Wednesday, July 27, 2011


In a move to bring more variety to the network, BET started a late-night talk show a couple of years ago with one of Black America's most outspoken celebrities but Mo'Nique has been anything but outspoken during the tenure of her show. Her ratings have been great but the show has now been cancelled according to due to disagreements on the direction the show was taking between Mo'Nique and management at BET.

These two could be replacing her?

In my opinion, Mo'Nique was too kind to her guests. We never got the kind of comedy and laughs we usually expect from late-night talk shows. She asked too many softball questions but I guess you can understand why because most of her guests were also personal friends. According to, Kevin Hart, Charlamagne the God and Lil Duval are all being considered as replacements. Let's hope we get more laughs and less softness this time around, these 3 candidates are usually not afraid to say what's on their mind for a couple of laughs, even if it gets them in trouble.

COMING SOON: The Kevin Hart Show on BET?

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