Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nnamdi Asomugha's Free Agency Choices (It's down to 3, the Bucs, Jets and 49ers)

The 49ers are in the middle, not offering the most money but they are offering more money than the Jets, they are also located in the Bay Area which is a location that he enjoys living in being that he's been there through the course of his career as a Raider. The team is starting a new era with Coach Harbaugh and has alot of young pieces that can make a decent playoff run under the right leadership. The 49ers might also be getting a new stadium soon.

The Jets have the best chance at a Super Bowl out of these 3 teams but have the least money to offer. New York is one of the biggest acting hubs of the world, something which he is interested in and it's not to far from D.C., our nation's capital where Nnamdi can talk about his philanthropic interests with politicians and donors. With his addition, the Jets would probably have the best secondary in the league.

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