when you write.

Marco Medrano said...

I'd double check what you wrote. Even a rabbi in New York claimed that no offense was ever given. Sanchez's letters were apologetic for his insensitivity toward Stewart, not for insulting Jews. Anyway, thanks for the news. I watched two airings of his program and it's really not very good. I wouldn't expect it to air for long.

Raquel Cuellar said...

I am happy to see him in Miami and in Spanish he is fresh and natural .

V. dea said...

Rick Sanchez is a honest & good person, I remember him from channel-7 in Miami, he reached out to the African American community, & changed things from bad to good. "Things are meant to be said,"if the right person don't say it, then the people wont benefit from what is not known. Professor of Philosophy @ PSU says, "good job done in 2010," G.& VIV. missed you RICK!

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